27 November 2012 @ 03:47 am
xiv. phone  
[Everyone was sure to have their own reactions to the final revelation this place had to offer, but Shiki? If the "real" her is continuing on fine like usual back home, then it doesn't matter much what she does here in the end. She can't say she feels too upset over being a clone Touko is a prime example of anti-"clone blues" alright, and in her eyes, being clones just gives her all the more reason to do this. The last few months have just left her agitated, irritated, and this conclusion gives no real sense of satisfaction.

So even if it's small, she'll give herself at least a small bit of closure.]

Yo, Kaleido Ruby--ah, though I guess it's really Tohsaka, right? I'm later on this than I'd like to be, so it's about time I finish this job. Do me a favor and try not to die so easily.

[tl;dr CALL UP ALL YOUR WHITE KNIGHTS RIN TOHSAKA because Shiki Ryougi's here to clear off her shit list]
09 June 2012 @ 02:04 pm
xiii. phone/action  
[Phone: filtered to Touko Aozaki]

The bet's off. [And just like that, she hangs up.]

[All around Mayfield

For the whole day, Shiki can be found walking around the whole town. That in itself isn't really anything out of the ordinary, but... there's something off. Even if you don't know her, she almost seems lost. Barely paying attention to where she's going, wandering around without even looking--if she bumps into someone or something, she barely notices and probably tries to continue on her way without a word. Either she's too distracted by her own thoughts or she's trying not to think of anything at all.]
04 April 2012 @ 02:05 am
xii. action  
prank for sakuya izayoi )

prank for satou kuroneko )

prank for teddie )

[1451 Mitchell Road

While she's gained a number of other people's regains at this point (seriously though, empathy? as if feelings weren't weird enough), housemates and frequent visitors might recognize a regain in the house that certainly didn't belong there before...

Lots and lots and lots of leeks.]
03 March 2012 @ 06:38 pm
xi. action  
[A. 1451 Mitchell Road

Curse you drone child for actually bringing in cookies...! And wow Shiki what are you doing snacking on sweets anyways stop being lazy and actually eat something decent. c_c But the damage has been done, and it's time for Shiki to go through bizarre-as-fuck personality regression. Regressing all the way back into a dead personality in fact.

Have you ever seen Shiki in a brightly-colored kimono?? Probably not because she never wears the bright ones she has... BUT GASP THERE SHE IS wearing a yellow kimono and. Smiling. Granted this is probably weirder than the bright clothes but. Yeah, there she is, looking easy-going, comfortable, and not at all bored or brooding like she usually does. Quite frankly, she looks positively cheerful. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY.]

[B. All around Mayfield

It is probably a bad idea for a now-pseudo 15-year-old to take out a motorcycle and go for a joy ride with it. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Shiki is doing. She rides pretty well, but there's more than one occasion where she comes close to crashing into something--your lawn, your house, quite possibly even you. At the last second though, she manages to break just in time, tires screeching and all that till she stops, before getting herself killed and whatever she was about to hit damaged. But there she is, mere inches away from imminent damage, and what does she do?

She laughs. Loudly.]

[C. Cosplay Cafe

You know that one cook who works here who looks perpetually grumpy? A good cook but she looks as bored as possibly can be? Today, that is not the case, and those who come here may spot one familiar looking girl. As a customer.]

Oi, oi! Can I get some food over here? Don't keep a guy waiting now. [Yes she just called herself a guy NOT STRANGE AT ALL NOPE.]

[D. 751 Partridge Drive

Those inside may here something like a motorcycle engine approaching the house, and if they choose to look outside there is now a motorcycle parked right on the driveway. Plus some sudden knocking on the front door... CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER but yes it looks like you have a guest. mO_Om]
15 February 2012 @ 01:10 am
002 ✖  
[ action; park (and other locations) ]

[ Mikiya and Shiki ([personal profile] ryougi) are affected by the flowers, yup. And by 'affected' I mean totally reduced to two moes in heavy moeblob rabu. So they can be spotted all over town today during their moe moe activities, just waiting for people to pop up and make fun of them, clearly..

