03 May 2012 @ 10:17 pm
2. Fighting a War  
[A: Phone (Filtered to Children)]

[Nabuca doesn't often use the phone, he doesn't feel the need to engage in the idle chatter that most of the people here indulged in. It was like they didn't even realise they were fighting a war sometimes, like they could forget the battles waged just because people didn't always stay dead.

That wasn't a good thing in his opinion, death was a release and a rest well earned at the end of the fight. And this was a fight. Everyone here had become soldiers whether they wanted to be or not, consent was unimportant in the end, they were here now and everyone had a duty to fight or they'd never win.]

You need to stop hiding behind the adults for protection, you are all capable of fighting yourselves. The faster we win this war, the sooner we will be able to return home. If you think you are too weak or inexperienced to do this, arm yourself with the thought of freedom and home.

[B: Church (Open to All)]

[He has often heard it said aboard Hellywood that their war was a holy one, and after hearing that there was a church here, he had to wonder if the same could be said in Mayfield. It's this reason that brings him to the church, wary as he slips quietly inside and starts to look around for any signs that this place could be more than what it seems. Clearly a teenage boy stalking the pews should be questioned as to what he's doing, right?]
12 April 2012 @ 04:52 pm
1. The Bound System  
[Action: 339 Brady Lane (Closed to Housemates)]

[Nabuca's first thought when he woke was that he was still dreaming, beds were never this soft in their barracks and they were never woken by soft sunlight creeping through clean windows. But dreams were never this vivid, and this house looked like nothing he had ever seen before. Nothing like any village he had ever been to, and certainly nowhere on Hellywood. He's been stripped of his weapons and uniform, and a quick glance around showed that none of his unit were anywhere in sight... what was this?

A training exercise?

He knew that Hellywood's reserves of soldiers were running low and both Lady Abelia and King Hamdo were worried about it, could they be considering using the Bound System to gather soldiers from other worlds? If they are, despite the sick pit in his stomach, it's not his place to question those decisions. He needs to figure out what's going on here and what the objective of this odd mission was. So any housemates in the kitchen that morning, might see a serious-faced teenager padding down the stairs still in his pyjamas.]

[Action: Around Town (Open to All)]

[He could ask people where he was - after all, it was painfully obvious by there only being one sun that he was nowhere he recognised - but his pride would never permit him to ask for help from the enemy. That was what they were, even if they didn't realise it, it was impossible for them to be anything else... Hellywood didn't have allies. He almost felt sorry for them, they had no idea what was coming if his suspicions really were correct. Though even if they were, he still had no idea why he would have been sent alone first, he's not one of the scouts.

He's taken a knife from the kitchen drawer and has it concealed up his sleeve just in case, tense as a bowstring as he walks down the streets of Mayfield. If anyone gets too close, they might just find themselves facing a knife-wielding teenager.]