25 July 2012 @ 02:09 am
chapter 4  
[769 bunker; early morning to mid-afternoon]

[Today is a day of both recuperating and relaxation for Tokiomi. It wouldn't be uncommon to see him sitting on his porch or taking rest in the large chair in the living room, red wine in a glass between his fingers. The look on his face is pretty neutral, albeit traces of content here and there.]

[phone; mid-afternoon]

Rin... when you are able to find time for your father, I must speak with you.

[uptown - tiger field; night]

[In the cover of the night, Tokiomi is deciding to practice his magecraft with the jewels given to him by Rin. A fire or wind spell here or there can be seen fired from the jewels and, once he is finished with that, you might just see Tokiomi practicing a few martial arts moves. So much for relaxation? Tokiomi was never the kind to stay stagnant for too long though.]
23 June 2012 @ 01:47 pm
chapter 3  
[action: outside 769 bunker street; 1:00 PM]

[Anyone who comes across Tokiomi will see him with his standing atop the roof of his home, a sly grin on his face. He jumps from the roof, falling from a height that could cause one or two broken bones. However, now that he has his circuits back, Tokiomi uses thaumaturgy to manipulate the air currents around him muttering an incantation prior to the spell's completion, landing down on the ground without relative harm. You're free to come up and speak to him, or comment on the trick. The smile on his face shows he is content with the results of his experiment.]

[phone: locked to rin tohsaka; 3:00 PM]

Now that I have properly discovered how to make private calls, Rin... While I am able to perform thaumaturgy once more, I do not currently have any jewels. Would you be able to spare any in your current possession?

[action: john doe park; 4:00 PM]

[Now that he has his circuits back, Tokiomi is going to do a bit of magical practice along with physical training. While he's still an elegant and proper person, that doesn't mean he's going to let himself become completely defenseless. So enjoy watching Old Man Tohsaka doing some Chinese kenpou moves, along with some incantations for Gandr shots. There's an interval of at least 15-20 minutes before he fires another, still trying to get used to the mana drain spells take and adapting to how long their incantations take to speak.]
11 June 2012 @ 04:39 pm
chapter 2  
[action: 9:00 AM]

[If anyone comes across Tokiomi early in the morning, you will notice him step out of his home, plan to go downtown and then notice the numerous zombies that decided to have a picnic (just a term, not an actual one) sitting there on the street. His first reaction is surprise, and then when they come forward, seeing as how he doesn't have any magic he begins to back up into his home.]

[phone: 9:30 AM]

Hm... I was not expecting to see the deceased up and walking around during my stay in this town. Can any of you possibly explain this odd situation?

[action: 10:00 PM]

[The only weapon that Tokiomi has in his hand is a fire poker, though he appears to be expertly using it in fending off the zombies as he makes his way into John Doe Park. His reasoning? While he wouldn't outright admit it, he is worried for his daughters and, if they are caught in a bad situation, he wishes to be able to protect them.]
23 May 2012 @ 12:52 pm
chapter 1  
[action - 769 Bunker Street; 7:00 AM]

[The death was too sudden. Too quick. Too unexpected. There were far too many plans for the Tohsaka family, and Akasha still needed to be reached. While Tokiomi had made sure to give his family insurance through one of his daughters, that didn't make him any less irritated. Being pulled from the clutches of death was a shock to him, and at first he believed that it had to be some feat of thaumaturgy. It was only after careful experimentation and analysis that he realized this world did not follow the same logic his own had. So had he jumped dimensions or realities? Impossible for him to do alone... Could it have been the work of one of the magics? Perhaps the Grail had done it? Whatever the case may be, Tokiomi is up bright and early, making sure the house is in proper line by whipping the drones, and any player characters, into shape. Barking orders was never his strong suit, so he's just waking everyone up and commanding them in his sly way. After a few hours, Tokiomi decides to take a reprieve and use the phone.]

[phone - 769 Bunker Street; 10:00 AM]

Kotomine Kirei... your betrayal will not go unpunished. Should you be within the same realm as I upon the current time, do not leave your back open as I foolishly had done. As to any of you out there who understand the term 'Magi', I require an immediate meeting with you at my address. We have much to discuss...