A. The two of them can be seen walking around the park right next to each other, and even as a third party it's really easy to see that they actually just want to hold hands but they're being so moely awkward about it that neither of them can summon up the courage to do it first..!! So clearly someone needs to give them a hand help them out.

B. Okay, so eventually they managed to do the whole hands holding thing so later they can be still spotted in the park, except this time they're actually holding hands and seeming very, very content about all of it. They're also sharing one big scarf, wrapped around both their necks, like the moes they are..

C. Or instead you might spot them in the park or somewhere else in town doing all sorts of moe fun activities, like making snowmen, having a snowball fight, sitting on a pair of swings, etc. etc. Join in, laugh at them, whatever your kind of reaction is.


( ooc: all threads will be threeway threads with your character, Shiki and Mikiya! the tag order will be your character -> Shiki -> Mikiya -> your character AND SO ON. I have to go to bed now but I just wanted to get this up in time so feel free to tag in I'll get to it tomorrow.. )
13 February 2012 @ 02:32 pm
x. phone/action  
[ Phone | Evening

If Shiki cared more she would have thought those sudden irises in the house were suspicious what with the whole THEY WEREN'T THERE BEFORE!! but alas, that is the price to pay for not giving a fuck. Those flowers may be the ones to blame for this awful confession, but she has no one to blame but herself for just how bad it's going to be...]

Koku--[No this is a confession she should use a first name right?!] Mikiya! I got something for you and this whole shitty town to hear, so listen up!

[Except she's... silent for a good while. Quite frankly, she doesn't even understand what it is that she wants to say, just that this impulse to "confess" isn't going away.] You know I--that you--you've always... Even during high school you were always like that, but it's not like it was... uh...

That time where we were. Standing, and--[In her own confusion on trying to understand her own feelings, she even slips back into old speech patterns YOU GUYS DON'T UNDERSTAND FEELINGS ARE HARD.] When Mikiya-kun said that... Those were the kind of words I always wanted to hear...

So what I'm saying is--[No really Shiki what are you saying no one could hear you with that kind of mumbling and even your speech pattern is changing again!!]

That tiny, little murderous impulse I have towards you. [There's an awkward, heavy pause in which it's obvious that she just doesn't even know what to say. Saying she's frustrated is an understatement.] It's getting bigger!

[And just like that, Shiki Ryougi hung up the phone with an embarrassed, agitated, and just downright angry slam. Not only did she just embarrass herself for all of eternity (and in public no less), she did so without even managing to say anything of understandable importance.

Feel free to laugh, really...]

[ 1451 Mitchell Road

After the phone call, housemates will be able to find Shiki doing one of three things:
A. Lamenting her life.
B. Lamenting her life.
C. Lamenting... her life...

No really she's lying face down in the couch absolutely silent. Granted, considering how loud she was, someone may want to check up on the phone... They're probably going to need a new one, all things considered.]
30 January 2012 @ 02:26 pm
ix. action  
[ All around Mayfield | Daytime

That awful moment you wake up outside the hospital after a bizzare experience in a recovery room... Okay actually no all things considered, Shiki really didn't have that bad of a time there. Sure it sucked no matter how you looked at it, but looking at some of the other "patients" in the room was all she needed to know she was one of the luckier ones. She actually did get some water to breathe in with her newly acquired gills so. Yeah, suck-ish but overall bearable.

Now that she's outside though, WITHOUT THAT HANDY DANDY BOWL OF WATER, things get a bit more complicated, which is why one of the following quite possibly happens to you!
A. There is some hurried and possibly frightening banging on your front door. Someone's in a bit of a rush...
B. Okay no screw trying to be polite about this she needs water now. You may find someone breaking into your yard or backyard or whatever has a water hose. She is also proceeding to seemingly shower herself, what with the way she's just SPRAYING HERSELF, in said hose. This was completely necessary alright!!

Life's hard when you have gills man...]

[ 1451 Mitchell Road | Later that day

And finally, finally, after somehow managing to make it all the way back to her house, Shiki heads straight for the bathroom and gets ready to... fill the tub up with water. Nothing to see here housemates, let's all ignore the fact she came in soaking wet already in favor of the fact that she seems ready for an impromptu pool party.]