20 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
case: 027  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary | Thursday Morning }}

[ Conan isn't really feeling all that well today, he woke up with a dull throbbing in back of his head and by the time he's made the walk to school he's just about ready to pass out on the front walkway. He refrains though and makes it all the way to class before plopping down in his seat and laying his head down. Better make sure he doesn't fall asleep. ]

{{ →!Action | Anywhere | Friday Afternoon }}

[ It's Friday and school's let out for the weekend which means Conan's week is up. He's spending his Friday after school the same way he usually does and that's by taking a walk around town, making note of any changes or new faces and occasionally getting trapped in a short conversation with drone children about why he doesn't want to play baseball with them. ]

[ He's not looking so good though as he seems to be coughing and hacking an awful lot-sometimes he even has to stop in his tracks when a particularly nasty coughing fit happens. He leans against a telephone pole all but hacking his lungs out. ]

Damn... my head feels fuzzy.

[ The coughing is giving him a worse headache than he even had but he presses on. It's only a cold and it'll go away if he completely ignores it. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko | Saturday Morning }}

[ Ignoring a cold does not make it go away. Actually, ignoring a cold makes it worse and allows it to develop into something else entirely. When he wakes up in the morning he can feel his head pounding and upon stumbling out of bed he quickly discovers the pounding is worse when he's on his feet and even causes his vision to blur-he just might pass out if he's on his feet too long. ]

[ He tries to shake the headache away but that only serves to make it worse. This can't happen, he has somewhere to be today and he'd only stagger out into the street if he tried to leave now. He Forces himself to the kitchen in search of orange juice but only gets as far as the living room table before he stops to try and refocus his vision-using the table to keep himself steady. ]
12 September 2012 @ 09:17 pm
[Oh, did you really think that, just because everyone's trying to get those items, what's going on in Mayfield's gonna stop? Pfft, nope. Things are still phasing in and out and, from time to time, Sasami's going to take advantage of them, using them as easy shortcuts! Though, sometimes it feels like Mayfield wants to play a bit of Karma Houdini here.

A) Mayfield Elementary - Morning (Action)

[Having arrived near the end of the school year, Sasami really has no connection to the kids here - both drones or real. And coming in at the same time, it feels the same. Either way, she's taken the time to use the glitches to pull pranks on people... except one prank attempt has her arms sticking out of the utility closet and the rest of her on the other side. Wanna find out what's going on?]

B) John Doe Park - Afternoon (Action)

[At this point, Sasami can be seen leaning against a tree. Is she resting from another day at school? Thinking about something?

Nah, Mayfield glitch caught up to her again and her pigtails and skirt are caught in the tree.]

...oh, this is embarrassing! Someone? Can someone help me?! Please?!

C) Near 1334 Bennyy Road - Afternoon (Action)

[Now it seems that Mayfield's now being incredibly cruel and potentially deadly. It seems that the glitch's hit Sasami at the worse possible time and stopped at the same way. When you find her, from her nose up is the only thing exposed, her face with footprints from glitching drones walking over her and her pigtails partially undone by said walking over. She wants to cry out for help, but with her mouth covered, she's now just crying.]
10 September 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Case 025  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary - Music }}

[ It's September and so that means Conan's back in Elementary, which means he's tried again to explain to his drone teacher that 'Duck and Cover' is pointless and only gave in when he was threatened with a note home to his parents-that was the last thing he needed. ]

[ It also means he has to face elementary music class. Generally, he'd choose to stay in the back of the class so no one could tell he wasn't really singing but this time a seating chart foiled his plan and his request to to be moved was denied. So he's sitting near the front and it's been made perfectly clear that faking it isn't going to cut it this time. ]

[ Apologies to anyone nearby him- he's tone deaf. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | After School }}

[ Guess what happens when you can easily recognize any pitch but, try as you might you just can't replicate it? Yeah, that's right-no one believes you're tone deaf. Which is why Conan ended up with a note home anyway. For some reason or another they thought he was intentionally disrupting the class by pretending to sing badly. He's more than a little unhappy and immediately hunts down a mystery book to indulge in. ]

{{ →!Phone | Filtered Away From Drones | Evening }}

Ne, I was just wondering-after what happened last week and since we got Grey-san's message... does anyone else think that he might have been why Mayfield was having trouble staying solid?

