27 September 2012 @ 09:39 am
::008th Interrogation::  
[Action A: 5719 Cunningham Lane - Neighbors]

[It started out as a normal day... wandering outside just to get some air after getting dressed and ready for the day. It was a package that may have turned things around. Barricade eyed the mail that was addressed to him and stared at it cautiously. Perhaps you've spotted him before he heads back in. Taking the package inside and opening it may have been a bad idea.]

[Action: anywhere]

[He took an early leave from work that day. As he wandered back home... he was certain to keep his eyes well covered. The sun wasn't bothering him as he wore a pair of sunglasses. There was also a fedora upon his head... and yet he still kept his head bowed.

Perhaps you've run into him before... and are unknowingly making plans to keep him from going home. If you are... be careful, he has a short temper. ... Unusually short. More so than normal.]
12 September 2012 @ 07:16 pm
"Happy" Mayfieldversary  
[Action: 1331 Benny Road]

[Hajime is sitting in the living room, a pink... bird thing next to him. He's talking to the creature.]

Do you remember? It's been a long time...

[Something is pretty obviously bothering him]

[Action: Park]

[Eventually he moves to the park, where he can be found in his favourite spot by the fountain. Just... sitting by it, quietly communing with the water]

[Action: 5720 Cunningham Lane]

[When he's feeling down, there's only one place he wants to be: Ukraine's. Which is where he can be found, sitting holding a picture from home]


D-does anyone ever feel like they're forgetting what it's like to not be in Mayfield? Two years is a really long time...
27 August 2012 @ 05:19 pm
::007th Interrogation::  
[Action A: 5719 Cunningham Lane]

[He hadn't been aware just how much time had passed... but he felt as if weeks had gone by. Waking up, felt just like any other day that he was trapped in this town. He was unaware of the glitches that were going on... up until the wife drone walked into the room backwards. That was weird.

Having dressed himself, he had to find out just how long he had been out of it. It was an experience he would rather not go through again... and upon heading outside to fetch the paper, he simply fell through the front door.

Now things were getting annoying.]

[Action A: The park!]

[He decided to spend his time at the park, as it seemed relatively safe. He would ignore the drones, and anyone else that were foolish enough to talk to him. ... Unless the person who addressed him, was someone he knew. Even then, he wasn't much in a talking mood, but he would at least acknowledge your existence. That counts for something, right?]
22 August 2012 @ 01:26 pm
MK VII: Faulty Wiring  


Pfft. Typical. Looks like the IT Department is under new management, Mayfield. S'what happens when you outsource your tech to Hades and/or wherever the hell else we are.

Anyone know what the deal is, here? I'm normally not one to let anything get me down, but gravity certainly brought me down through my living room floor this morning.

Ouch, incidentally.


[Tony's a man of science and tomfoolery. That's why he's phasing his hand in and out of his otherwise-solid-looking front door experimentally. Then he's sticking other limbs in there -- one foot, then the other... walk by at the right time and you might just see a bemused human head seemingly stuck in the door, looking about the area and curiously inspecting the clouds in the sky.]

20 August 2012 @ 12:49 pm
trisdešimt trys; action  
[Finding out about Mayfield's latest peculiarity would have been far more "annoying and concerning" rather than "sharply unsettling" if he hadn't found out about it via Poland's drone chattering at him a mile a minute, making that particular phrase as close to literal as it could get. And he was only asking Lithuania (or Mr. Laurinaitis) how he was over and over. It's the lack of Poland's pony, his flag, and the lack of nation feel that make Lithuania realize Poland's actually gone.

Backing through a tree is just the icing on the cake, to be honest.]

1333 Benny Road
[Hello, not!family! Lithuania is going through the house checking up on everyone, making sure they're present and accounted for. He's pretty obviously unhappy but he's also just as obviously trying not to look unhappy. He's also obviously on edge, as can easily be noted whenever he jumps at a flickering light or jerks back away from the sound of sudden static crashing out of the television.]

Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and America's Houses
[Lithuania is just checking up on you guys to make sure you're okay. As in still here. Also he is looking like a puppy who was kicked into the rain, metaphorically speaking but he's pretending he's fine. He's also trying to ignore any instances of his hand going through doors rather than him knocking like he actually intends to do.]

Are you alright?

