18 February 2012 @ 06:39 pm
A) Action / 768 Bunker Street / Locked to housemates:

[When Lizzie first wakes up, it's silently. Though she does panic a bit, she quickly composes herself and roots around in the drawers and closet, looking for her things. When she can't find them, she'll start doing the same in the hallway closets and other rooms, working her way downstairs.

Should she come across anyone as she goes, you had better be either really fast at dodging or fall to the ground as quick as you can: this girl is trying to spin-kick you in the face (or whatever part of the body her not-terribly-long legs will reach).

B) Phone:

Hello, operator? Would you please connect me to Ciel Phantomhive?

[There's a pause, and the girl sounds on the verge or either yelling or crying.]

No answer? Ohh, is there no one at all who can help me? This is awful, just awful!

C) Action / Bodine Fashion:

[Outside of the clothing store, a young girl is leaning up against the window, eyeing the dresses inside.]

These clothes... How terrible! There's nothing cute about them at all, and they're so short. How can anyone even think of wearing these?

[It's all terribly scandalous, by her tone.]