If you have any theories, I'd like to hear them!

(( ooc: For anyone wondering about his singing))
02 June 2012 @ 08:47 pm
017 ~*~ Not your mistress and maid  
(AU Information) )
[ Action : Mayfield Elementary (backdated to the 6/1 - the last day of school!) ]
[ Even though she dislikes being around so many humans, the smaller ones are more tolerable. This is one ofthe excuses she has made for herself as came in for work today. Meiling understands (and dreads) what happens to people who skip out on "work", even if the concept makes little sense to her. She only needs to do things for herself, and not others! Not like this, anyway. But she supposes these tiny, weak humans are not capable of doing things for themselves to such an extent at this young age.

You can find her doing one of several things:

A. Mopping the halls. And by "mopping" I mean she is dumping the entire contents of the bucket out onto the floor (yes, even if it's dirty water) and then just sort of pushing it around with her mop. It doesn't even matter if you are standing nearby or not. (Though if she knows you, she'll be nice and splash AWAY from your feet.)

B. Someone told her to clean the erasers. Meiling takes a pair in her hands, steps out into the hall, and slams them together with such force that it manages to create a nice, huge cloud of chalk dust! And also demolish the erasers in the process. Hope you weren't standing by her when it happened.

C. The windows are dirty on the outside, so Meiling is washing them off with a hose. Simple, right? Except she isn't bothering to see if any of them are open or not, first. That better not be an important book or assignment you were working on!

Worst. Janitor. Ever. ]

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane]
[ There is one redheaded youkai, sleeping peacefully in the yard. The way she is curled up you wouldn't think she was any sort of threat at all. Though she is squishing some flowers that she might ordinarily have been more careful about — which is odd enough by itself — but is there... blood on her white shirt and baggy pants? It's not just a little, either.

...It might be best to let sleeping dragons lie. ]
24 May 2012 @ 05:17 pm
A. On and around Topper Street, before school

[Being held in a strange town, surrounded by very strange people and without her sword is not excuse for Arya to neglect her training.

So she’s fallen back to one of the first exercises Syrio taught her: catching cats. She’s fairly good at it too, clambering over fences and ducking under bushes to follow any unfortunate creature that may become her target. So you may find her in your yard or just running down the street this morning. Try not to break her concentration or do.]

B. Mayfield Elementary

[It’s not that Arya is stupid. She’s quite clever and, in the classes that interest her, she’s done extremely well. But the fact is right now she’s bored. And when Arya is bored, she gets into shenanigans.

Today’s shenanigans involve ripping up little pieces of paper from her notebook, wadding them up into a ball, and tossing them at some unfortunate child sitting in the front row. It’s a triple challenge: to see how many times she can hit them, to see how long she can keep them from figuring out who it is, and to see how long she can avoid the teacher’s notice.

Yep. This is definitely more fun than what she’s supposed to be doing.]

C. Library, after school

[Finally, she’s going to do something productive. It’s important to know about your surroundings, after all. And she knows that a library is where she would find maps, notes, that sort of thing.

At least, that’s what she thought. Now that she’s here she’s finding only books on cleaning and cooking. Much to her disgust.]

Isn’t there anything useful in here? Or interesting?
23 May 2012 @ 02:40 pm
let's play ♥ baseball!  
| action ♥ elementary school |
[ During lunch, Vivio goes outside with her new baseball bat and begins practicing her swing. She doesn't want to hit baseballs around yet, mostly because she's afraid of hurting someone. Her lunch isn't eaten yet, sitting some distance away, because she's so excited about practicing. If you pass by or if she catches you watching, Vivio will wave her hand and smile at you. ]

Heyy!!! Hey, do you wanna come play? Come play baseball!

| phone ♥ |
[ After school, Vivio goes straight to the phone. ]
Hey, everyone! I know it's the middle of the week and everything, but does anyone here like baseball? We should all play baseball! I think it would be a fun team sport to play, right?

