05 October 2012 @ 06:41 pm
◇ xii.  
[ACTION; 1761 Beaver Street]

[Marian Hawke doesn't always check the mail, but when she does, it's a regain.

But when she opens up the mailbox on this fine Friday afternoon, it isn't a weapon or some armor or even a stale mabari crunch that she discovers. It's... pieces of parchment. Lots and lots and lots of parchment. They actually start falling out of the mailbox the moment she opens it up. For a short moment, she looks confused by this sudden abundance of paper, until she catches one and skims over the words written on it.]

"Andraste suffered at the hands of magisters; thus, she feared the influence of magic..."

[YEP. It's a bunch of Anders's old manifestos.]

Oh, for Andraste's sake... I wasn't really looking to fill this house with these as well, but thank you for the little piece of home, Mayfield.

[Sighing, she kneels down and starts gathering the fallen manifestos, but the wind has scattered them all over the front yard and sidewalk by now. The dog eventually comes over to help, though he's more interested in rolling around in them than cleaning up, of course.

Approach/help/steal one? She won't miss it.]

[PHONE; filtered to Anders]

[As usual, her voice is light and playful.]

Found something of yours! Some things, actually, and I am officially holding them hostage. You ought to come over and pay the ransom, if you ever want to see them again.
20 August 2012 @ 02:40 pm
◇ xi.  
[ACTION A; 1761 Beaver Street]

[Of course, the dog is the first to notice that something is amiss. The radio, having turned itself on at full volume, rouses the poor beast from his slumber, and the mabari hops off the bed to growl and bark at the offending device. Sadly used to such wakeup calls, Hawke sits up, rubbing her eyes and frowning.]

Maker's breath, boy, there's no need for--


And as she pushes herself to her feet, Hawke falls through the bed, passes through the floor, and lands neatly in the living room. On the couch. Where her not!husband is sleeping. Or, well, where he was sleeping. Oops.]

[ACTION B; wherever]

[Falling through the floor was one thing, but the creepier-than-usual drones are something else entirely. When Merida's drone starts walking backwards and continually asking for the time, Hawke decides it's time to get the hell out of the house and walk the dog.

So, together with Cupcake, she walks through the front door - literally - and sets about exploring the town. She doubts she'll find anything interesting, so she amuses herself by watching the dog phase through trees and fences before peeing on them. Maybe he's doing his business in your front yard!]
11 July 2012 @ 10:32 pm
◇ x; she's baaaack  
[ACTION A; 1761 Beaver Street; morning]

[Hawke did not escape the carnival very easily - if you can even call falling out of the sky and breaking your neck three days in "escaping." And even though she didn't suffer through five entire days of alternate Mayfield, when she wakes up in the morning, she's as tired, thirsty, and hungry as she was before she died.

So, the first thing she does - after being enthusiastically greeted by her mabari, that is - is wander downstairs, shoo the drones away, and put on a pot of coffee. It doesn't help fight off the sleepiness, though, so she shuffles upstairs, climbs back into bed, closes her eyes...

And screams.]

[PHONE; open]

Well, that was... fun. [Yaaaaaaaawn. Boy she sure sounds tired.] I think I lost a few days after I went to visit the neighbors, however. Anyone mind telling me what happened after - what was it, our third day there? I certainly hope I didn't miss anything interesting.

Nice of them to leave me a welcome back gift, too. Finally, something interesting to re-- [Hawke cuts herself off after taking a book off the shelf and inspecting the cover.] Hard in Hightown, really? It won't put me to sleep, at least.

[As she goes to hang up the phone, you might hear her mutter to herself:] Maker, I need a drink.

[ACTION B; Olney's Tavern; evening]

[After trying nearly all day to get some sleep and failing miserably, Hawke decides to get her mind off her post-revival the best way she knows how: drinking.

She swings by the tavern in the evening, ignores any drones that may be present, and takes a seat. It's no Hanged Man, but she can't be sure if that's a good or bad thing. The smell of piss seems to be absent, at least, which is always a good sign.

Her dog is sitting on the floor beside her stool, because, well, he follows her everywhere. Cupcake seems to be behaving himself, though.]
02 June 2012 @ 01:03 am
◇ ix; templars rule mages drool  
AU information )

[PHONE; unfiltered]

Did you know, Mayfield, that I've been here for a year now? ...Well, a year and two months, if you want to nitpick. So much time has passed, and yet we've come no closer to overcoming the magic this town lords over us. [Hawke spits out the word "magic" like it leaves a bitter taste in her mouth, her voice heavy with uncharacteristic hatred. Fenris would be so proud.] What I wouldn't give for some help from a templar friend or fifty right about now. We might benefit from a little structure around here; keep those pesky mages in line.

