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Why, would you do that?

[For the first time, normally soft-spoken Tavros has managed to actually make a phone call without a rambling introduction - and probably for the first time for many of you (all of you??), he actually sounds pretty angry.]

I know that a lot of you really hate this place, but, some of us don't, because we all don't have options, to go home, or see the things that we really care about, ever again, except if they're here, in Mayfield. Maybe, some of us don't have anywhere else to go, and you do not have any right to make decisions like that, for us? And violence, um, doesn't solve everything. Or anything at all, really. Ever.

And maybe that isn't a very brave thing to say, and I guess this is mostly just, my personal opinion, but I think I feel pretty strongly about it, and, uh, I don't really care about anyone else's opinion, right now, sorry, except I'm not sorry, because you're hurting my friends.

Mayfield can be a bad place, but, it's also the only place that some of us have, and doing things that end up hurting the people who are, uh, here and stuck, doesn't make you any better than them, and also sort of crazy.
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[.......wow. IS THIS REALLY TAVROS. she is so proud of you abububububu.]

Preach it, Tavros! Let them know how horribly horrible they were.
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Remember what I always say? If you believe in something hard enough, that makes it slightly less fake!

I think that applies to confidence too.
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[ She's surprised to hear him like this, but she can't really spend too much time thinking on it. She can't spend much time thinking on anything, she's noticed, because what started as a mild headache has progressively become worse and worse.

There's quiet on her side of the line for a minute or two, and when she does speak her voice is soft, slightly strained. ]

It sounds pretty brave to me.
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You're getting better. There are different ways to be brave besides blowing stuff up.
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Her... ? [ Any more of what might have been the question dies on her lips, giving way to gentle, if slightly wheezy, laughter. ] I'm glad you're my friend too.
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Do you want me to come over? You sound really upset right now! We can do something fun. We can't do anything about it now. [She wish she had her timepowers. Maybe she could have helped.] I think we'll be fine if we're careful. I don't know what's going to happen next though! But we should stick together.

And I think you sounded plenty brave just now. The bravest even!
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I'll come over in a few minutes.[Click!]

[They'll probably be a knock at your door. Aradia has quite a few scratches and bites on her, the injuries from the events of Thanksgiving had resurfaced slightly. She hopes they don't get worst though, but she has a few bandaids and bandages all over herself.]

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It's a very brave thing to say, Tavros. I'm proud of you.

[She doesn't sound so good. But that's okay. She needs to be encouraging.]
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[Clover here is torn between wondering what kind of hellhole this guy comes from if he'd rather be in Mayfield and just... laughing at how funny he sounds.

She goes with an odd mix of both.]

Man, where the hell were ya before showin' up here?
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So does that mean you decided for everyone else that we should stop trying to get out because it might hurt a little when we try?
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I think you're real motherfuckin' brave.

...so uhhh, what's this being all about now? [guess who's been paying attention

not this asshole that's for sure]
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Being able to say how you feel without worrying about what people will think of you... That's a kind of bravery, too. But maybe, it might be better to have the confidence without the anger. Yelling won't change what's happened.
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You sound very brave to me, sweetie, standing up for your friends like that.
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Thank you.

Our principle focus right now should clearly be making as many audio hook transmissions telling these shit suckers to go fuck themselves, because I frankly have no idea what else there is to do.

Are you okay? Have you even died here?