13 August 2012 @ 05:50 pm
act 4: Breaking the boredom barrier  
[Action A: Outside 1333 Benny. Open to all.]

[Sonic is busy training himself, using his hammock as a makeshift resistance machine. Shadow's droning has only made him much more focused on bettering himself to help people get out when the time to escape this place has come. He's hoping that he'll be able to get his speed back to full power by doing this exercise.]

Ok...ok. A few more reps to go. Then spin dash training.

[Action B: Around town. Also open to all.]

[Sonic is speeding through town, feeling competitive today; a result of his training. He's doing all kinds of tricks to show off as much as possible. If you have a speedster that wants to challenge him, or if you just want to bug him, flag him down!]
08 June 2012 @ 03:23 pm
Act 3: No speed limit  
[Action 1: Phone]

Uhhh...hey. Anyone that ran into me over the weekend...especially Shadow...I'm really sorry. Anything that I said was pretty messed up.

[Action 2: 1333 Benny - Outside]

Now who left this box here?

[Sonic doesn't often check his doghouse very often, but a small shoebox randomly appearing there is enough to garner his attention. Plus...it has his name on it.]

Might as well open her up.

[And he'll do this carefully. Though, his careful stare will turn into a giant grin as he yanks out the contents....]

[Action 3: Anywhere in town]

[Windows will rattle as a blue blur streaks down the streets of Mayfield. He's not creating any boost shockwaves, or doing any of his fancy tricks, as he can't seem to garner the energy for them, but he's still ridiculously fast. Yell out to him if you want to catch his attention.]
01 June 2012 @ 02:57 pm
Act 2: A different road to run  
[Action: 1333 Benny]

[Sonic wakes up on the couch, a snarl escaping his lips as he snaps up. He begins feeling his arms for the of course absent metal.]

For another day, my enhancements have been kept from me. This blasted organic shell!

[And with that, he'll slam the coffee table as hard as he can.]

[Actin: In town: Anywhere.]

[Sonic is stalking the streets, in search of his master. But he's free to bug: but don't expect his natural friendliness: especially if you're organic.]

[AU Notes: Sonic is from an alternate timeline where he went to Eggman for power, rather than stopping him time and again. The world is not able to stand very well against the onslaught and is slowly being converted into the Eggman Empire. He used to be heavy roboticized, almost looking like Metal Sonic. But of course, he now thinks the town has stripped him of that and returned him to his original form. He is VERY violent, to warn you.]
16 April 2012 @ 02:24 pm
Act 1: Speedless in Mayfield  
[Action 1: Outside 1333 Benny...in the doghouse]

[White...it's all white. Sonic reaches forward, reaching for anything, not finding a thing until his eyes close again, and his hand hits the ground. It's grass.]

Did...did I just dream that? What was that thing?

[He raises his head a bit before opening his eyes...though they pop open when he bangs his head on the doghouse wall above his head.]


[Rubbing his head, he blinks and crawls out of the doghouse, clearly confused. And quite naked. Well...naked for him.]

I think it really did happen. The force from the monster's suction must've pulled my gloves clean off.

[He taps his foot against the grass. And notices something much more disturbing.]

My shoes! Ok, now i know something's wrong!

[His first instinct is to go bang on the house door nearest to him.]

HEYYY! Open up!

[Action 2: In town]

Man...this sucks.

[No speed. None at all. And even if he COULD go fast, his feet would likely burn up from the friction of the ground. And the concrete against his bare feet didn't feel too great to move at whatever speed he could muster.]

Just what is this place? And that monster that brought me here?

[Yep Mayfield...Sonic thinks the Time Eater is part of you.]