28 November 2012 @ 08:14 am
✖ anxiety attack: 015 ✖ Murderhaus ✖  
[A: Phone]

[The laughter on the phone is a desperate sounding noise, the kind of laugh that someone has when hope has been crushed so completely all they can do is laugh at themselves and how stupid they were to think that escape was possible.]

So that's it, then. We're all just a copied file in someone else's game simulator. It's funny, almost ironic in some ways, but that's it then. There's no way out, we'll die here, and that's...

[The laughter almost sounds like Mika's crying, but she isn't. Not yet.]

Captain Rogers, looks like I can't go back with you after all. Thanks for the offer, it...it really meant a lot to me that you asked at all.

I'm sorry.

[She's choking up, there's so much she wanted to say, so many people she had something important to tell, but she's struggling just to hold the phone to her ear.]

I'm so sorry everyone. I can't--I can't hold her off anymore. I'm so, so sorry.


[B. 339 Brady Lane]

[Mika's struggling to stop it, but she's not strong enough to stop the way her body's been reprogrammed without her consent. Her lead pipe's in her hand, and a sheathed carving knife is tucked into her belt. She hunts down scents faster than a bloodhound, but the look on her face is nothing short of terrified.]

Quinn, Raz, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. RUN! Oh my God I'm so sorry, I'm so, so sorry! Please, run!

[C. The Streets]

[She's walking down the center of the street, her pipe held in an unwavering grip even though her teeth are clenched and her tears have left filthy smudges on her cheeks. Her clothes are already stained, either from the blood of other captives or from drones, or even herself.

But Mika is hunting and she won't be allowed to stop until everyone else is dead. Or Johnson gets bored of her latest experiment.
30 September 2012 @ 02:33 pm
Switch Three: The Return of Fourze  
[Action: 337 Brady: Closed]

[Yawning loudly, Gentarou has been sent out to get the milk. Which, he knows by this point, that he should be hiding. Which he'll do when he gets back inside. But, he's about to get distracted by the box that he rams his bare toe into.]

Ow! A...box?

[He'll spot his name on it. And quickly enough, he'll realize that this is mail for him. He'll tear back inside, forgetting the milk completely. Tearing the box open, he'll pull out something he's been waiting for, for a while now.]

IT'S HERE!!!!!

[Action A: John Doe Park: Open to all.]

[Gen is now standing by a tree in the park, clicking the Rocket switch in his hand. He can't wait for one of his friends (which means just about anyone) to come up, so he can show off the shiny belt he has now latched onto his waist.]

This is gonna be greeaaaattt!


I wonder if I should've called people first?
20 September 2012 @ 11:36 pm
10 Applesauce  
Action A | 503 Ricardo Street | Early Morning

[Applejack has been sleeping in the barn she got back the last few days, familiar surroundings and all. Plus hay is a lot more comfortable than floor any night. She also still gets up at sunrise to head into the house and make breakfast even if the house is full of drones but for Gentarou. For one thing, it's one way to start her day without dog food, and it's also a way for her to help out now and again.

However the sameness of Mayfield houses will work against her as she will begin the process of cooking up some eggs and hash browns not at 337 Brady Lane like she believes to be doing, but at 503 Ricardo Street, where Mayfield decided to move her during the night. She even takes a moment to head upstairs to knock on what she still thinks is Gentarou's room door to see what he'd like.]

Hay Gentarou! How do you want your eggs? Ah think Ah could make you an omelette if ya really want...

Action B | Bakery | Later that day

[The smells in the bakery are always some of the most delicious, but for some reason, they seem to be a little stronger today. And mostly of apples. Applejack is cooking up a storm of treats in the kitchen. She seems to be on a mission, a look of focus and determination on her face. She'll of course step out from the back to put some of the newly baked goods on the shelves, but most seem to be piling up on a table in the back...]

