27 March 2012 @ 04:16 pm
007: In for the loop.  

[Rider never did experiment with the edges of this town. It was always told to him that he couldn't leave, that it'd loop around impossibly. With the things he had seen, he never really believed it, yet never really wanted to try until he had conquered this place. Today might as well be the day he actually does go for it. Sure enough, after riding for a short distance, he comes back around again, on the other side of town, even though he clearly wasn't going in that direction. So he tries again the other way. Yep. Same results. How disappointing. For the first time since he's gotten here, the reality of the situation finally sunk in. Perhaps you catch him testing this. It may seem rather odd for a veteran of this place to not try this until now...]


[The huge, friendly bartender known as Rider seems to be in an odd mood. He's certainly not feeling himself. He looks agitated, fustrated, and if it weren't for the alcohol he probably would have broken something. Care to ask what's wrong? Between some of his closest friends being droned in the past few months and his findings, he's not in the greatest of moods.]


[Rider can be found on the porch of his house, staring at the cars parked on the street and following any cars that pass with his eyes. He's really tempted to just take Integra's out for a spin. He's never really driven one of these himself. He's only ever been a passenger. How can a Rider be a Rider without ever trying to ride a car?]