Olney's Tavern
[The alcohol here has always been incredibly weak, and that's not when even the structure of the bar and class is so weak as to make it go crashing to the ground for no good reason. Still, Lithuania is trying his best to get himself drunk enough to stop feeling so awful, at least for a few hours.

It's not really working, though.]

They have no idea how to make decent beer here.
13 August 2012 @ 05:41 am
5th Mental Baggage: Return to Mayfield  
 [Action: 5721 Cunningham Lane]

[Lili woke up a little dazed but realized she's not in that plane headed for Psychonauts HQ. This place looks familiar and not in a good way. She looks out her bedroom window and the color drains from her face.]

Not this again...

[Just to be safe, she focuses her mind on the nearby alarm clock. It glows blue before floating via telekinesis. Well, at least she got some of her powers back. She drops the clock on the bed and makes her way downstairs.]

Hello? Anyone here?

[She even goes outside to the yard and looks around.]

This isn't Stevens Road...then where am I?


Hey, has anyone seen Raz or Natalie? This is Lili. Somehow, I'm back and in a totally different house now. I guess whoever brought us here got bored and dragged me back here.
10 August 2012 @ 12:37 am
✥ First  
A) 5720 Cunningham Lane - Morning

[The last thing Christopher remembered was falling down the stairs and breaking his neck again. Which surely meant he was about to be assigned more lines.

This time it seemed as though they hadn't brought him back to his room in the castle. That was interesting. The place looked justas dull, and a bit childish, but it seemed to be a in a regular house, rather than in the castle at all.

There didn't seem to be anyone else about, either, so he decided to get up and explore his surroundings.]

B) Around Town - Anytime

[There's a young, gawky, almost-teenaged boy wandering around the town. He has the look of a newcomer about him, with how he seems to be surveying everything, peeking into shops, and generally getting a feel for the neighborhood, but he doesn't seem nearly as bothered as most of the newcomers do. He's a friendly kid, if you care to stop and chat. If you work in a shop or a restaurant, you'll probably have him come in at some point during the day, very curious about how this world works.]
08 August 2012 @ 01:01 pm
[action; 5721 Cunningham]

[Waking up in a strange place hasn't happened for a while for Natasha, but it strikes her immediately. Where her beds are usually kept firm, this one is soft, conventional for the type of person who likes such things, but not her. The pillows are a little too large, a little too fluffy for her liking, and her clothing has changed completely. Her usual conventional sleeping clothes—conventional in the way that she doesn't need to be self-conscious lest she needs to pull a gun on someone—have been replaced by a thin gown. It's not something she's never worn in any particular situation, but it's not what she usually wears.

So she doesn't hesitate to remove herself from the bed to survey the situation. In her time, she's been in a lot of strange situations. She's ended up in the house of people she doesn't know to get specific information for a kill—or just to bring something back to SHIELD. There have been times when she's played the dumb college student, unwittingly walking into a fraternity to find the son of a wealthy corporate executive. And then there's everything in-between.

But still, this is new. Unfamiliar. Unwanted. There's a picture of her in the distance with a person she's never met, and it twists and unsettles her stomach. This is elaborate.

Elaborate means that whoever's behind it might not be the cause of some great hoax. This isn't Stark's idea of a practical joke. This is a lot worse. Escaping as quickly as possible without her usual contact information won't be easy, but she's good at thinking on the fly. She's dropped enough cellphones while on the run throughout the years that she can come up with other solutions. It's why she's good at who she is. Or was. (Is.)

Natasha checks the closet for a change of clothes and finds some in her size. Well, it's not that surprising. The make of the clothing is what confuses her. If she's right, this is about sixty years dated. Or perhaps whoever's behind this is into vintage. Her survey of everything else goes along with that. The conservative style of her surroundings confirms that they have a certain ... taste. Her lips twist down wryly at the thought.

Once she pulls on a pair of shoes—short heels, but at least she's accustomed to that aspect of this—she starts to move through the house surveying everything. More pictures ...

But perhaps the most disturbing part is how happy she looks in them.]

[action; around town]

[It's not that being without her guns necessarily makes her feel weak, but in this situation, she's beginning to wish she had them. Whoever she's up against probably has enough on their side that she could use them. Or her stings. Actually, those might be better right now.