Action C | Brady Lane | That evening

[Applejack is coming down the road to check on a few people. There are a couple of baskets, full of delicious apple-themed baked goods, balanced on her back. While it's not her fault that the town has suddenly moved her, she can't help but feel a little guilty. Especially with Gentarou being the only one left in a house full of drones. Plus she liked some of the neighbors, and wanted to make sure they're doing alright too. So there may be an orange pony knocking on your door.]

Hello? Anypony home? Ah brought some treats...
18 September 2012 @ 09:57 am
✖ anxiety attack: 014 ✖  
[Action: 339 Brady Lane]

[As everything's simmered down for the moment, Mika's going back to work to get some supplies that people need. Only there's a rather large box on the doorstep, leaving Mika clutching the doorknob tightly as she stares at the package.

What the hell did they pack in there this time?

Even worse when she knows it's got her name on it.

Closing the door behind her in case it's something that could escape into the house, she cuts the box open right there on the porch. Only to stare at its contents. Clothes? But...these don't look anything like her stuff. Why did they send it here? She pulls out a dark blue jacket with dark brown bands on the short sleeves, running her thumbs over the buttons carefully pinned to the shoulder straps of some weird harness.

What the hell...?

[Another nudge in the box reveals some rather strange equipment, some huge headset and metal gloves, as well as a smaller pair of gloves that seem to have mechanical components in them. Pushing the front door back open, Mika decides it's best to ask the expert.]

Quinn? I got something really weird in the mail...It looks like a costume but I've never seen it before, and there's these clunky bits that look like they escaped a cyberpunk flick. C'mere a second!

[B. Phone]

Has anyone ever gotten a package of stuff that isn't theirs? Like...it's not even something that one of your friends back home had, and it's not something you've ever seen before? Because I just got a box full of stuff that isn't mine and I don't know what to do with it.

[She's not going to mention that it all smells like her, that's just weird and no one would understand why that's the most unsettling part.]

Also Ema, Doctor Banner. I know you two wanted some supplies, but it there anyone else that needs something? Might as well get it all in a couple trips...
15 September 2012 @ 07:51 pm
♥ → houses are overrated anyway  
Action ♥ 335 Brady Lane }}
tl;dr, smoke is now coming out of the house, help maybe? )

Phone ♥ }}
[ Satou eventually comes to her senses and puts out the fire, even if she probably needed some help to see that it was a bad idea. The house still smelled of smoke when she decided to calm herself with a phone call. ]

Good afternoon, this is Satou Kuroneko. I'm um... just checking, to be sure? If everyone got back from the portals okay... Um, in case you need it, I was going to make something for supper? Maybe someone would like to join me and discuss what they saw? I'm very curious...

[ a pause ] I know it's a lot to ask, but also, if you're okay... If you're okay, please let me know. Please? I'd... appreciate it a lot.
20 August 2012 @ 12:44 pm
✖ anxiety attack: 013 ✖ event: ???? ✖  
[339 Brady Lane, morning]

[The residents of Brady Lane might be awoken by sporadic bursts of barking and snarling in the middle of the night, and by morning Mika has reached a rather foul mood. Her poor sleep schedule's bad enough, but with the added stress of the sudden TV and radio noise on top of it has put her on edge.]

Quinn, I'm going out. I need to stock up on a few things, I'll explain when I get back. Raz, stay safe, I don't want you getting hurt and both of you keep an eye on that drone.


[Someone's voice sounds more raw than usual, a low growl constant in her voice.]

The clocks have gone strange, the drones are acting up, and the walls and floors decide to play at being air for a while. Anyone else keeping track of this? It looks like our lovely little cage is starting to have accidents.

I'm going to keep track of the radio, see if I can't make out any of the mutterings, but it's too obnoxiously low right now to tell what they're saying.

[339 Brady Lane, afternoon]

[Something odd is going on at the Hatch house. Aside from occasional bursts of colorful swearing as her supplies fall through the walls and doors, Mika seems to be spending her time vandalizing the house. At least if those seals she seems intent on putting up could even be called that. Anyone coming close can smell sage smoke and there seems to be a lot of red tape on the windows.]
31 July 2012 @ 02:37 am
09 Apple Butter  
Action A | 337 Brady Lane | Morning | Open to all

[Applejack has been sort of hoarding the last couple of regains she's got from Mayfield. With her house being nothing but drones lately, she was worried about anything she might get that would just be tossed out or broken by them assuming its something else. But now she has three envelopes and a non-drone back in the house, so maybe she should stop stalling and see what she's got.

