07 May 2012 @ 02:02 pm
8 things To Fight For.  
(A. School - In Class)

[Today's class is going to be over edible plants mostly. Fang's even gotten creative and drawn things on the board (somewhat badly) to help show the difference between leaf types, leaf arrangement and root types ((figure 9-1, 9-2, 9-3 & 9-4)). There's lots of options and it seems like she's actually looked into what plants are on your planet for this lesson even! A miracle! This means she's pointing out that you need to be careful about noticing if the plants looks like they're dying, have any signs of fungal growth, avoiding plants with an almond like scent (due to possible toxin levels) - unless they're almonds, how if you run into acorns or lily rhizomes you should boil them first because the bitterness otherwise will make them inedible, don't eat mushrooms (Fang doesn't care how tasty you think they look. Don't. Eat. Them. Period.) Overall stay away from unknown plants but if you're going to be stupid get stuck in some situations where you may not have options so follow the follow edibility test. Fang is pretty laid back about all of this, but it's clearly something she's pretty knowledgable on, unlike some other classes where she might have accidently started going on about things that only existed on Gran Pulse...]

(B. School - After her class - still during school day)

[Man, some of those drone kids are dumb. So dumb. URGH. Fang wouldn't believe it was possible for anyone to be that dumb if she hadn't witnessed it with her own eyes. Either way, Fang may be wondering around the halls between classes or watching out for kids who are trying to skip class. She even ends up in the lunch room at some point. What are you doing that she needs to scold you for? ... Or perhaps she wants to get in on your shenanigan... Never can tell with this one.]

(C. Park - after school)

[Fang's out on her normal run again! Who wants to join her? She's probably invited several people with her at this point and she's always welcome to new faces joining up with her. However, as always, if you're doing something particularly odd (or you are something particularly odd) Fang of course will stop and investigate the situation. The other option in the park is she's seemed to fishing out of the pond and actually manages to walk away with one or two every day!]

(D. Flower Shop - afternoon)

[Fang's back again! This time with a dirt sample... Now where's that helpful man she talked to last time... Oh and seeds, she still needs some of those.]

(E. 841 Hastings - Out front - Late afternoon/early evening.)

[Yup, Fang's at ruining the front yard all over again. Those few holes here and there have now turned into a bunch of dirt mounds. Isn't that just awesome? And she doesn't seem like she's stopping anytime soon as she's working on another hole right now.]

(F. Phone - Open to all)

So what's this Prom thing? I get it's a dance but what's the point in it?

(Phone to SquidGirl) )

(Phone to Gakupo) )
15 April 2012 @ 08:52 pm
7 Things to Fight For - Freaky Friday Edition. (Backdated)  
[A. 2235 Stevens Road]

[Another day another.... Wait. The sun isn't coming in the window like normal. Dammit. Did that stupid drone screw up how she'd set things up again? An annoyed groan will slip out as her arm comes up so that the crook of her elbow can cover her eyes and wait... what? She doesn't... Completely sound like her and that arm wrapping around her eyes doesn't feel... Right.

Something's wrong. Quickly, Fang's shifting, throwing her legs over the side of the bed to see... Why is her skin not tan? And... And why do her legs seem so short?

Normally this would be the moment where Fang darts out of bed and heads for a mirror if it weren't for the fact that she nearly trips over her own two feet.

However, once she does get to that mirror she's shocked. It doesn't take Fang long to rip through the room, finding something, ANYTHING, to wear and, with a better feel on movement, she's zipping out of the house and into the street. Only then will she take a moment, glancing around quickly, obviously on high alert as she attempts to figure out just WHAT THE HELL is going on here. Do you dare approach the guarded looking girl?]

[B. Phone]

The 'ell is goin' on 'ere!?! [The pronunciation will definitely ring of a certain non-aussie, but the actual accent is awkward and somewhat lost, making the words sound pretty strange at best.]

[C. The Park]

[Yup, there's one rather unhappy and somewhat guarded looking little raven haired chick venturing around. She seems to be looking for someone at least though, maybe you can help her find them?]
06 April 2012 @ 06:39 pm
6 Things To Fight For.  
[OPEN OPTION 1 - School. (Morning/Day)]

[Okay, yea, Fang's at school, teaching her class, woo hoo. Though clearly her mind's somewhere else. You brave enough to ask this distracted BAMF what's up?]

[OPEN OPTION 2 - Random shops and stores through out Mayfield.(Day/afternoon)]
[It seems like at every turn something that's only... Half useful, is popping up. There's gotta be some training gear somewhere around here though, right? This place can't be completely barren of it. At least, that's what Fang keeps repeating in her head at every store she's wondering into and around. Though there doesn't seem to be much in the way of training dummies, mats and safety weapons from what she's finding.

Anyone care to help a very mildly frustrated looking Fang out?]

[OPEN OPTION 3 - Hardware store. (Afternoon)]

[This place is... Somewhat amazing. With all the beams, wooden planks and tools it houses. Thoughts drift off to how useful something like this would have been back in Oerba but... That's a complicated mix of issues. Either way, she's been wondering through isles and looking over things, carefully sizing each new thing that catches her attention up. All this stuff's got some gears turning in her head rather obviously.]