Oh! And I know I'm young, but could I help anyone around their house or something for a bit of spare money? I asked Fate-mama to get my baseball bat, but I don't want to ask her to buy anymore. I'd rather get them myself. I think I need to buy a catcher's glove and more baseballs too, right? I wonder if there's anything else that I need....
21 May 2012 @ 03:42 pm
Tale 003 - First day of Mayfield Elementary.  

Page 1 - Phone

[Henry has risen from his bed and his drone mother has told him it was time for him to go to school. He sighs, rather annoyed as he would like to stay at home and write down more of what he remembers from his book. Oh well he guesses he'll do it at the school. However...he doesn't even know where it is. So picking up the phone he hits a bunch of random numbers. Last time a bunch of people had talked to him even though he was trying to call Emma so maybe this time someone could help?

Note - people living at 754 Partridge drive can interrupt Henry on his call.]

Hey can anyone tell me where the elementary school is?


Page 2 - Walk to school

[Thanks Yuuko you abandoned  Henry at the prom. But it's okay he met some interesting people so he forgives you. It had been fun but Henry was now brought up with the horrid fact that he needed to attend school by his drone mother. Guessing skipping that one day didn't help much did it? So getting up and getting ready Henry had left his Mayfield house to walk to school.

Will he meet anyone on the way?]

Page 3 - Mayfield Elementary Lunch time

[So today has been positively boring. Henry never had to endure any annoying teachers before. He much rather have Miss.Blanchard/Snow White as his teacher still than these creepy drones. So ignoring half of his classes (mainly for the purpose they were saying if you wanted to survive a nuclear explosion you needed to hide under your desk. Yeah that doesn't work.) it was time for lunch. So Henry is just going to be sitting far away from the drone kids off on a table of his own.]

17 May 2012 @ 11:37 am
Case: 011  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary | During Class }}

[ Conan doesn't bother paying attention to the techer- drone or non-drone there is very little anyone can teach him that he didn't already know. He was in high school before he suddenly lost about ten years off his age so anything being taught in Elementary he was quite confident he knew. Really, not even high school level courses are enough to challenge him so if he tunes the teacher out for an hour or three he won't suffer at all for it. In fact, it's better if he tunes them out because several of the theories being taught will be debunked in the next few years. ]

[ Instead he uses the time in class to go over his notes. He makes a list of everything he knows, the results of several experiments, and a list of things that are still confusing him but he's sure will at some point fit right into the puzzle known as mayfield. ]

{{ →!Action | Around any street signs in Mayfield | After School }}

[ You can find the detective at the end of every street jotting the street name down in his notebook and occasionally flipping the notebook upside down. ]

[ On a rare occasion you might find him doing a handstand and looking at the original sign upside down. ]

{{ →!Phone | 915 Bilko | Evening }}

[ Conan has returned home and has his notes spread out all over the counter and frowns at them heavily. He checks over a few things and moves over to the phone, pulling it off the cradle to speak into it. ]

Hello everyone!

This is Conan Edogawa from 915 Bilko. Anyway, I never found the owner to that cat I asked about. If he's yours you can feel free to come collect him. You'll be happy to know that I've been taking really good care of him!

Anyway, if you've been droned lately and returned to home, may I speak to you? Similarly, if you know someone who is droned or was droned that returned home for a brief period of time I'd also like to speak with you.
02 May 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Case: 009  
{{ →!Action | On Route to Elementary | Before School }}

[ With every step the small detective takes it becomes more and more apparent that he hasn't slept much the night previous. He's practically dragging himself up to the school. He may have just had a bad night or maybe he stayed up too late with his experiments or note taking. ]

[ It doesn't matter what he spent the night doing, the point is he's far too tired to notice a familiar kitten trotting after him like he's its mother. ]

{{ →!Action | Around Town | After School }}

[ Something he hasn't done in a while is wander around town to make note of all the recent changes in either the residents or the town it's self. So feel free to notice a little boy with a note pad out scribbling things in on occasion, stopping to look things over and then continuing on his way. ]

[ Once again, he fails to notice the kitten following eagerly behind him. It stops when he stops and starts walking again when he does. ]

{{ →!Phone | Evening }}

Um... is anyone missing a cat?