So she'll be out back with a letter opener seeing what's in them. Except they're all empty. Applejack was seriously confused, she went to all this trouble to open them and there's nothing in them? She was about to head back inside with a huff, but that's when she noticed what's now in the backyard.

Her eyes widen as she sees the majority of the backyard is now gone because the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse is there. Right behind Bloomberg, in fact.

So surprised by this that Applejack doesn't notice the cider press or the couple of baskets full of a rather colorful type of apple sitting in front of the building at first. It's pretty overwhelming after all. And not subtle at all to anybody who happens to be in the area.]

Action B | Bakery | Shortly after A

[Applejack is spending some time working at the bakery. Well, working is a relative term. She'll serve customers if they approach of course, though the drones ignore her outright, but she seems engrossed with a paper she has in front of her. Seems she's making a flyer for something, and is really taking her time with its design. Curious walk-ins may be able to walk over to her and catch a glimpse of what she has so far before she notices them:

Do you ask about it?]

Phone | Later that evening | Not filtered, so open to all

[Normally Applejack prefers talking to her friends muzzle to muzzle, but after getting some new things from home and remembering a conversation she had with Rarity awhile ago, it might be better to use the phone to get all their attention along with seeing who would be willing to help.]

So hey every....body, Ah was thinking it might be nice to try and hold an event mah family hosts back home around this time called the Sisterhooves' Social. Ah just got some things from home that would make some nice prizes for it even. Back home it's a pretty fun couple of days with events and such for sisters to enter and participate in, but Ah wouldn't really force that to be the rule since this place kinda has a bunch of us here away from our actual families.

Though Ah could really use some help setting it up. Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, think you could lend a hoof? Or anybody else who is interested too, actually? Ah'd really appreciate it, and setting things up doesn't mean you have to skip out on participating in events, Ah'm sure if we get enough folks help we can figure a way for you to compete as well as help.

[There's a pause for a few minutes as if she's done and waiting for responses before she suddenly speaks up again.]

Oh! And Apple Bloom, you want to help out in making some zap apple treats?! Ah was thinking those would be some of the prizes we could give out.
21 July 2012 @ 04:22 pm
deux ϟ  

Good afternoon, my name is Ky Kiske. For those of you who are new in town, I apologize in advance; this is not a pleasant place to be stuck in. However long you've been here, though, I find taking some time to relax can help relieve some of the stress, and as I've recently received some personal belongings, I thought I would offer what I could.

If anyone would like to join me for a cup of tea, I would be happy to oblige.

...On a similar note, if anyone has any suggestions for safely storing fragile objects in a... chaotic environment, I'd appreciate them.

[Action-- outside 341 Brady]

[He's got a lot of fragile objects to worry about storing, if the table he's setting up outside is any indication; there are dozens of different teacups (lovingly) arranged alongside a large teapot, sugar bowls, and pitchers of milk (not the Milkman's). He's got his girly crown on, too, evidently acting as an Official Representative Of Illyria (tm), and is smiling politely to anyone who passes]

Care for some tea?

[ooc: Sin might pop in on phone conversations to make fun of Ky, so if you'd rather not get threadjacked, please say so! (if it's not already listed in a permission post or something similar)]
18 July 2012 @ 01:15 pm
[Action 1: 337 Brady Lane. Locked to housemate.]

[Gentarou yawns as he pushes his covers off. The sunlight is bouncing off his eyes, making him squint. But...something's off, even with his limited vision at the moment.]

Oi! Gramps! Did the power go out? My alarm didn't go off!

[Even stranger...there's no answer from his grandfather. Who should've been up by now.]

Ohh man! I'm gonna be so late!