Call to Ambrosia )

Call to Hope )

Call to Snow )

Call to Sazh )

[OPEN OPTION 4 - Phone call to all! (Evening)]

[She doesn't even hesitate, just launches into the question without a thought.]

So, what's with this Easter thing?

Later evening private-ish meeting with Ilsa - 1490 - The Spenglers )

Meeting with Shepard (On Saturday - Early afternoon) )

Meeting with Heather Mason (On Saturday - Later afternoon) )
26 March 2012 @ 10:55 pm
4 Things To Fight For.  
[1 - School - During/Shortly after school hours.]

[This teaching thing wasn't so bad. It took a little getting used to but she mostly just ended up going over different plants and animals. How each type of plant or animal could help or hurt you and what they could be used for after you'd carefully identified them. Not to mention how to do quick take downs by striking vital areas and while they hadn't gone into gutting something yet, it wasn't far off of Fang's list yet. There was also how to make fires, identifying directions based on the local plant life, making shelter and... Well, she was planning on mixing in some defense techniques soon. You'd need that in the wilderness... Even if Mayfield didn't seem to have a lot of wilderness to speak of. Tracking would come soon too, along with hunting and fishing. Gardening wouldn't hurt, it was part of survival though... She wasn't entirely sure how she felt about everything still yet. Should she display her full breadth of knowledge or try to hold things back? She was holding back some, but... If she wasn't careful they'd need to go into it due to running out of topics to talk about. Though several of the drone children were having a really hard time keeping up with everything too, maybe she could slow down a little. It wouldn't hurt right? Either way, if you're part of her class or wondering the halls between courses, Fang's here, if she likes it or not.]

[2 - Park - After school.]

[The morning run wasn't enough anymore. Fang has taken to jogging and/or running twice a day, the first run of the day is up and down Hastings and the second one will be around the park. This place is going to drive her nuts at this rate. She's the type who likes to take action and while she's gathered a lot of information it just doesn't feel like she's doing enough... So she's just going to do everything she can to keep in tip-top shape... Even if it includes running far too often.]

[3 - Front lawn/porch 841 Hastings - Early evening]

[Fang's managed to brand markings into some wood. The weird looking markings, you may guess, spell something out, but it doesn't look like a language most anyone around here is going to recognize or know. Right now though? She's fixated on getting this thing up somewhere on the front of the house, but can't seem to make up her mind the best place for it. However, if you can read the language of Gran Pulse, you'll be able to understand that the brands into the wood read 'Oerba Yun'.]

[4 - Phone - Evening. - Open to anyone.]

So what's this Easta' sunday? [A pause.] Or April fools? [She found that Calendar Isla told her about and is now just is as confused as ever. The hell's with all these holidays? Sure they had holidays on Gran Pulse but damn does this place have a lot of them.]
18 March 2012 @ 07:41 pm
3 Things To Fight For.  
[ A - Park ]

[It seemed the park was a good place to take runs on the weekend if so few people were going to be around. Though, the lack of people at the park may be due to whatever that celebration thing was the other day too. Really, it's hard to tell right now. Either way, Fang's been taking a nice run through here with her eyes peeled for anyone unusual or anyone she knows around or anything that might be useful. If she knows you, you're doing something particularly odd or if you just look lonely, you may catch her attention enough to come talk to you.]

[ B - Pond ]

[If the food supply dominantly comes from stores here, that brings into question how well stocked the town itself is. Are there fruit trees? There's been talk about vegetable gardens but has anyone been successful in such an endeavor? Are there any animals to hunt and cook? What about fish? While Fang's pretty certain that fish in a pond would be.. Well, less then thrilling in both the difficulty of catching them and how good they may be, it would at least give her some clue as to how things are stocked around here. Therefore, Fang has wondered down by the pond and is peering into it carefully, trying to discern any movement of shifting colors that may just be the bodies of fish.]

[ C - Outside 841 Hastings - Front Lawn ]

[Fang's taken a spade to a chunk of ground out in the front lawn. The top soil has been shifted off to one side and there's a hole a good foot deep which is making the lawn look an absolute mess. This certainly is against some housing association law... Somewhere... Most likely. Though, Fang doesn't really care right now as she's kneeled down, rolling dirt between her fingers, almost like she's trying to figure something out.]

[ D - Flower Shop - Looking for things. ]

[The soil seemed like it should be able to support growth and life. The stuff in both the front and back yards. At least, as far as she could tell. It didn't look to be that dry pale shade of light brown of soil that's been over used and all the minerals and nutrients sucked out of it. It was a moist darker brown, which showed it, in theory, should still be good. After all, the grass of the front and back lawns had been growing in it and looked healthy. Though from everything she'd been told nothing around this place was quite as it looked, so it might be a wise idea to look into alternatives as well. This of course, has landed Fang at the flower shop, where she's been carefully looking over and reading through different items they have. She's mostly in search of vegetable seeds but if there's anything else that can help protect the plants growth from being interrupted that'd be great too.]
12 March 2012 @ 09:31 pm
2 Things To Fight For.  
[1 - Hastings Boulevard - Morning before school/work.]