[ACTION; Church of Salvation]

[Frankly, Hawke is a pretty bad Andrastian. She isn't a templar, nor is she a chanter, and she sure as hell isn't devout. Considering all this, she isn't sure why she's drawn to the church, of all things. Perhaps it's because it resembles the Chantry in Kirkwall, if just a little bit, and she longs for anything that reminds her of home. Maybe it's because she remembers Sebastian, and how he was convinced that she was doing the Maker's work, defending the people from the mage threat.

Mostly, she thinks, she just wants to light a candle and remember all that's been lost because of magic. Religion is not her forte, but she'll pray for the deceased, regardless. She owes her mother that much, if nothing else.]
14 April 2012 @ 06:25 pm
◇ viii.  
[A. ACTION; 1251 Williams Road]

[The first thing Hawke notices when she wakes up this morning is the drone woman sleeping soundly beside her. Normally, waking up next to a woman would not be entirely unheard of, but this is Mayfield, and the lack of her obnoxious new "husband" sets off a few alarms in her head. Next, she notices that her body is not her own. Moreover, it's not the right gender.

Just another day in Mayfield.

She amuses herself for a time by staring in the mirror and making faces Warren West would not normally make. When that gets old, she gets dressed and inspects the gun on the nightstand. It's an interesting weapon, but she's never been a fan of long range fighting. This would be of far more interest to Varric or Sebastian, were either of them here, but alas. The gun is tucked away for later, and she shuffles downstairs for breakfast.

Today is going to be an interesting day, indeed.]

[B. PHONE; unfiltered]

[Having figured out what's going on, Hawke sounds less amused than horrified, but she doesn't sound like Hawke. No, that's Warren's voice on the line, swearing like he was from Thedas.]

Andraste's misplaced tits, Mayfield, you never fail to impress, do you? Not that I don't appreciate the sudden insight into manhood - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious! - but I think I prefer being female. Especially knowing that I won't get to throw any fireballs at people. Such a pity.

I won't bother asking if anyone's found the cause or a solution. I haven't forgotten where we are, after all. In a few days, we'll all return to our normal bodies and have a good laugh about this, I'm sure. Oh, the memories to be had!

[C. ACTION; around town]

[Well, this wasn't nearly as much fun as she had hoped. Trapped in a mage's body, only to find that she can't actually use magic. Then again, considering her luck, that's probably a good thing - this Warren guy is probably a crazy blood mage or something. And not the cute elfy kind, like Merrill.

First, she swings by her usual assigned house to retrieve her dog and keep him from biting Warren's hand off. Once she's reassured Cupcake that yes, it really is her, she sets off for a stroll around town. Occasionally, she might try to blow up a tree or something with her mind anyway, but for all her glaring and extravagant hand gestures, she just kind of looks silly.

She's already found her body and assured its safety, so now it's just a matter of figuring out how to fix this - or wait it out. Either way, she's bored and frustrated.]

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14 February 2012 @ 05:27 pm
◇ VII.  
[A: ACTION | Around town | Mint]

[No matter who you are, whether or not she knows you, and as long as you're legal - Hawke might approach you at some point today with a devilish grin on her face and a raised eyebrow. HAAAAY BABEH. :3c]

Nice weather we're having, isn't it? Very snowy. And cold. But as long as you have someone to keep you warm...

[B: ACTION | 918 Bilko Boulevard | White Daisies | For Fenris (but his housemates are welcome to tag as well!)]

[Sometimes Hawke likes to swing by the 'Danarius' household to visit Fenris (and, previously, Bethany's drone), have a drink, and read some books with him. This is one of those times - except today, there are some daisies growing in the hedges out front. WELP.]

I found some more... quality literature for us to go through. [Naturally, she has a few cookbooks tucked under her arm. :|a] Perhaps we could turn this into a cooking lesson, hmm?

[C: ACTION | Grocery store | Milkweed]

[After getting a good whiff of some milkweed, Hawke finds the urge to flirt with and kiss everyone in sight, as well as her cute little crush on Fenris, diminished, replaced with a great desire for milk. She can be found in the dairy section, holding a gallon of milk in her hands and frowning at it.]

I know everyone says "don't drink the milk," but does that actually have any weight to it? Is it really poisoned, or is this just some bizarre anti-dairy propaganda? Inquiring minds want to know!