[He turns to run out of his bedroom door....which has magically turned into a wall. he slams into it with gusto. And plenty of volume.]


[He takes in his surroundings, now wide-eyed from the unexpected pain.]

W-where am I?!

[Action 2: Anywhere in town.]

[Gentarou is exploring, having BARELY found a small amount of pomade in his new houses bathroom to get his coif on. But his clothes...are rather dorky-looking. He will greet anyone he comes across in a VERY friendly manner.]

Hey there!
13 July 2012 @ 02:44 pm
✖ anxiety attack: 012 ✖ Action ✖  
[339 Brady Lane]

[Shortly after the mail's arrived, Mika can be found sitting on the porch, a package torn open near her feet and she has a worn, discolored satchel in her lap. Her gaze is distant as she holds a battered notebook in her hands, flipping through the pages without really looking at them.

Of all the things she could have gotten back, she hadn't expected them to return her bag.
11 July 2012 @ 03:11 pm
♥ good life choices  
[ action ♥ 335 Brady Lane ]
Housemate Action )

[ phone ]

U-um... I'm back! I'm back... Hello. Sorry about being in the carnival, um... I got some mail. Did anyone else get packages?

[ She fiddles with her two new cards. One has her favorite magical girl dress on it and the other has a classic demon. ] I hope everyone got back from the carnival okay. Haruhi-san, do you have the newspaper I gave you? Um, maybe we should get together and look that over... Did anyone else find newspapers or anything useful in the carnival? Could you let me know? I'm Satou, um and. I'm curious.

[ Satou pauses, looking at the card with the demon on it and frowning. Unimpressed with her regain and not sure what it means. ] And um... Alphonse...san, Mr, um... If you're listening, um... I'm sorry, sir... I about not being nice.

[ action ♥ makeout point ]
[ Despite what would be considered "good judgment", Satou heads to makeout point a few hours after her initial phone call to try training her magic. She's frustrated after letting herself get killed again, even when she had her magic, and needs to vent some steam. ]

Hm... no one is here, I hope? I wonder what that second card means...
12 June 2012 @ 09:31 pm
29th Fix  
[Action A: Do you live at 339 Brady Lane? Are you passing by on the street somewhere nearby? Then you're in for a surprise.

You see, Balin asked Quinn for a favor of the technological variety. With not much else to occupy his time, he got right to it, but now it's testing time.

Housemates might find themselves stepping on triggers hidden under rugs that suddenly cause a mine to EXPLODE.... with confetti. Quinn's a pacifist as it is, and it's not like he has a crazy vendetta against his friends. Outside, he'll be hiding in the garage with a remote in his hands, waiting for someone to pass by his hidden "mines" to set them off. Victims outside will be treated to attacks of confetti, water, or even glitter. And some giggling from inside the garage, where the lanky technomancer sits with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other. You might just have a few words for him, huh?]

12 June 2012 @ 01:39 am
08 Apple Crumble [Back-dated to Saturday Zombies]  
Part A | Around 337 Brady Lane

[Well looky here. Zombies. This is just great. Applejack's seen Nightmare of the Dead before, and that was a good reference for the last time there was zombies swarming Mayfield. Last time Theo kept the house pretty safe from them too, so she figures this will probably a good place to keep an eye on things.

Most of her friends can probably handle this too. It's not like they're new or can't....


And now there's an orange blur as a pony runs out into the street.]

Goldarn it, this town just enjoys making things difficult, doesn't it?!

Part B | Anywhere in Town

[There is a frantic orange pony running down the streets. Occasionally she checks the street signs with nothing but a look of annoyance. So much so that at some point, she feels the need to shout her frustration.]

Why can't Ah find Stevens Road?!

Part C | Outside 2239 Stevens Road

[Applejack has finally made it to where her little sister said she lives at and is now trying to find her. This involves pounding on doors and shouting. Hope your housemates are understanding Apple Bloom!]

