06 June 2012 @ 07:59 pm
[502 Ricardo, outside in the yard.]

[The last thing he remembers before waking up is being on a quest with Vriska. It was fun and exciting, and he was actually having a really good time. But then, consciousness returned to him and everything was different. It was as if the things that had been happening were nothing more than a dream, even though it was all so vivid. When had he fallen asleep? Did he get hit in the head?

But after a second, he realized something. There was feeling where he wasn't used to feeling. He could feel his legs.]

...Oh... Oh my god.

[He gave his legs a twitch and then he lifted one of them. the blanket fell away from his leg, and he was so surprised to just see it working that he didn't even notice that his skin was a different colour. He didn't even realize his head was lighter from lack of horns.

His legs worked.

He shoving the covers off of himself and standing up in the blink of an eye. He took a few hesitant steps. He was walking. HIS LEGS WORKED.]

Oh... wow!

[He didn't even stop to think of how or why this was a thing that had happened. He didn't care. But the room was too small, he had to get outside. He hesitantly walked to the door and then opened it. He didn't know where he even was, but it was as if his body was being drawn outside. His legs knew where he wanted to go, and they were taking him there. If he passed anyone one his way out, he was oblivious.

When finally pushed the front door open and stepped out into the yard, his eyes squinted shut because of the sunlight. That wasn't a thing he was used to, but he wasn't going to stop it from letting him walk forward. When his toes touched the grass, he shivered. It had been so long since he'd felt the grass on his feet.

The feet that he still hadn't realized were human. Suddenly he let out a loud WOOP! and jumped into the air. Still unused to using his legs after sometime, they gave out when they hit the ground again, and he felt onto his bottom with a thud. But he didn't care, and instead he just started laughing.]

I... I can walk!

[And then he'll just... stand up, and hop around some more, while making the occasional loud shout of happiness.]
03 May 2012 @ 04:10 am
[ action - anywhere in mayfield ]

haha forget prom even though it is totally the most important event in any teenager's life - there are more important things to do. Such as LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAYING in public no less Tavros please you are embarrassing us all.

Cavorting around in a (now slightly outgrown) 
Pupa Pan outfit, Tavros has a small wooden sword and is attempting to engage in playing with himself. I mean literally, he is quoting the human version of the movie (which was good but definitely SUB-PAR comparing to the original) and gallivanting about mayfield trying to re-enact scenes from it. He's messing with mermaids in the park, he's trying to convince your family dog to join the lost boys, he's sword fighting with a tree, he's maybe casually checking out your house to see if you left any windows open because that is what you are supposed to do okay IT IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO

anyway maybe someone should save this dork from his own self. Play with him? Or just yell at the loser, who knows. That is the magic of roleplay.

13 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm

[the cacophony of wet swallowing sounds is occasionally broken up by agonized sounds of a boy who wants to keep all his peanut butter in the jar thank u very much]

If it isn't too much trouble, for someone, to possibly send assistance, on account of me, and my current position, of being-- uh, Terezi, I don't think that is supposed to, oh, no--

[Terezi interrupts him with a screech.]

OH MY GOD, Tavros, sucking on your tongue is like a Skippy peanut butter nirvana!! Hold still and let me just mrrrrffphhprhrpfhghghh OH YESSSSSSSS.

Only the sound of a strangled sob, before he manages to wrestle himself free long enough]

It would be really nice, if you would stop biting it, please, because I do have to use that for other things, also, at this point, even if it would be sort of inconvenient to come help, it would definitely still be a great thing to, um, auuuuughh??

[Terezi gives a strangled shrieking sound that to any normal person sounds like an animal dying; to those that know her, they will recognize it as her typical cackle.]



I am gonna touch the fuck out of your rump. Because that is a thing I can do now because it is not made of metal. Yes, it is, and- YES. Yessss.

It is plush, Tavros. It is so plush.

[A terrified squeaking noise.]

I think maybe it might be best, to take a moment, and reconsider, the thing I explained, about, UH, PLEASE DON'T SQUEEZE IT--

Too late, it is already considered squeezed! I will squeeze it once more for good measure- ah- there.

So tell me, Tavros.
[Terezi lowers her voice to what she thinks is her best sexy whisper but is really just generally fear-inducing.] Are you chunky or smooth down there?

[Only the sound of sweet, sweet peanut butter tears before the call cuts off.]


[Tavros can be found hiding (badly) in the park, and suffering Post Makeouts Stress Disorder, so you're free to hound him there too - just avoid cackling too loudly, using your tongue, or any vague mention of licking/rumps or he might actually pass out.]
25 January 2012 @ 02:28 am

Why, would you do that?

[For the first time, normally soft-spoken Tavros has managed to actually make a phone call without a rambling introduction - and probably for the first time for many of you (all of you??), he actually sounds pretty angry.]

I know that a lot of you really hate this place, but, some of us don't, because we all don't have options, to go home, or see the things that we really care about, ever again, except if they're here, in Mayfield. Maybe, some of us don't have anywhere else to go, and you do not have any right to make decisions like that, for us? And violence, um, doesn't solve everything. Or anything at all, really. Ever.

And maybe that isn't a very brave thing to say, and I guess this is mostly just, my personal opinion, but I think I feel pretty strongly about it, and, uh, I don't really care about anyone else's opinion, right now, sorry, except I'm not sorry, because you're hurting my friends.

Mayfield can be a bad place, but, it's also the only place that some of us have, and doing things that end up hurting the people who are, uh, here and stuck, doesn't make you any better than them, and also sort of crazy.