(( ooc: Okay so. Until I can get somethings squared away with Conan have the adventures of Detective Conan and his kitty stalker :D ))
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30 April 2012 @ 11:10 am
fifteenth suite♪  
[A. 7134 Brooks - Open]

[There really isn't much to do, considering that the town seems to be gripped in prom fever. Whatever, it wasn't her problem. But there was also something she was thinking about. They wanted everyone who wasn't a drone to come and all.

Maybe you can find her in the front yard, pondering the situation as her two fairy tones played around her.]

[B. In Town - Anywhere - Open]

[Despite her misgivings, Ako was looking in the various stores at dresses and accessories. This was foolish and wasn't her thing but there was really nothing she could do but go with the flow. Who knows, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. You could catch her going around then.]

[C. Elementary School]

[Ako was late for class. That was fine with her and she's just walking in, setting a bag down next to her. It might contain a dress or something else.]
23 April 2012 @ 07:48 pm
† 001  
[ A → Action Inside 752 Partridge ]

[ It's one thing to suddenly wake up in some bed you don't remember sleeping in. It's another thing to wake up in some bed you don't remember sleeping in because you weren't able to. Because once upon a time, you were dead. That would be Milton's situation. The sensation of his lungs expanding just puts him into a panic. Now this is the part where most of you Mayfield boys and girls will find out you have a new make-believe parent.

Your most noticeable sign of receiving a new, fully-sentient parent is how loud a commotion they cause. And while he hasn't gotten used to using his lungs to make a verbal reaction, if you count his loud whimpers, the guy is making speedy progress. But this confrontation doesn't end long when he slams the door behind him and stumbles his way down the stairs touching- feeling his fingertips brush across the texture of the walls. Milton is all rush-rush but with no direction all the while trying to decipher the 'realness' of it all.

There's a workspace in the living room full of documents that perhaps can paint some perspective. It's shame he doesn't consider that there might be others still asleep as he clangs and pangs each small drawers beneath him. ]

[ B → Action Mayfield Elementary; Language Arts Class ]

[ Guess who got the phone call to report to work ASAP?

Don't be scared of the funny looking man who is standing by the side of the classroom door...staring at all of you. Mr. Dammers is a shy fellow. Whether you are walking down the halls down to your own class or you are sitting by your desk, readying your spitballs for the day; I'm sure with the right encouragement, you can get him into the swing of things! ]

[ C → John Doe Park ]

[ What you're looking at here is a man who gone from lost and bewildered into a combination of both with aggravation to top it off. He's staring at a map of Mayfield but why- why? There is no point! All sense of awareness has been thrown out of the window long ago. All of this frustration boils over as he crumples the map and beams it away from his sight.

It would suck if you were the one to be caught in his aimless line of fire. ]
19 April 2012 @ 05:02 pm
Fourteenth Suite♪  
[A - Mayfield Elementary]

[Ako hadn't really given it much thought, but there was a lot of kids coming up to her when the party was, saying things like 'Ako throws the best parties' and 'when are you going to have it, I hope there's cake' and other things. After checking the date, she had a sinking feeling that put her into a little more dour mood. It was her birthday on Friday. FRIDAY. Why did the drones know when she was turning eleven? This didn't make much sense at all.

You can probably catch her trying to ignore the drones who were excitedly asking her when and where the party was going to happen.]

