14 May 2012 @ 09:04 pm
4th Chocobo • Mother's Day (backdated to 13th)  
[A. Action • Backdated to the morning of May 13th • 1130 Taylor Road • Locked to housemates]

[Sazh wakes up feeling a bit weird this morning. While everything seems pretty normal, he's suddenly feeling very connected of his not!family. Well, okay, really he's suddenly feeling like Bazett is almost a daughter he never had. And so now he's cooking breakfast and cleaning, the baby chocobo in his fro occasionally peeking out and flying in the kitchen. It's not like he hasn't taken care of his not!family in his time in Mayfield, but it seems to be on overdrive, considering the massive spread on the table. Sazh isn't sure what Bazett's favorite food is (shame on him for not paying attention) so he's basically cooked everything he could think of.

Hope you've got an appetite.]

[B. Action • Around Mayfield • Open]

[This day has been pretty weird so far so a walk might be in order. While he's always ready to lend a helping hand, he seems to be really going out of his way to help any women in distress. Kitten stuck in a tree? He'll brave the highest branches. Need groceries but you forgot your wallet? Here's a donation from the first bank of Sazh. Need someone wash your windows? Sazh is excellent at that too. Feel free to try to take advantage of this.]
02 April 2012 @ 08:32 pm
3rd Chocobo • I guess pranking proves you're young at heart  
[A. Action • Backdated to the morning of April 1st • 1130 Taylor Road • Locked to housemates]

[What's this letter and box? Sazh has got a bad feeling about this as he sits on the couch in the living room and examines the contents. Some sort of pranking kit?]

Huh. I bet something bad'll happen if I don't do this.

Pranking April )

Pranking Niou )

Pranking Picky )

[E. Phone • Open to all]

I think I've got some people's stuff, and I didn't expect that. [There's a meow that can be heard in the background. Hi, Niou's cat.] When would it be a good time to give it back to you?
22 March 2012 @ 09:39 pm
2nd Chocobo • It's like a giant flan just exploded here  
[A. Action • Everywhere • All Day]

[Sazh has gotten a vacuum cleaner from one Dr. Egon Spengler. Are you feeling hostile because of the slime? Getting chased by angry appliances? Sazh is your man. Right now he's pointing that nozzle in your general direction for one reason or another.]

Uh, sorry about this, but I think this'll be good for all of us.

[There's a click and the sound of a vacuum starting up. Congratulations! You and/or the hostile inanimate objects that might be chasing you are covered in happy slime. You're welcome.]

[B. Action • Outside 1130 Taylor Road • Early Evening]

[After a long day of happy sliming everyone, Sazh is pretty tired and is sitting on the porch of his house, finally taking time out to relax. Maybe he helped you out during the day or maybe you saw him helping out. Thank him or hug him, he'll be too pooped to protest. Or you can just say hi.]
11 March 2012 @ 09:58 pm
1st Chocobo • I didn't sign up to be a l'cie for this  
[A. Action • 1130 Taylor Rd • Locked to Bazett and any frequent visitors to the house]

[A soft comfortable bed. This is something Sazh can get used to as his mind slowly begins to return to consciousness. Funny, the last thing he could remember was getting ready to go back to Cocoon and.. Wait. He's in bed and the feeling of fabric against his face is quite real. That must mean..

The whole L'Cie thing was just a dream. He buries himself under the covers a bit, eyes cracking open finally. It was just some crazy dre-- He pauses and bolts upright in bed. This sure as hell isn't his house. And he has never had these pajamas ever before in his life nor has he ever met the people in the photo right on the nightstand next to him. He quickly jumps out of bed, on the alert. ]

Hello? [Awesome. Let whatever brought you into this strange bedroom know you're awake.] Guys? This some fal'cie thing?

[B. Phone • All]

[Have the sound of someone fiddling with the phone. It's not that Sazh hasn't used the phone before. It's just that this whole phone with a cord thing? A little unwieldy.]

I've been hearing this place brings people from all over so I figure that I'd give it a shot. Does anyone here know about fal'cie or anything like that?

[C. Action •  Around Town • All]

[Sazh isn't one to sit around idly, so he's walking around the town. There has to be some way out. Maybe people just haven't found it yet. He's also going to try to pay his friends from home a visit... If he can figure out his directions here. He might very well be asking you for directions.]