08 June 2012 @ 02:05 pm
Consequences (backdated to right after AUfield)  
1. 1668 Nelson; locked to housemates

[The silence of the early morning is broken by a frustrated scream. it seems that Gilgamesh has now properly processed the horrible haircut that he had received from Archer.]

[Seconds later, Gilgamesh comes marching out of the bathroom, glowering and pouting like an unhappy child.]

2. Phone; unfiltered

Okay, if you're that tanned asian guy working in the barber shop, listen up! I'm challenging you to a duel!

3.Main Street Barber Shop; action

[The door of the barber shop flies open from Gilgamesh's kick. He stomps in and grins at the workers and the patrons.]

Told you I was coming.

[He holds up a pair of garden shears and a razor.]

I really need to pay you back for that bad haircut.
17 January 2012 @ 09:28 pm
001 [Backdated to 16th]  

1. Park

[The sirens had stopped and his headache had gotten better, but that still didn't change the fact that Gilgamesh had very little idea of where he was...and absolutely no idea of where he was headed.]

[After walking in circles a couple of times, he just decides to give up and stay in the park until he can catch sight of someone that he knows.]

2. Action; all around town

[Gilgamesh is hungry. And given that he somehow cannot find any money in his pockets no matter how hard he tries (odd because he has the blessing of unlimited pocket space), or any restaurant that he can buy food from, he decides on the next best course of action.]

[..."Borrowing" food from someone else.]

[Which means that as you come home, still cradling your massive headache, you'll find a tall Iraqi guy breaking into your house.]

3. Phone; unfiltered

[Gilgamesh has finally managed to make it back to what he thinks is the house he woke up in. Since the door is open, he just steps in without knocking. Once inside, he picks up the phone and makes a call to the entire town.]

Hey, Morgan. I'm lost again. Can you get Arthur to come pick me up?