[B - Mayfield High]

[Ako needed to talk to someone, other than her parents. She couldn't burden them with the information, not yet. So she was in the Mayfield High School, looking for a certain pink head. She needed to talk to Nozomi and fast. Surely she knew what to do. But sadly, older kids were getting in her way, and some of them were trying to intercept her. Apparently her parties were notorious for being really fun, and even teenage drones were wishing her birthday greetings. One could probably help her out, but she's also looking for Nozomi in particular.]

Has ANYONE seen Nozomi around? Anyone?

[C - Home, 7134 Brooks And Surrounding Street]

[Ako was in a dour mood that evening. She didn't want to be reminded about her birthday, she didn't want to burden anyone, she didn't want a party, not without her own family. Anyone who wanted to talk to her here could, as she makes her way to the house and slams the door.]

I'm home. I'm starting dinner.

[D - Phone, Drone Filter]

Okay, seriously. This is getting out of hand. How in the world do drones know when you're turning another year older?
14 April 2012 @ 11:39 pm
[913 Bilko Boulevard - Friday, early morning!]
[Anyone living in or around 913 Bilko Boulevard will notice it.  Indeed, it will be very hard to overlook what the little Kappa has been up to!

The car that was sitting in front of 913 Bilko Boulevard the night before is gone, it's parts scattered haphazardly.  Nitori is sitting crosslegged on the lawn, with a few tools scattered around her. She looks very invested on her work, with her tongue pressed firmly between her lips.

... w-well, she was planning on putting it all back together again!!]

[Elementary School - Friday]
[Unfortunately Nitori still has to go to school.  In fact, after her fiasco with the - y-yeah - she is all but shoved out the metaphorical door and out on her way.  Which is fine with her!  A place where the humans go to learn?  How interesting!

... However, it appears that her family has neglected to tell her where the high school is, and she couldn't be bothered to ask for directions.  But that's okay because she's found the Elementary School!   That's good enough - right?  It's elementary after all!  Get it?  Elementary?  Heheh - 

Nitori wanders the hallways nervously, eyes darting around at all the humans (most of whom are much smaller than her - odd).  She has a dress on that clashes with her bright blue hair, a hand-me-down bookbag in one hand and a dingy baseball cap firmly place over her head.  

She keeps rumbling around until, eventually, she has to stop someone.   Because... she has no idea what she's supposed to do?]

... Excuse me - [Dramatically flings book bag over shoulder.]  I was told that this is where the humans go to learn, so if you could kindly point me to my sensei, it will be much appreciated.

[Around Town - Weekend]
[ Ever get the feeling that someone - or something - is watching you?  

Don't worry, that's just Nitori.  Watching you.  Why is she watching you?  Because you're interesting to watch, that's why.

You're free to notice her.  Or not.  You're also free to lead her on a goose chase around the town. Anything really.]
13 April 2012 @ 08:38 pm
Case: 008  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Before School }}

[ Conan has kept to himself for a while and stayed out of everyone's way. He's been locking himself in his room and only coming out at meal times. He's been exhibiting some very anti-social behavior that may or may not cause some to discussion. Hoping to avoid socialization being forced on him, Conan decides that maybe he should make some attempt at seeming like a normal child. ]

[ He stumbles out of his room with his hair sticking up at odd ends and moves to the kitchen, clambering into a seat for breakfast, expertly ignoring the milk and going straight for orange juice. ]

{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary | In Class (Second Grade) }}

[ Well that was an interesting breakfast. No matter, it was strange but being in Mayfield, Strange is run-of-the-mill, Which means that Conan's going to have to put it out of his mind. For now. He focuses mainly on his school work for as long as his brain will allow before he can feel it starting to melt inside his skull and pulls out a Mystery Novel that doesn't exercise his mind near enough and proceeds to ignore the teacher. ]

{{ →!Phone | Bilko Boulevard | After School }}

Hello everyone! [ He's sure to use his cutest little kid voice yet ]

How many of you are at the age of ten of younger?
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13 April 2012 @ 05:41 pm
[A. ❖ Action ❖ Locked to the residence of 945 Beulah]
[At first, Belgium didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Today was looking like it was going to be another day. That was until she ended up accidentally rolling off the side of the twin bed that she woke up in and landing with a fairly loud thud barely missing the nightstand.]