She has observed enough by now: that everyone is dressed similarly, that the make of the appliances and everything else all slot into the era that matches their clothing. A number of possible scenarios have popped into her head as for the reasoning, and she doesn't like any of them. (Loki is high on the list and she doesn't even like giving him that much credit.)

Still, it won't do to look out of place. One unsmiling woman compared to the rest would seem out of sorts. So she does smile as she walks, constructing an identity and a plan in her head for the time being. If she's meant to be the person in those pictures, happy, content, well—she'll do it. She'll pull up the mask and see where it gets her. That, at least, might be able to buy her some time to work this all out.

So when she does run into someone, she continues to smile ... though it fades to pleasant, calm, and she adds a certain care to her voice, so that she seems genuine].

Hello, sorry for bothering you. I'm new to the neighborhood and I'd appreciate any wisdom that you might have to offer.

[Of course, Natasha is going to be reading anyone's body language that she meets up with, and it won't take her long to realize she's not alone.]
05 August 2012 @ 12:42 am
kuusteist // 16  
A: between 1332 and 1333 Benny Road

[After the last mess Mayfield had subjected them all to, Estonia found himself in the possession of one very old box of books, in more than a few languages. He's read them all before, of course, and they're some of his favourites, even one particularly worn Russian one he doesn't recommend to anyone, just because it's in Russian. After they arrive in Mayfield, he reads them all again, then decides to do the nice thing and share them around.

This is why he's headed over to Benny Road with an armful of books in Lithuanian and Polish. He slides some of them, with no note, into the mailbox of house 1332. He's halfway to the mailbox of 1333 when he realizes he got the address wrong, and doubles back. Somewhere between trying to switch out the stack of books and get the appropriate ones in the right nation's mailbox, most of the books wind up on the lawn, with one very frustrated Estonia trying not to make a scene.

It's probably not going so well.]

B: 5270 Cunningham Lane

[Hi, Ukraine. Estonia comes bearing a few books for you, as well as some pre-made food and cuddles. Enjoy.]

C: phone

[Estonia clears his throat awkwardly before starting, and a few times more during pauses while he presents his question.]

Not that it's... um, of any great importance, but I was wondering if there would be anybody here interested in a choir of any sort. Just for curiosity's sake. [Ahem.] I don't really have anywhere with a piano to suggest meeting, but I'm sure something could be worked out, if... people were interested? If not, that's fine, too.
20 July 2012 @ 02:52 am
Sprig 06: A plethora of packages followed by pain  
Part A| Outside 5721 Cunningham Lane| Morning

[Groot is going through the packages he's received. He's actually left one of them there for awhile, still being a bit wary of the wonderful 'gifts' this town provides on occasion.

Unlike before, all three are merely pictures, and anybody passing by might notice what's on them as he flips through them and checks the back. He scrutinizes each like his eyes will burn a hole in them.

Picture 1 is of Groot, as a Flora Colossi, in a small circle of plants. Outside the circle is a rather stark plain.

Picture 2 is again of the royal tree kneeling closer to the plants from the previous picture with his head tilted to the side.

Picture 3 is of Groot with his hand on tree in a forest that he towers over.

He seems to be lost in thought after studying the photos, muttering to himself.]

Hrm... I wonder how that last one would work as a mammal... Would I need meat? This just ties into my concerns about the regeneration all over again...

Part B| Backyard of 5721 Cunningham Lane| Late Afternoon

[Groot can be seen working on the garden he has made in the backyard. A garden that is suddenly spectacular. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers all in full bloom. Quite a lot of them not even in season. The observant might see him plant a few seeds in a clear spot and then stare at it for a few moments. Just only long enough for a flower or plant to suddenly spring forth and grow like in a fast forwarded time delay video.]

Part C| Porch of 5721| Evening

[Groot is on the porch, and he doesn't look happy. Well, he hardly ever looks happy, but he looks downright depressed right now. And if to further emphasize this, there seems to be a bottle of wine nearby. It is mostly empty. He seems to be talking to himself again.]

I can understand droning of humans, or the need for several drones in general, but all the flarking plants as well? They might as well just make them brainless...
19 July 2012 @ 02:05 am
[ACTION: 5718 Cunningham Lane]

[Well, now that the Carnival business seems to be settled, what's there to worry about? Not much, from this Autobot's perspective.]

