24 June 2012 @ 10:53 am
4th case  
[ After the radio message, Carlton went to work on attempting to decipher it as best he could. The results of such brought a bit of hope to what he considered the worst case he's ever worked on, and with the knowledge that there's a way out of Mayfield - although he should probably be initially wary that this may be a doctored message, he'll take any good news that he'll get. ]

[phone • Filtered from Drones -- Backdated to yesterday evening]

Okay, from that Radio Message let's get a few things laid out:

1. If Zemeckis is losing control of everything, then we need to make a move to get the hell out of this craphole and it needs to happen soon, preferably before this place unleashes something else. That being said - even though these supposed holes in the system will aid in our getting out of here, I can guarantee if and when word gets out to those in control it's not going to be pretty. Best to stay alert in case worst comes to worst.

2. Finding Annie should be a priority before anything else. If she needs our help, then it's our responsibility to make sure she gets that. From what I can surmise, she probably escaped with Grey and came back to get the others, only to find herself trapped again. She probably knows how to get out of here better than anyone else.

Now, if there are any detectives or a similar equivalent aside from myself, O'Hara, Gumshoe and Agent Starling - I think it would be wise we all meet up somewhere and work together to get this done and over with.
01 June 2012 @ 03:29 pm
3rd Case  
AU Information )

A - Action: Shooting Range; Afternoon}{

[ Back in Santa Barbara, the Shooting Range was pretty much Carlton's second home. Every time he got a new sidearm, or needed to let off some steam, he'd be there. At one point in time his daily visits almost cost him his career as Head Detective when the GSR testing came back positive while under investigation for murder.

Now that he had his standard issue sidearm with him in Mayfield, it'd be wrong to not give it a test drive. Those that may be observing him can see that he's tense, gripping the glock tightly as he fires round after round in a desperate attempt to keep his mind off of certain things. ]

B - Action: Olney's Tavern; Evening}{

[ How far the mighty fall.

Carlton never really dwelled on past cases he worked on, if he did he'd probably have gone mad given the profession...but for some reason he couldn't help but remember the Yin Case.

The Yin Case, actually both the Yin and Yang cases, were the type that would make even the strongest man go crazy. He's saw the best of his colleagues just break when they lost Yang's game, and he saw it almost happen to Spencer when Yang resurfaced.

Yin however, didn't play mind-games like Yang. He played to kill.

A diner waitress, Mary Lightly, and O'Hara had all met their fate at the hands of that chaotic bastard. Yin had it planned all along to kidnap both his partner and Abigail Lytar and they lost, and Sweet Justice did he hate that more than anything.

"I'll drop by half past four, My hands are on my face. Please come quick, or this could be messy - Shawn, you can still save Abigail!"

Those words, he thought, would haunt him until he was cold in the ground. She knew that as a cop they had to give Lytar priortity as she was a civilian, Hell, even he knew that! Still, Spencer went after his girlfriend, and he went after his partner - protocol be damned. But the moment he and Guster had made it to the top of the clock tower, the clock had already striked 4:30. He had no choice but to watch the wire spark and see Juliet O'Hara fall the several stories to her death.

It was a scene he'd remember for life.

All Carlton could find himself thinking about wass the 'what ifs', What if he had shot the windshield out at the beginning instead of trying to pry the door open when he and Henry discovered themselves locked in? What if he hadn't sat around like a sitting duck in the Chief's office while waiting for Spencer to get the damned clue? What if he had chosen to take the stairs instead of trying the elevator when they got to the clock tower?

Those few seconds could have changed everything.

He hated the fact they had lost, hated the fact he had to tell Spencer that he didn't make it to O'Hara in time - which then prompted being screamed at over the phone demanding him to say he was joking. Hated himself for not saving his partner, someone he had mentored from her inital transfer from Miami, someone he considered a very good friend of his.

Perhaps that is why he's sitting in the tavern, downing drink after drink, not giving a crap about his sobriety level. Feel free to chat him up, he'll oblige and give you the story. ]

C - Action: Outside 951 Beulah Street; Late Evening}{

[ Those that walk by, or live on the street, may see Carlton sitting on the porch alternating from staring at the night sky and disassembling and reassembling his sidearm - a common stress tactic learned in the Academy.

Seems even after drinking the memories of that night still bother him just a little. He's not going to bite if you walk up and strike conversation, he's just...feels defeated. ]
27 April 2012 @ 01:04 pm
2nd Case  
A: Action - Around Town, early evening ]

[ Even though he allowed his partner to take full lead on this little investigation of theirs, Carlton can not not launch his own mini-investigation in the process.

There is always a motive to a crime, but despite being a well-experienced detective, his efforts in finding said motives are coming up fruitless - which does nothing but aggravate the ever loving crap out of him.

What's worse, he can't help but feel that O'Hara was right in saying this was right up Spencer's (and collectively, Psych's) alley. Not that he was going to admit that little fact to anyone.

Crap on a cracker. ]

B: Phone - Later that same evening ]

[ Between working at the office and failing miserably with his investigating, Carlton's mood is sort of on the sourpuss side. Well, more-so than usual anyway.

First things first. He wants his baby back. He can't protect and serve without his service weapon, of course. ]

I don't suppose any of you dunderheads would know just exactly where I could get my M1911 back, right? And before some smart-ass answers, I don't mean the ones I can purchase in town.
10 March 2012 @ 10:30 pm
1st Case  
A) Action: 951 Beulah - Morning, Locked to housemates;

[When Carlton Lassiter woke up on that bright sunny morning, the first thing that came into focus was the happy-go-lucky blonde woman in bed next to him, then the room around him. He didn't recall going out and bringing home a lady-friend after he got off work, in fact - considering how frustrating the last murder case had been, and the relentless annoyance the SBPD's resident "psychic" was (and still is), all Carlton really wanted to do was go home and get the hell away from Spencer.

Once his mind cleared further, he reached immediately for the .357 4-barrel Derringer he kept under his pillow.


Oh, this is just great.

[He quickly scrambled out of bed to locate the next handgun he kept in the medicine cabinet, except that was missing too.
As were the guns in the kitchen and in the bookshelf. In fact, upon closer inspection of the house, this wasn't the condominium he had bought for himself and Marlowe.

What was more strange, is that there were pictures in the house that stated he had lived here for quite some time with a wife and children.

He's just going to stand there puzzled for a little bit before storming back upstairs to interrogate the woman in the bedroom]

B: Phone - later the same day;

[Interrogating the woman he woke up in bed with as to the location of his guns proved futile, being greeted with cheery replies as to how he 'shouldn't leave guns out in the open where the kids could get to them'. This only agitated him as he kept telling the strange woman that he didn't have any children no matter how much he insisted he did.

He quickly reached for the phone, dialing out the number to the Psych Office, clearly ready to chew out a certain pain in his ass.]

Spencer, [The man on the line sounds exasperated and very annoyed] I'm not quite sure what sort of 'psychic vision' you'd have that would result in me being anywhere but my residence, but I assure you if this your doing, I will find any loophole possible that results in you and Guster being incarcerated.