20 July 2012 @ 09:00 am
Memory 005: backtracked to 17th July  
Action: Around town

After this, Terra is limping back to her house. Every step brings forth a wince and there is a giant bruise on her right arm where she had fallen on. Eventually she leans on a lamp post to rest and catch her breath, her left arm wrapped around her middle. Stop and help?

Action: 625 Topper Street

Somehow or another she made it back to her home. Tip-toeing through the living room, she's about to make it to the staircase when a stab of pain up her side causes her to stumble, one hand accidentally knocking a nearby photoframe down onto the ground with a crash.
03 February 2012 @ 01:45 am
Memory 004: I don't have any friends, remember?  
Action: Outside the hospital, morning
[When Tara is released, all she can do is stare glumly at everyone. She doesn't get up to go home, although she looks like one of the few who might've gotten off lucky. She doesn't stop to help others, and all she does is keep her distance from everyone.]

Action: Everywhere else
[With no one to claim her from the hospital, she starts to wander around the town in her thin hospital gown. She looks furtively around her, and every person who steps near her is cause for fear and anger. Maybe you went a step too near? If you did, she'll back away from you and snap:]

Get away from me! I know what you're going to do!!

[Try to talk sense to her? Take her home? Be warned, she looks slightly off at the moment, and prompting her too much may cause her to flip out and attack you.]

((OOC: Tara now has full amnesia, and a side effect of the surgery is that she's paranoid about everyone, and she feels that her friends are betraying her to her enemies. Thank you mods!!))