[Enough to where he's currently sprawled lazily in the driveway of his house, spraying off his wheels with a hose. It's not a power-washer, but it'll have to do. Plus, it sort of feels good, to get the grit and whatnot out of his tires.]

[Fortunately, he seems to be in a fairly good mood, occasionally spraying the hose up into the air, so, it looks to be a good time to approach the giant alien robot, if you so desire.]
11 July 2012 @ 11:46 pm
::006th Interrogation::  
[Action A: 5719 Cunningham Lane]
[Alas... waking up that morning, Barricade had found two packages labeled to him. Curious that he should receive two... Shaking his head, he figured he would open one in the morning, and another in the evening...

The regain he had received wasn't necessarily bad. However, with them roaming around... a uniform with such an insignia might cause further unwanted attention. He sighed and shook his head... it was something he would wear only in the evening during his nightly patrols.]


Seems we've had quite of a rough time... I'm glad that those... missing have arrived back relatively safe. I do wonder... what the next course of action will be...?

[Action B, Late Evening: Outside of 5719 Cunningham Lane
[With the day drawing to a close, he decided to take a look at that second package. He wasn't sure what might happen, so he took it within his hands and stalked outside. In all truth, he was somewhat hesitant of opening it.

Perhaps you're out and about this late at night...? If you are... feel free to bother him!]
18 June 2012 @ 09:14 pm
2nd Crusade  
[Action A: 5725 Cunningham Lane]

[Looking for something to do in her new home Sweetie Belle has constructed a fort out of a few cardboard boxes in the front yard and is playing make believe.]

Look out here come the evil bad guys. Luckily my super magic will protect me.

[Sweetie Belle can't actually use magic so she just stands there pretending and making noises.]

Pew Pew Pew.

[Action B: Around Town]

[After getting over the initial shock of arriving in Mayfield, Sweetie Belle has set out to explore the town. She'll be walking around all over. Do you approach her?]


Hello My name is Sweetie Belle and I'm trying to find my special talent. It might help me if some of you guys could tell me about your special talents and how you found them. I would really appreciate the help.
07 June 2012 @ 09:30 pm
::004th Interrogation::  
[Action A: 5719 Cunningham Lane]
[Poor Barricade... after opening a package marked to him, he was met with a regain. It wasn't that bad, but it might cause one to take another look. Questions that were not needed may arise, and because of this he had to find a way to hide his hands.

While he could easily flex his claws like that of a cat, his hands still looked cybernetic. Jointed metallic fingers and gears were easily visible and needed to be hidden. Perhaps he was being ... paranoid.

He covered his hands in a wrapped up shirt, and pondered...]


I'm in need of some... help... Perhaps someone who knows how to deal with... fabrics?
06 June 2012 @ 01:20 am
☆彡 first shooting star  
[Action; 5721 Cunningham]

[There's something vaguely familiar about this situation as Mato wakes up in the morning, but she initially brushes it off as one of those weird dreams one might have after a late night movie marathon. Either way, this isn't her house, and this isn't her room- where's her calendar and star wall decals? Where's anything of hers? All of this stuff looks way too girly for her tastes.

-- Well, obviously she's been kidnapped as part of some grand scheme... that Mato isn't too terribly sure as to what it involves, just that abducting her was part of it, obviously. After getting dressed in the least girly-looking clothes she could find in her closet, Mato cautiously investigates the house, looking to confront her supposed kidnappers apparently.

Still, Mato can't shake off that feeling of deja vu; why does she feel like she's been through this before?]

[Action; around town]

[Later on, with a basketball acquired through unknown means (though more than likely snagged from a drone), Mato can be found searching for a place to practice. She's still feeling bummed about all of this, but nothing will keep her away from her favorite sport... hopefully!]
03 June 2012 @ 02:25 am
Sprig 05: All shall return to the Void  
AU Groot details )

Part A| Grocery Store

[Groot is still doing his shifts at the grocery store, but instead of the calm and helpful employee he's been before, he is now doing the bare minimum of work and avoiding customers at every turn. Anytime a customer does get a hold of him gets a surly look or a suspicious stare before he does what was asked of him. Anybody coming into the store when he is working will almost surely feel the change in atmosphere, not to mention the sign he used to put up for 'pets' is left back in the store's closet, forgotten.]

