Crona ([personal profile] 42_passes) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-07-12 07:46 pm

6th Soul | RAGNAROK

[Action | 945 Beulah]

[MAILTIME! What's in the mail, you may be wondering? REGAINS!

Regains that are going to cause a rather loud and nasty disturbance in the house the second Crona makes contact with the odd little cards that showed up in the mail.]

GUEHPIPIPI!! What're you gonna say NOW, you little brat? You need to take your punishment!

[Ragnarok, now finally manifested, makes his first act to noogie, bop and pinch Crona to hell and back. Well...Crona DID talk a lot of shit when Ragnarok wasn't around to defend himself, after all.]

St-stoooooooooop! It huuuuuurrrrrrts! [Have fun with that one-sided child fight, household.]

[Action | Around Mayfield, ending at Makeout Point once again]

[You've probably seen Crona shuffling around town before, gaze cast toward the ground and left hand squeezing the right forearm in nervous habit. Except, this time, there's something new...something...coming out of Crona's back and resting on the top of the kid's head.

Yes, the aforementioned Ragnarok. As Crona shuffles along, the little black...thing...continuously bitches at Crona, bopping the kid on the head every once in a while.]

I don't want toooo...

Be quiet! We gotta find out if everything works right, because it sure didn't before! If something happens I wanna make sure we can handle it!

[Crona just shuts up. Ragnarok's got a point. Do you dare step in to interact with thist...strange display?

Upon reaching makeout point, Crona will be there with Ragnarok, his "fury" finally cooled. Instead of a lead pipe, though, you may catch the odd little creature liquify and re-materialize into a long, thin black sword in Crona's right hand. The kid just dejectedly stares at the ground during the process.]

I don't want to fight anymore...

[A mouth forms on the blade of the sword, complete with creepy lips and everything.] Sometimes you have to! Stop whining and let's figure out what we've got!

[Crona slowly raises the blade vertically.] Scream resonance.

[If anyone hadn't seen Crona there...the incredibly loud screech emanating from both Ragnarok and Crona will certainly give it away. Characters sensitive to it may be feeling the large resonance reaction of two souls, one of them rather easy to feel at a distance. Feel free to investigate.]

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