[She sat up rubbing her head only to finally realize that this wasn't her room. It seemed more like her drone daughter's.]

I didn't sleep walk did I? I should go probably apologize if I did. Even if she is a drone she's still fam...ly...


[If you weren't awake already, you are now.]

I...I'm...a kid again! AND WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

[B. ❖ Phone]
[Anyone that can recognize Mindy's voice will probably recognize the caller.]

Um...people can't stay dead here right?

D-don't take this the wrong way, I mean I already know the answer. I just wanted to double check that's all. I'm probably just hallucinating~!

[C. ❖ Action ❖ The Elementary School]
[Belgium thought it was best to go to school and keep up appearances. After all, she didn't want to be stuck in someone else's body and droned at the same time.

She does seem to be enjoying herself though.]

This isn't too bad. I mean, it could be worse.

[D. ❖ Action ❖ Park]
[Belgium is getting a little tired and confused with all the body swapping shenanigans. She decides to curl up under a tree in the park, hugging her legs tightly. Feel free to ask her what's wrong.]

((All replies will come from [personal profile] whoareyoupeople))
30 March 2012 @ 01:58 pm
[ This morning, Keith was woken up from a blissful sleep by a ringing phone asking him why he wasn't at work.  After double-checking that he was still in Mayfield, and double-checking that he was still without his powers, he'll reply.]

I'm sorry, but . . . what?

[And get an ear-full, possibly a few threats.  But Keith was a patient man, and eventually he got the message that he was expected at the police station.  

Still . . .he just wasn't sure why.]

A - Mayfield Police Station

[The answer comes to him when he's staring at a desk with a name-plate on it.  

Officer Goodman.  

There's also a metal foot-locker on the desk with his name on it, containing a full uniform, a pistol and holster - and a badge. 

Officer Goodman.

It wasn't as though he weren't qualified for it; he was, most likely.  He was even happy to serve, and he got happier the more he thought of all the people he could help!  But there was still a very small and very confused part of Keith that was hoping he would wake up at home after going to a bar with Tiger, Fire Emblem, or Bison and this was all a strange dream.]

I don't remember applying for this job at all.  But I also don't remember coming here at all, not one bit. . .

[He's mostly talking to himself.  He could probably use a little help.]

B - Mayfield Elementary School

[Oh no!  That was really unsafe!  Little kids crossing the street all by themselves with no adults in sight!  This road was so busy, there was probably a car driving down it right this minute --

--it was probably just a few miles away, is all.  Nevermind, he's just going to make sure that all the little ones get across the street safely.  Extremely friendly Officer Goodman will just be stopping any kids before they go out into the street and making sure it's safe for them to cross.  Are you going to listen?  Are you driving?  Are you going to stop?  ]

C - Anywhere in Mayfield

[Okay, well, patrol.  That was something he knew how to do!  Sure, he'd patrolled from the skies, but Keith was not one to be defeated by the details.  You might catch him in the patrol car, walking about, or maybe writing a ticket.  Have a concern?]

22 March 2012 @ 07:00 pm
A - 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Holland had regained a good number of things in almost a year of time in Mayfield. He had two rabbits now, his old friend Poffertje and another one of his pets, Soesje, both rabbits named after cream-puff like pastries. At least Poffertje was happy; he needed a lady-friend.

He'd also gotten by with comforting items like his pipe, his scarf, and even his coat . . . and this morning he gets something more. There is an envelope shaped like a card in the mail, and when he opens it on the porch, he's greeted by a picture of a field of tulips. For a moment he's distracted by the flowers, the relaxing colors and they weren't laid out too badly either . . . it definitely looked like something from home.

And that's when he hears the loud crashing and shouts from the kitchen. He'll run into the house, only to be met with an enormous pile of tulip bulbs filling the kitchen.

He could use those. ]

Don't damage them!

