13 September 2012 @ 04:03 pm
m i r a c l e 0 1 4  
A; around town

[After her little portal excursion, Bernkastel has decided to go exploring as a cat. It's surprising what you can learn in this sort of form, after all--people are much more willing to disclose secrets to an animal. So if you'd like, you can find her about town--on fences, in trees, and maybe up in your business if you're doing something interesting.]

B; in a tree
[Or, if you would like to choose the more amusing option, you can find her stuck in a tree. Not like most cats are, meowing to get down, but literally stuck--it seems one of the branches decided to flicker in and out of existence just long enough for Bernkastel to get caught in the middle of one.

Her fur puffed out and looking incredibly indignant, her first thought is to look around to make sure no one actually saw that. If no one's looking, she can teleport. If not, this is going to become even more embarrassing very quickly.]
03 April 2012 @ 01:03 pm
m i r a c l e 0 1 3  
Locked to Kyon )

Locked to Dizzy )

Locked to Gamzee and Karkat )
04 February 2012 @ 02:52 am
m i r a c l e 0 1 2  
Good day, Mayfield.

[Bernkastel's voice is as calm as it usually is, as if she either hadn't noticed the chaos erupting in town or simply didn't care about it. Well, it's certainly not that she hasn't noticed.]

Once again you wail and writhe under the weight of another mini game. You're incredibly predictable, in your way. You will suffer and you will recover and you will suffer again, in small ways or large ones. Any mindless animal could see this pattern. Any child observing you could see you dislike it. Why, then, do you do nothing?

You will tell me that you are too preoccupied now, dealing with this obstacle thrown in your path. Let's accept that for now, shall we? When this mini game is complete, its scores tallied, you will recover from it. You will have birthday parties. You will throw dances at the school. You will recover until the town begins to tear the flesh from your bones once again. So often your plans to fight fall to pieces.

But it's only to be expected; most creatures are incredibly selfish. Under stress, you run for your shelters and your friends. Everyone else doesn't matter. As long as you don't care about them, their screams of pain while they're ground to pieces can be ignored. And there are always some people you care about more than others, right? Continue putting pressure on someone, and you will see their loyalties as easily as you can see the blood of those who didn't make the cut, so to speak.

You cannot mount any sort of unified defense against this game because there is not enough common ground. I have seen those with more fall apart for less reason, so don't worry too much about it, okay? My suggestion would be to stop fighting when, without some sort of miracle, you will fail to support each other in any meaningful way, but you wouldn't take that sort of advice anyway, will you? That's fine. If you accepted the hopelessness of your situation, I might just die of boredom.

Maybe your next plan to fight back will succeed?