24 October 2012 @ 06:47 pm
Episode VI: The Memories are a Lie  
{A: Action - Open to all}
-- location: Anywhere on the route from 1765 Beaver Street to 7132 Brooks Lane
-- time: Mid-late morning

[The first thing Luke thinks when he wakes up is that something is very wrong. It takes him a few minutes but despite not realizing that it's still giving him power, the Force is with him, strengthening his will and setting him on alert. By the time he's even out the door that morning he's well aware that everything he thinks he knows is false. Every memory is made up and every fact is a lie.

However, he's pretty sure about one thing: he can trust Kaylee. His false memories tell him that they've been having an affair for months behind the backs of their spouses, but Luke suspects that their relationship isn't of that nature at all.

He walks the familiar route to Kaylee's place, far too distracted by his rushing thoughts to be worried about what the neighbors are thinking. Anyone with drone-like memories that fancies gossip might be well aware of the adulterous goings on and might also be able to figure out where Luke is headed. As it is, many of the real drones are giving him dirty looks out their kitchen windows and from their front yards as they mow the lawn or wash their cars.

Luke leans up against the fence on the corner just down the street from Kaylee's house where he said he'd meet her. Despite knowing his memories are false, he's still not stupid enough to actually go right up and ring the doorbell.]
25 July 2012 @ 07:43 pm
Episode V: My ride  
{A: Action - Open to all}
-- location: John Doe Park
-- time: Midday

[A 40 foot long X-wing starfighter doesn't really fit in the average suburban driveway, let alone a two-car garage, so Luke's landed it in the park to tinker with it. He's brought some tools with him and laid them out on the grass, some made by other people in town, some made by himself, and others from the hardware store that he thought looked semi useful. The severe lack of technology here has been a bit frustrating to say the least.

Luke's sitting cross-legged on top of the craft near the astromech droid port with a couple tools, hunched over an open panel. There's a sudden spark and he quickly pulls his hand away.]

{B: Phone - Open to Kaylee Frye}
-- time: Early evening

Hey, it's me. You want to be spontaneous with me? Let's do something tonight.
13 April 2012 @ 05:45 pm
Episode IV: Freaky Friday event  
{A: Phone - Closed to Leia}
-- time: Mid-morning

Leia? Leia! Are you there? [It sounds like a woman's voice but this person doesn't state who they are.]

{B: Action - Open to all}
-- location: Downtown
-- time: Afternoon

[Looks like the princess is out to run errands. Hmm, her walk looks a little manly. And those pants don't really fit her. Are they borrowed? What's a woman *gasp* doing wearing pants, anyway? She also seems to be glancing around a little bit, almost as if she wants to avoid certain people.]

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05 April 2012 @ 09:31 am
[Prank Event] Joint post for Luke Skywalker and Malcolm Reynolds  

{A: Action - Open to all}
-- location: At the grocery store
-- time: Late morning

[Luke's bundled himself up even though the weather's been getting warmer. He's moving slowly and if one were to get a good look at his face they'd see the signature green rash and spots.]

{B: Action - Open to housemates, friends, & neighbors}
-- location: 1765 Beaver Street
-- time: Afternoon-ish

[Except for that brief trip this morning to find soup and ginger ale Luke hasn't been out of the house in two days and he hasn't bothered to contact anyone. The house is quiet.]

{C: Action - Open to friends and neighbors}
-- location: 848 Goldberg Street
-- time: All day

[Mal hasn't made contact with anyone and he hasn't been seen all day or most of yesterday. Neighbors might notice the drone family at 848 Goldberg looking quite distraught as the wife leaves for work and the children leave for school. There was even some yelling earlier, a man's voice. After the family leaves Mal still isn't seen and the house is now dark and quiet.]
05 March 2012 @ 07:59 pm
Mission 9: I'm taking career advice from a nine year old [Joint with Luke, backdated to Band Candy]  
[Action: Streets of Mayfield]

[Wes and Luke are tearing down the street in a speeder, having apparently decided that speed limits only apply if you have wheels.

A few mailboxes may be suffering in the process.]

Just need... womp rats, right?

[Action: John Doe Park]

[There is a toy Ewok sitting by a tree, looking quite cute. If you approach it, it may start moving.]

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14 February 2012 @ 08:51 pm
Episode III: Phone confession [Public]  
[The phone line is picked up rather suddenly, as if the speaker didn't know he was going to be talking on the phone a second ago.]

Kaylee, I think you're beautiful. You're confident and fun and the fact that you know more about machines than I do turns me on.

I like you a lot. A lot.

[Suddenly the line is silent except for a small puff of breath. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on. Then the phone is promptly hung up.]

[Call him back and ask him what the hell that was all about?]
14 January 2012 @ 11:31 am
Episode I: No New Hopes For You!  
{A: Action - Open to housemates. This is mostly just Luke OMGFREAKINGOUTMAYFIELD. )

{B: Action - Open to all}
-- location: All over town.
-- time: From early morning on. Luke will be out there for a while.

[Luke has set off at a run though he eventually settles into a brisk walk, and for the first couple hours he searches the town for anything he might recognize, any sort of space transport or communications center, or even anything that might explain what's going on. He quickly learns that these primitive wheeled vehicles are the common mode of planet-side transportation around here and when he asks a taxi driver if he can be taken to the nearest spaceport he gets a very odd look. Oh well. He wasn't sure how he was going to pay the guy anyway.

He's at least relieved to find that everyone here seems to speak Basic.

Luke also ends up asking a few drones if there's a military base nearby. Even if it's run by the Empire he could probably disguise himself and somehow get a coded SOS to the Alliance. This, too, garners him odd looks and slow shakes of the head. Then, he finds someone who doesn't look as... clueless as the drones. Perhaps it's you.]

Hi, excuse me. Could you tell me if there's a military base near here or maybe in a nearby system? [He adds a little quietly, slightly embarrassed.] Actually, I'm not even sure what planet this is.