04 March 2012 @ 09:17 pm
A; Mayfield streets

[There's a very angry woman storming down the road. She has places to go--well, a house to go to, really, so she can give a certain resident a piece of her mind. If by that you mean "so she can stab him with these knitting needles she found", anyway. Anyone in her way is getting shoved, either into the road or onto lawns, bushes, and flowerbeds, depending on which side they're on.]

I'm walking here!

B; 916 Bilko Boulevard front door

[And now The Handmaid is banging on Doc Scratch's door. Really, human bodies are so obnoxious, she can't even break down a stupid wooden door. Whatever, she'll get in sooner or later.]
06 February 2012 @ 04:04 am
A; 768 Bunker Streeet
[The Handmaid does not so much wake up as her body propels itself out of bed on instinct before she is fully conscious and able to take in her surroundings. She wobbles slightly, muscles attempting to compensate for the weight of horns that were no longer there. A glance in the mirror reveals that she isn't a troll at all, through some sort of magic or manipulation, and after taking a moment to mentally compare her new face to her older, usual one she turns to the person in the bed, yanking the blankets off and aiming to kick him onto the ground.]

What is the meaning of this?

B; around Mayfield
[The Handmaid is dressed in green, but it's a softer hue than her usual attire, and its fifties America sensibilities are out of place on her, or they would be if she was at all recognizable in this state. She is aware of humans, and so knows what she has become, but as for the why behind it, she is uncertain. Whatever it is, Lord English certainly knew it was going to happen already. Therefore, she should familiarize herself with her surroundings and await further, inevitable instruction.

She glances at the various humans and other, unknown species as she passes, and while she is trying her best to hide it there is the typical "new to Mayfield" sense of confusion and uncertainty creeping around the edges of her carefully-maintained aloof expression if one is looking for that sort of thing. Help her out? Or make things worse, if you prefer.]