[Fang's taking to running laps up and down the street bright and early every morning as she can't stand being cooped up in that house. She's never done well staying in one place too long and Mayfield is going to be no exception to this. She didn't like Cocoon for a plethora of reasons but one of the main ones was the artificial environment it had. Mayfield isn't quite as bad as Cocoon but it's bad enough that it's still making her feel like a tiger trapped in a cage. Thusly, this is one of her coping methods. It's not as great as the weapons practice she's started up doing in the house and in the backyard but there's only so much of that anyone can stand.]

[2 - Mayfield High School - During the school day in the halls.]

[So apparently, she's a, uh... Teacher? What the hell. Not like this place made much sense anyway and at least it's a subject she can... Mostly handle. Though what precisely she'd supposed to do with these kids is still a little trying in a place like this... Either way, she's been making it through the classes without looking like a complete buffoon which counted for something. Now though it's between classes and she doesn't have anything this coming period but she does the period after. What the hell is she supposed to do with herself until then?]

[3 - After school - Leaving school grounds/Way home from work - Starting at school and walking streets of Mayfield back to Hastings - Reasonable that she may get lost and not realize she's lost.]

[The day was over. Kids were wondering about here and there, some lingering around the school grounds and others running away as quickly as possible. Fang couldn't blame either set. She'd stick around for a little bit in case anyone had questions before heading out herself. While she learned quick, she was still getting a feel for the town and all it's possible short cuts and cross streets. The alphabet was similar enough that she was able to read it, or maybe she just magically learned how to read is since being teleported here. Who knew but either way, many streets would be crossed before figuring her way back 'home'.]

[4 - Phone Open to all - Evening.]

[She's pretty sure she all ready knows the answer to this but... She's just gotta try.]

No one's 'appened t'see a fair skinned, cheery girl with pigtails an' red 'air runnin' about, yea?
08 March 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Hasn't done anything like this before, nope, not at all.  
[1 - Open phone call as she hasn't figured out all the tricks yet.]

'ello? [This was what she had seen someone do... At least, as much as she could see them do, these things were small and hard to see all the fine details of.]

Dunno what's 'appenin' 'ere but this place seems off. Neva' seen anythin' like it in my life. [The line goes silent for a few moments as she compares this to Cocoon and Pulse in her head, glancing around the area while she does so.]

An' I thought Cocoon was bad. [The words are a bit mumbled but still clearly discernible. At least, she's assuming this isn't Cocoon....]

[2 (Action) - Outside the house, front yard, at 841 Hastings Boulevard...]

[The........ Hell.

Fang's standing out in the front yard, looking up at the house rather confusedly. This place was too neat and clean cut for Gran Pulse and didn't have even half the technology she remembered Cocoon having. Every once in a while something would move suddenly or flicker by in her peripheral vision and set her on guard.

However, nothing ever came too close and nothing seemed to be threatening her. The passing bikes, vehicles and other things seemed odd. Sure they had things in Oerba and they also had the hover bikes and things in Bodhum but... These things seemed stuck between the two times almost... but not in the same instance. The puzzle pieces she's picking up aren't fitting together in her head. She woke up in a bed, in a house, that looked similar but at the same time, nothing like any house she'd ever seen. The clothing that had been around, that was in her size seemed... Horrific. Even if it had been Cocoon clothing, she could have dealt with it better than... This crap.

In the end there had been some clothing that seemed to belong to someone else she'd tried to put on. A man she suspected, but had no idea why there would be men's clothing in this house but... Yes, here she was, in the front yard, having tried to make who ever's clothing this was fit the best she could... And it looks quite awkward at the very least, if not utterly atrocious. It's probably earned her a few stares at this point but she's so wrapped up in trying to observe things and figure out just how things work that she's only partly noticed.

Noticed enough to realize that she probably needs to go change if she wants to avoid drawing a lot of attention to herself. Which, possibly being in enemy territory? Was most likely a good idea.

However, she's going to pause for a moment to take one last look around.]

[3 (Action) - Somewhere around town.]

[Okay, so, she's in (what she's guessing to be) her clothing and, hates it, but at least she's not sticking out like a sore thumb anymore. First rule of survival, don't attract unwanted attention to yourself. She'd learned that in the wilds of Gran Pulse and had adapted it when she woke up on Cocoon. Now, she's adapting it again waking up... Here. Mayfield she thought she'd heard someone call it. After scoping out the house more, finding her brand gone, her tattoo gone, her scars gone, her necklaces gone and well... Everything that she'd grown accustomed as being 'her' over her 21 years of life gone... Fang had decided it was time to figure out what the hell was going on here.

And the only way to do that? Recon.

Fang looks pretty determined, focused, alert and probably a bit out of place with all the drones.]