18 May 2012 @ 06:28 pm
[002] Action  
A. [Location: Tailor Shop (inside)]

[Norway rather quickly found that this is where he's supposed to be working. Tailoring has never been something he's tried, but at his age he can turn his hand to most things. He enjoys the relative quiet, and the way that he can pick up gossip as people seem to forget that he's there as he's silently taking their measurements. Already he has seen several examples of the 'drones' that he has been told about, and has forced himself to behave normally with each of them. It's enough to give him a headache.

Anyone coming into the shop during the day would find him sitting at a table, turning up the sleeves on a dinner jacket]

B. [Location: John Doe Park]

[At half past five, Norway can be found in the park, sitting on one of the benches. He would appear to be alone, but quietly humming to himself, occasionally murmuring a few words, made half-tuneless by the volume.

He seems content, but will anyone speak with him?]

13 May 2012 @ 04:57 am
[001] Wake up & Action  
[Action, 841 Hastings Boulevard]

[He knows, the instant he wakes, that something isn't right. The room doesn't smell like his own, the bed doesn't feel like his and the general hum of fae activity around him is made conspicuous by its absence. Norway lies there, eyes closed, thumb and forefinger pinching firmly at his forearm to prove to himself that it isn't a dream, before he slowly opens his eyes and sits up]


[A quick glance around the room tells him he isn't alone here, and he isn't sure if he finds that comforting or a matter for concern. Still, he wastes no time in getting up and dressing, barely an eyebrow raised at the style of the clothing, and moves quietly through the house to the front door. Despite the bruise forming on his arm from the hard pinch, he's still not entirely convinced that he isn't dreaming]

[Action, around town]

[When he steps outside he lifts up a hand to shade his eyes and allows a brief display of anxiety in the way he softly bites his lower lip. He hesitates, then moves off the front porch and walks slowly down the street, just taking everything in]