Apple Bloom? APPLE BLOOM?! You okay! Are you here? Oh please don't tell me she's out in the town during this...
10 June 2012 @ 08:22 pm
56th Resurrection  
[Action A: around town: Zombies. Smart zombies. Oh, Mayfield. You can't scare Theo Crawford with this. He made his first smart zombie when he was 15. Child's play.

He's out on the town without a care, his spell book ready and his pockets full of spell components. Ones that try to sneak up on him will be caught quickly. Zombies who laid traps for people will suddenly find themselves falling victim to their own, no longer in control of themselves. He'll turn some against each other for fun to watch them tear each other apart. Feel free to approach him if you're out, need help, want to see what's up, whatever. Anyone who can tell will notice Theo has a lot of magic going right now - to protect himself and to control his the hoards.

He's obviously having a good time with all this. Theo is a necromancer first and foremost. It's what he knows. It's what he loves.]


Action B: 337 Brady Lane front lawn: Later you might find him on his lawn, where he's taken a zombie as a sample back with him. He's sitting there openly, sleeves rolled up, a cigarette in his mouth as he looks over various parts of the creature. Upon closer inspection, one will notice the large protection circle around himself and the experiment so that no other undead will be getting near him. Theo's got different equipment with him out there too, including amongst them some boxes, tupperwear, lighter fluid, and a machete.

Seems he's used that knife to severe the arm of this unconscious zombie, and is taking notes while he casts spells on it and looks it over. After a few gestures and some mumbling of Latin, the hand starts to wriggle and begins to pull itself along. Theo makes an impressed nise to himself, and jots some notes down. It's not every day he comes across non-magically created zombies, so it's time to get all the data and have all the fun he can.]

02 June 2012 @ 08:47 pm
017 ~*~ Not your mistress and maid  
(AU Information) )
[ Action : Mayfield Elementary (backdated to the 6/1 - the last day of school!) ]
[ Even though she dislikes being around so many humans, the smaller ones are more tolerable. This is one ofthe excuses she has made for herself as came in for work today. Meiling understands (and dreads) what happens to people who skip out on "work", even if the concept makes little sense to her. She only needs to do things for herself, and not others! Not like this, anyway. But she supposes these tiny, weak humans are not capable of doing things for themselves to such an extent at this young age.

You can find her doing one of several things:

A. Mopping the halls. And by "mopping" I mean she is dumping the entire contents of the bucket out onto the floor (yes, even if it's dirty water) and then just sort of pushing it around with her mop. It doesn't even matter if you are standing nearby or not. (Though if she knows you, she'll be nice and splash AWAY from your feet.)

B. Someone told her to clean the erasers. Meiling takes a pair in her hands, steps out into the hall, and slams them together with such force that it manages to create a nice, huge cloud of chalk dust! And also demolish the erasers in the process. Hope you weren't standing by her when it happened.

C. The windows are dirty on the outside, so Meiling is washing them off with a hose. Simple, right? Except she isn't bothering to see if any of them are open or not, first. That better not be an important book or assignment you were working on!

Worst. Janitor. Ever. ]

[ Action : 340 Brady Lane]
[ There is one redheaded youkai, sleeping peacefully in the yard. The way she is curled up you wouldn't think she was any sort of threat at all. Though she is squishing some flowers that she might ordinarily have been more careful about — which is odd enough by itself — but is there... blood on her white shirt and baggy pants? It's not just a little, either.

...It might be best to let sleeping dragons lie. ]
16 May 2012 @ 07:37 pm
DEPLOYMENT 17: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Boomstick  
[Balin's been a really rare sight at the house ever since the Friday before last. He's spending almost all of his waking hours in town, even on Mother's Day. Outside of work, he's become a lot more focused on accomplishing something with his demolitions projects.]

[Though today, he gets a belated birthday present. As he heads out the door to work, he spies a package lying on the porch. Rather than taking it inside, Balin's curiosity gets the best of him and he opens it on the spot ...]

Series 3 Triple Incendiary Shotgun
[... To reveal a shotgun. One big enough to have its own zip code and mean enough to come with its own postal worker. It looks suited to being a turret on a scale model battleship rather than in the hands of a human. Its ammo belt already has a few canisters pre-loaded into it. The sight of it makes Balin's eyes gleam.]