Part B| Phone

[Anybody picking up the phone will hear a voice that sounds calm and regal, but also has a tense and hesitant quality to it.]

So I have been here for some time now, and I was wondering if anyone else found themselves here due to mishap with a device involving quantum mechanics and the dimensional fabric of their reality.

I only ask because, if this is another dimension, then perhaps similar means can provide a path to a different one. The lack of proper technology is less than ideal, but if anybody has found a way to generate large amounts of energy or a means to disperse electrons, I may be able to direct it to open a way to...a better place.

Part C| Garage of 5721 Cunningham

[Since the beginning of June, Groot has been gathering a large number of mechanical devices in the garage. Vacuum cleaners, TVs, radios, and other electronic devices. Anybody passing by can see him in the garage, gutting the various objects and setting the components out in front of him. He stares intently at the pieces, as if by doing so they'll move on their own, or some great mystery will be unlocked. Every once and awhile, he'll sigh, move the pieces off the work bench, and grab another device to start disassembling.]
01 June 2012 @ 05:17 pm
::003rd Interrogation::  

I can't shake this feeling that something seems wrong... Perhaps I'm just over thinking things. ... That is, unless someone out there is having the same dreadful feeling? If you're not, I apologize for taking up precious moments of your time... I'm sorry.

[Action A: 5719 Cunningham Lane//Anywhere]

[After the phone call, he simply walks outside to the porch and sits down. He's thinking. Tapping a finger on his chin, he crosses his arms and leans against his knees. With a sigh, he decides to go about his normal rounds of the town. Walking was good for a person, and as long as he was stuck as one, he would make certain to do so... wherever his destination might be.]
01 June 2012 @ 02:05 pm
26 // action  


[She doesn't leave the house most days without her rifle strapped over her back or Sora's sword in her hands. Or at least that's what she remembers. It does no good to be upset Sora has gone and she is grateful for her additional weapon. Today, she has her rifle and a little wicker basket. Because Koharu is going shopping and she can't exactly go without something to put these things in, right?]

Good morning! [She says cheerfully as she steps into whatever shop she happens to be in]

ACTION;5720 Cunningham Lane

[She has to keep Sora's sword clean and the things she uses to clean it are a bit smelly, so she has taken over a small portion of the front yard. Occasionally she swings the sword in a perfect arc, just to test it and see the shine, but then she goes back to cleaning. Her cute skirt is a little dirty now but she hardly seems to notice.]
24 May 2012 @ 11:10 pm
19th Fight  
[Action A: 1450 Mitchell. Barton, a frequent visitor to RED Engie's garage, shows up there today to find all her tools and work in the trash alongside the curb. Quick investigation shows her that he's been droned, and what looks like for good, and he's cleared out all her things.

Residents of the house, neighbors and passersby will find her getting her things together from the trash can, trying to see which of her projects were still salvageable. She'll also be taking her large tool kit from the garage - the one Engie had given her for Christmas.]


[Action B: 5723 Cunningham. A quick look up with the operator, and Barton find her to the residence of one Mr. Tony Stark. She's looking for the man in question.]

[Action C: the open garage of 457 Stone. When Doofenschmirtz had gone, Bail had taken his place. Since then, Barton noticed the garage had been untouched. Figuring Bail wasn't much of a mechanic or tinkerer, it was time to set up shop in her own home again, without a drone father giving her a hard time. Household members or anyone else is free to stop in, to find a frustrated Barton trying to put things back together.]
23 May 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Crusade 1: Enter the Cutie  
[Action A: 5725 Cunningham, locked to housemates]

[Sweetie Belle woke up in a doghouse which was unusual for her, seeing as she was not a dog but a pony. She found this especially odd as she had fallen asleep in her bed back in Ponyville. Now she was somewhere else and she didn't know where. A moment later a loud sound came from the doghouse]

Waaaaaaaaaaah. Where am I?

[Action B: Around Mayfield]

[Sweetie Belle is out wandering the streets looking for someone or something she knows.]

Um. Hello. Anybody?

[Action C: 7135 Brooks]

[Sweetie Belle stood outside Rarity's house. It had taken her a while to find her sister's house. Unable to reach the doorknob Sweetie Belle tried to reach her sister the best way she knew how.]

Rarity. Rarity. RARITYYYYYYYY!