12 June 2012 @ 01:22 pm
II. ( action ; phone )  
[ Action ]
( Library - Morning )
[ Charles has gotten quite used to life in Mayfield since he had arrived. It was even easier to get around in a wheelchair now. He had even developed a routine until the school year had ended. Now, he was developing a new routine. His day always started at the library, going through a few books. Anyone who notices him there, would find that he pulls things off the shelf, puts them on his lap, and decides if he would like to read. Once he has several books, he moves to a table, and settles down there with about seven books. ]

( General Store - Early Afternoon )
[ Charles always intends for his trip to the general store to be quick. He never gets much. Just a lined notebook, a graph notepad, a new pen, juice, and a snack for the day. He's just browsing through the aisles and seems to be enjoying the quiet. ]

( John Doe Park - Mid Afternoon - Early Evening )
[ Charles leaves himself sitting near the edge of the park. He leaves the juice and chips in the bag hanging over the arm of his chair, as he starts with the graph paper. He's plotting out moves in chess games. He occasionally says things out loud, mumbles, though. Nothing anyone could really understand, at least. ]

[ Phone; Evening - Unfiltered ]

I see that things have settled down; however, is anyone in need of assistance? I understand things such as this can have a bit of a lasting aftermath and I don't really expect everyone to be okay for a little while.

[ He pauses. ]

Also, I was wondering if anyone here knows where I can obtain a chessboard, and if anyone knows how to play. I would love to play it with someone soon, if it is possible.
16 April 2012 @ 07:36 pm
I. ( action; phone )  
[ A; Action - 1491 Kramden Road; Very Early Morning ]
[ Charles hadn't slept well for over a month, and this night was no exception. Despite the comfortable bed, the odd sensation of not being able to feel one's legs took time to get over. Still, he woke up very early (the sun wan't completely up) and was a bit startled to find someone there. That was the sort of thing he remembered. He removes himself from bed and into the wheelchair nearby (it wasn't his) with much effort. He starts to explore the house. ]

[ B; Action - Around Town; Later Morning/Early Afternoon ]
[ Charles is uncomfortable in this new place. He can't sense anyone - hear their minds, nothing. He started off on Kramden road, but he made his way around town and exploring the city. He did look a little confused, although he was calm. Charles was clearly trying to acquaint himself with the unfamiliar place. And he is definitely new, if only because he seems to be exploring and heading in no particular question. Experience, to him, was key to learning something. ]

[ C; Phone; Anytime - Unfiltered ]
[ There's silence for a moment, he's thinking. ]

I'm not even certain anyone will hear this, or get this. I don't know the phone numbers for anyone here.

[ He pauses for a moment. ]

There is something very off about this place. It seems odd that they would relocate people and provide them with necessities. There should be a trick - a catch it seems.