... Now we're talkin'.

[ACTION - A (Anywhere in Mayfield, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[You might catch Balin on the streets while he's out running his personal errands. In place of the Remington 870 shotgun he'd been carrying around with him for months, he's going to be carrying the Series 3 Triple Incendiary Shotgun. It comes with its own back-mounted holster, so he doesn't have the shotgun sling on him either.]

[ACTION - B (John Doe Park, Morning, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's taken a detour on his way to work in order to test out his latest piece of regained hardware. He's standing in a spot of open ground with a pail full of water from the nearby pond—just in case things get out of hand. Taking aim at the open sky, he pulls the trigger, and a flesh-searing armor-melting inferno that's twenty meters high at its most potent spews forth. Enjoy your wakeup call!]

[ACTION - C (Neutron Diner, Morning, Afternoon, or Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's also been frequenting the Diner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, since it gives him a place to sit down, eat, and work on brainstorming and planning—and the drones don't seem to bother him at all, provided he sits down at a booth. You'll likely see him jotting down notes or making rough sketches in a journal while taking bites out of a hamburger or a pathetic imitation of a Philly cheesesteak.]

[ACTION - D (Jonathon's Tools, Early Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's taking a look around the hardware store, though he doesn't seem to be buying anything today. He's making note of construction materials and any items the store has pertaining to electronics or electric wiring, as well as checking up on the different kinds of paint for sale.]

[ACTION - E (339 Brady Lane, Afternoon, HOUSE RESIDENTS)]

[While Balin was able to rig up simple detonators from what he found at the construction yard, doing something on the level of what he had planned would require some help to get right. To that end, he's stopping by Quinn's house to see if the guy's home. If the garage is open he'll be taking a peek to see if the technomancer's hanging around. If not, he'll head over to the front porch and ring the doorbell.]

Yo, Quinn! You there?

[He really should have phoned ahead ...]

[ACTION - F (Mayfield Outskirts, Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Like he's been doing for the past week, Balin continues to test and experiment with the C-4 he had created in the past week or two. By now, all the test detonations in that field have created some ready-made earthworks for future testing—a short trench five feet deep, beyond which are other shallow craters where more bricks of C-4 have gone off.]

[Balin can be found out here doing a final battery of experiments with what remains of his first few batches of C-4. Which means there'll be the occasional explosion coming from the outskirts of town—just mind the sign by the side of the road if you head out that way to investigate.]
14 May 2012 @ 10:21 pm
un Ϟ  
[Action-— 341 Brady]
[Ky notices that his magic has been sealed as soon as he wakes up; that and the completely unfamiliar surroundings lead him to believe he’s been kidnapped. Why kidnappers would bother to change his clothes, though, was a mystery, as was why they would leave him unguarded and unrestrained. Even unarmed and without magic, it was foolish to assume he wouldn’t make trouble.]

[Like any good ex-cop, he’s up and out of the bed to assess the extent of the situation in no time.]

[Action-— around town]
[He’s wandering around trying to look like he’s not completely at a loss, though considering the way he stops and boggles at things like cars and telephone lines, he’s not doing a very good job. He also frowns to himself every time he sees a street sign, and seems to be looking for something specific. Help the poor guy out?]
12 May 2012 @ 01:54 pm
{ONE} -- The strangest respawn.  
[A] ACTION -- 336 Brady Lane
[The loud thunkthunkthunk of footsteps can be heard throughout the entire house as Scout awakens and darts around the master bedroom, millions of questions just rushing through his head. Immediately, the young man discovers that he's not wearing his usual attire but instead is fairly dressed up in a pressed long sleeve shirt and dark slacks. He locates the closet after a minute or two of frantic searching and is disheartened to find that his old outfit is missing.]

Aw, crap! I ain't wearin' dis!

