19 January 2012 @ 09:14 am

Those alarms couldn't get any louder, could they!? Hehehe...! Perhaps the town itself is starting to lose control. How odd that we were all unwittingly put into stasis for several days straight. Granted, I would advise you not to think that this is over. We haven't seen the last of the town's mischief. Honestly. Maybe I should consider restarting the creation of a proper Guardian Angel. Well. We'll see.

But on that note...

I understand that we've already passed the traditional dates of gift-giving, but these particular gifts needed some time to prepare. You'll find out what they are when you get here. Doesn't the surprise itself also serve as an incentive? Yes, I think it would. To my acquaintances, and I remember all of your faces quite well, I invite you over to 502 Ricardo St. where I will begin handing out your gifts.

[Action: 502 Ricardo]

[Clod is standing outside of her house with several gift-wrapped boxes standing around her. She's in her hospital gowns provided for her during the experimentation and slippers. Looking around left to right, she waits patiently for those that she has met over the course of the year. The boxes, if one would look closely, almost appear to be... moving.]