15 April 2012 @ 05:17 am
And you've got the brand new face  
Action - 339 Brady Lane

[Well, Sephiroth has been awake in Raz's body for a little over an hour, and spent most of it monitoring the phones, gathering information about what's happening and - once he figured out this is currently a Mayfield epidemic - listening for his own voice. He had no idea who his current body belonged to, or who'd been granted custodianship of his, so it was rather important for him to find these things out.

And he did find the person in his body, who goes with the body he's apparently found himself in. Which may have resulted in his setting an end table on fire and flinging it telekinetically out the living room window.

He's been trying to keep a low profile until he gets this strange turn of events figured out, but that may have slightly blown his cover to his housemates.]


[Although Raz's voice hasn't really changed, the tone and evenness of his words certainly sound a lot more mature than Raz generally does.]

I believe we all understand what's happening now, at least as far as these occurrences can be understood. But does anyone know exactly how long this is likely to go on? Many of the town's... [He pauses. What the hell does one call these events?] ...eccentricities last for up to a week, but that seems excessive under the circumstances.

Further - is there any point to this? Many things Mayfield does seem to have inscrutable purposes at best, but this seems especially strange. How can the town possibly benefit?
14 March 2012 @ 04:57 am
I know my place, stick to my lines  
[Sephiroth's been thinking about this for a long time. He's known what he should do for quite awhile now, but the extenuating circumstances of Mayfield had left him wondering if there's any point to doing it, if the results will be at all what he expects and deserves. He's also been debating broadcasting his intentions, whether he has any right to explain himself, but eventually he'd decided for it; he owes a number of people an apology, as well as the assurance that he's setting things right. Or at least trying to.]


Some time ago, when the revival system was being repaired, I was one of those taken. My mind was affected, and I became violent beyond reason. I don't know how many I may have hurt or killed, but any number would be unacceptable. My lack of control was unacceptable. The circumstances mean little in the face of my actions; no amount of excuses or regret can change them. [Despite the words he's saying, his voice is detached; he could be reading off a script. In a way, he is.]

In my world, I would be court-martialed. [At least. He's not sure ShinRa wouldn't simply kill him; that's certainly been their stance on rogue SOLDIERs in the past. A very recent past, at that.] But here, there is no military. As such, I'll be turning myself in to the local law enforcement to face whatever consequences they deem appropriate. If they refuse to acknowledge this... [He's considered this eventuality; as far as he knows, the police are as droned and as oblivious as most of the other residents. They may act as though nothing whatsoever is wrong, as they always seem to.] ...then I will offer myself to whatever judgment my victims care to pass on me.
31 January 2012 @ 08:49 pm
All my life I've been good but now I'm thinking what the hell (Forward dated to release)  
[A: Violent]

[Today, Sephiroth is prowling the streets. And to those who know him, or who have talked to him on the phone, he'll be borderline unrecognizable. There's an air of dangerous purpose to his movements, and his eyes - already bright from mako - are blazing. (The particularly observant may note stitches on his head.)

And if he sees anyone - drone or otherwise - he'll be making a beeline for them. There's nothing subtle in the air of menace around him; even though he's visibly unarmed, you'd probably be better off running.]

[B: Lucid]

[In the immediate aftermath of hurting or killing anyone, Sephiroth returns to his usual mindset, and can be communicated with normally - for a brief time - before the pain and violent compulsions start to recur. Anyone can luck out and find him during these lucid moments; you'll have to keep up with him during these moments, however, since he's frantically looking for a way to restrain himself before he loses control of himself again. This is easier said than done, given how strong he is and how little time he has between lapses.]

[OOC: Sephiroth is currently under the effects of experimentation, which is swinging him back and forth between his normal self and needing to harm/kill others! While you can pick either scenario, the nature of his experiment means that he can go from violent to lucid during a thread if you want, or vice versa! Also, HE WILL TRY TO HURT OR KILL YOUR CHARACTER IN SCENARIO A, so please be aware!]
25 January 2012 @ 02:09 am
The Price Of Freedom  

[Sephiroth's voice is, as ever, measured and even, though there is the slightest undertone of irritation.]

This is a reminder. Before we arrived here, most - if not all - of us lived in worlds that obeyed the laws of life and death. Many of you seek, of your own free will, to return to worlds that obey them. So this is a return to what some of you may have forgotten was once familiar.

Having to live your life as though it's the only one you have is not an imposition; it's the natural order of things. While revivification may have been a useful tool, don't forget it is one we can do without - one most of us have done without our entire lives, before arriving here. We're better off without learned dependencies to this place...provided that we aren't reduced to angry children placing blame when we lose what they've deigned to give us in place of our homes and freedom.