14 January 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Episode 8: Out of the Closet and Into the Fray  
[It's now the 16th, later in the day. Everyone's had their fill of bewildered panic and grim introductions as far as he can tell. He certainly is tired of tiptoe-ing around, and of reacting instead of acting. So, he decides to take the opportunity presented him, with all these new arrivals and the big memory gap, to bust out the spandex and go Spider-Man once again. People will just think he's new in town, right?

The costume is a LITTLE brighter, because the blue fabric that he found isn't as muted as he'd like, and it runs just a bit tighter than normal (it's been a while since he sewed from scratch, but there's no mistaking the iconic costume, and it feels good to swing about town, experimenting with the makeshift webshooters he fastened out of metal shoe braces and used car parts. So he's going to try and scope out the town, see if anything's different since he was last... conscious... and see if anyone could use a hand.

If you're in a jam, start a confrontation with him or are up to no good, Spidey's going to notice through his Spider-Senses and pop down to investigate.]