[Not expecting anyone else to be in this strange house, Scout yells and slams the closet door shut, then heads over to the dresser next to the bed. Maybe something of his would be there. He reaches for the knob on the top drawer but his hand doesn't ever make it there; instead, it slowly trails upward to the top of the dresser where there's a picture inside of a frame. He picks up the framed photograph and brings it closer to his face, in sheer disbelief at what the picture contains. It appears to be an image of himself in a tuxedo, standing next to a woman in a wedding dress. Next to the 'couple' there's someone else, presumably a child, though this child is almost as tall as Scout.]

Wh-wha ... I got married?

[The hand holding the framed picture begins to shake and he throws it back onto the dresser, face down. This is all just too weird for him to comprehend and he needs to figure out at least where he is. He rushes out of the bedroom, slamming the door, and dashes down the stairs.]

[The sound of him fumbling with the phone is heard before he actually speaks. His first words are quiet, but the volume quickly picks up.]

Does this thing even work
HEY! HEY! I dunno where I am or where my shit is but I'm gonna find out an' I'm gonna make whoever did dis pay. Got it? So make it easier on yerself an' just tell me who y'are so our time ain't wasted an' I can just kick yer ass now.

[You can hear Scout tearing apart the living room as he searches for his belongings. He starts to yell into the receiver since he's being so loud rummaging through things.]


[C] ACTION -- Around town.
[Scout, still wearing the fancy pressed shirt and slacks, is attempting to run. He has to stop to catch his breath after every few minutes, and when he actually does manage to run he's not going fast at all.

You may currently find him somewhere either catching his breath, cursing, or lightly jogging.]
07 May 2012 @ 04:20 pm
016 ~*~ "The lifespan is the same, whether it is spent laughing or crying."  
[ Action : Multiple addresses ]
[ Do you like gardening? Meiling certainly does. All this week, she's going to be at this when she isn't at her job cleaning Mayfield Elementary. You can find the redhead in the following yards, planting new flowers, trimming hedges, pulling weeds... just being a happy little busybody.

+ 1647 Albright Lane
+ 340 Brady Lane
+ 752 Partridge Drive
+ 506 Ricardo Street

Poke her. Help her. Wonder what the hell she's doing. Meiling is focused on her work, performing all tasks by hand even if a spade would help most. It doesn't matter to her if she gets dirty or scratched. She feels that she has to do this.

—though hard work IS hard, so she can just as easily be found napping in those yards, too, as she takes a break. ]
28 April 2012 @ 08:47 pm
♥ house changed  
[ action ♥ 335 Brady Lane ♥ backdated to Friday ]
[ Satou's gotten used to living with a bunch of drones. She's been waking up early (read: crazy early) to make herself a non-dronetastic breakfast and pack lunch before her drone mother wakes up, so that's what she's doing now. Oblivious to the fact that she has new housemates who aren't drones.

Though some of the ingredients she's used to using aren't there and there are some things she's never seen before, Satou finishes cooking and sets the table for four... then goes off to wake up her family members. You'll be getting a knock on your door before a really annoying magical girl lets herself in.

Good morning, sleepyhead! It's morning! Morning time is now! Time to wake up and smile all day, again~! 

[ school ♥ Friday ]
( ♥ Action A )
[ Are you a boy? Or a teacher? You poor soul. Between classes, Satou is summoning her courage to locate adults and boys her age. And after another burst of courage, approaching them and tapping their shoulders. ] Excuse me? Are you busy after school today, by any chance? [ Someone wants to abuse your section of the library. ]
( ♥ Action B )
[ Alternatively, Satou has told herself that she's allowed to have friends in Mayfield. Not just that, but she should be allowed to have a lot of friends. Then if she decides to go to prom she'll have a lot of people to talk to. So if you're a girl at school, no matter who you are or how unfriendly you may seem to be, Satou will pester you between classes. ] Um... um, excuse me! I'm Satou! um... Hey, let's be friends! [ And let's also get straight to the point.

And if you already know Satou then never fear!  She's essentially on autopilot after the first three encounters and will approach even people she knows, asking them to be friends as if they'd never met before.