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18 ✿ i believe in nothing.

[[ phone // unfiltered // morning, after her release ]]

That was a rather terrible place. It was very dirty. And it was fully of dirty, disgusting things.

Just like the rest of this town.

I can not stand by and watch you all. I will not allow myself to do so. Pathetic creatures such as yourselves do not deserve to be on any plane of existence, but I do not have the capabilities to erase you from it. I do have the capability to do other things, though.

[[ action // around town // morning ]]

[[immediately after her phone call, she sets off to do her work. she wanders about, searching for what she wishes to destroy (that is, everything with a pulse, apparently). oh, yeah, and she has a rather large kitchen knife in hand. awesome.]]

((ooc: so, nia is... not very nia-like at the moment! basically, she can't feel emotion but she REALLY finds lifeforms to be super disgusting and awful. so, she feels compelled to destroy them (or cause despair among them) BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT. also, she had a blood transfusion that causes any injury she receives to heal immediately. so, my point is, nia is kind of stab happy and she's not going to spare anyone. she's out for blood, in a sense! so, really, this is one of those posts you might not want to tag of you don't want a huge character confrontation! of course, i'm not going to god-mode or anything, so if your character comes around and then runs like hell before nia can even get a hold of them, that's fine (it's not like she can run very fast or anything)! i just... want everyone to be aware what's going on with lil' nia! ok i am done sorry......))

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[ He's out checking up on people and so he doesn't hear the call. That's probably why the sight of her with that look on her face catches him so off guard. He does not, however, notice the knife.

It could also be the massive headache he's dealing with right now. It makes it hard to concentrate on things, but he can still function so he can't be idle. ]

Nia? Is something wrong?

((ooc: Okay with him getting a little banged up, but keep in mind he's an experienced street-fighter and will likely try to at least disarm her so she can't hurt others or herself. Let me know if you already have someone else in mind for stopping her even temporarily and I'll just have him run away or pass out or something.))
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[ Touma stops and stares at her. They didn't know each other that well but that... didn't sound like the girl he remembered from the other day. Maybe he WAS suffering from some serious damage to make a mistake like that.

He twists a pinky in his ear emphatically. ]
Uh. Something tells me I didn't hear that right. Want to say it again?
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[ ...okay, that's starting to sting. This is no joke. ] What's with that? I'm not even mad because of the egging incident if that's what you're thinking.
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[ It might be the throbbing again, but something about the way she says that is really ticking him off, even though he doesn't think he's any of those things. ] Oy! You may not care about my feelings, but that doesn't make my existence invalid. What are you thinking? What's gotten into you, Nia?
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[ He scowls. ] Alright, now? Now you just sound crazy. What kind of attitude is that to have? That doesn't sound like anything I'd ever expect to hear from you, so I know something must be off. If you want to lash out at the people who made that mistake a few days ago that's one thing, but destroying people? I can't let that go.
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That's right! I have people I am going to protect, and while I hate to think of someone like you hurting them, if that's what it comes to then I'll just have to be in your way!

[ Figuratively, as he actually side-steps that charge. ]
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I can't believe you're really doing this. [ A step to the side. ] You won't get anywhere just lashing out, and don't you think for a second that just because I was kind to you before that I won't stop you if you're a danger to—

[ Touma stopped suddenly and put a hand to his forehead. The sudden movement made him feel like he was rattling his brain around inside of a bucket and it was protesting. ] Gck, what the hell...
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[ Normally that kind of weak attack wouldn't have touched him; not when her moves are amateurish and she has so little power to put behind it. But she catches him at the perfect moment where his equilibrium is off so she might as well be a freight train for the way he goes crashing into the bushes of someone's yard. ]
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[ He shakes his head to try and clear it, but that only makes things worse. Touma grunts and pulls himself mostly out of the shrubs, but the dry twigs prick and cut at his skin as he does so. ] Are you kidding me? Touma Kamijou isn't the kind of guy who gives up that easily. [ His vision clearer, he rises to his feet. ]
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The only favor I want from you is for you to give me that knife before you make a big mistake. [ And he stretches out his hand, steady as he can. ] Please, Nia. Don't do this.
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[ The blade makes a clean swipe across the fingers of his left hand, and of course it hurts. He flinches, but does not pull it away. ] Nia! I'm only going to ask you one more time. Give me the knife. Please!
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Hahah it's okay

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[ Another cut, this time across his forearm. He cries out. ] Agh, damn it! Come on, I don't want you hurting others and I don't want to hurt you either, but I have too many important friends to let you go on like this. [ Touma shifts his stance, ready for the next swipe. ]
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Funny timing thing: I just got to Anti-Spiral Nia in rewatching

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[ This time he aims to catch her blade hand in with both of his. ] I do have a choice, and I'm making it right now!

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