B - Mayfield Elementary School

[Holland is going to walk his new notdaughter Romana to school. In the cute little dress that Canada picked out, with her cute little pigtails she's. . . well, still Romana, but cute. Eat your heart out, Spain.]

C. Phone - Morning

For anybody who knew Italië Romana, she's back now only she's very small and she's living in my house now.

Spanje, you can't come over.

D - The Pharmacy

[Holland is hard at work, or hardly working depending on the time of day. For now, he's stocking shelves, a seemingly endless job. Now would be the perfect time to talk to him and ask him about his awkward personal life.]

E - Phone - Afternoon - to all

I'm staring a gardening business, because it sounds like a lot of people want to learn. You can come to a free demonstration at my house, 1447 Mitchell Rd. at 10 A.M on Saturday. Free pancakes.

[ooc: There will be a log for this. Also he may or may not have discussed the pancakes with Canada beforehand. . .]

20 March 2012 @ 11:44 pm
Mood Slime  
[Action: Mayfield Elementary]

[Hajime had a bit of an unfortunate encounter on his way to school today. He's sulking in class and at recess. If you approach him he will respond with]


[Action: Park]

[Rather than his usual tendency to play around the fountain, Hajime is kicking a rock down a path]

[Action: 5720 Cunningham Lane]

[He drops his schoolbag by the front door]

Why is this town so annoying?
20 March 2012 @ 07:39 am
Eleventh Suite♪  
A. 7134 Brooks, Closed to Housemates

[One could tell something was amiss as soon as someone woke up that morning. For one thing, the smell of rapidly prepared breakfast wasn't in the air, along with the scent of coffee. Another thing, there was a soft feminine voice humming from Ako's room as she stepped out, dressed in a child size sundress with a brilliant smile on her face.]

Golly gee, why isn't breakfast ready? Mother? Father, aren't you two awake already?

[Beware, your daughter just got droned.]

B. [Retconned] Mayfield Elementary

[Ako's been a dutiful student, doing her homework, answering questions, and doing her gymnastic classes. There was a distinct lack of SELF however in her eyes as she bounced from person to person, giggling and wishing them a good day while she worked diligently on her embroidery. Clearly something was up and her drone-like responses to any questions would have been off-putting.]

C. Anywhere

[You might find Ako outside, humming to herself and tending to the flowers that were sprouting. After all it was the first of spring and there were buds everywhere. She was smiling happily, but across the way, a concerned Fairy Tone was watching her, terribly confused at her actions. You could probably talk to Drone-Ako or Dodori if you could find Dodori hiding behind his obvious hiding spots.]

D - 7134 Brooks, 9pm

[Drone-Ako laid down in her bed, preparing to go to sleep like good little girls when suddenly her eyes snapped open. Sitting up and throwing her blankets off, she was holding her chest, looking like she was hyperventilating.]

Ako? What's wrong dodo?

... I was back home, Dodori. I was back home...

[And with that, she started to cry.]
19 March 2012 @ 02:04 pm
2nd Hatred - Story Time with Old Man Wanyudo  
A) [Action | 1451 Mitchell Road and 726 Anderson Lane]

[A car pulls up this morning with an older man wearing a fedora behind the wheel.

He's here to pick up kids for school. He's mainly here for Ai and Slugger, but he doesn't seem anything wrong with picking up their siblings as well.

Nothing creepy about this, at all.]

B) [Action | Mayfield Elementary School]

[A new teacher is here! What happened to your last teacher? Well some of you probably already know the drill. Still...]

"I am Wanyudo... Whyuno. You may call me Mr. Wanyudo. I'll be your teacher for the rest of the year it seems. Ms. Wilson has taken a long vacation."

[He turns to the board, and writes Mr. Wanyudo.]

"I was not given a lesson plan, so this class will just be story time for the rest of the year.

First story I am going to tell you is an old one from my home. It's the story of...

Nure-Onna )

C) [Action | Peepers Street]

[Wanyudo is ending the night but hanging out around his street.

He's stopping to say high to any neighbors he sees and generally walking back and forth, up and down the road.]