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[502 Ricardo, outside in the yard.]

[The last thing he remembers before waking up is being on a quest with Vriska. It was fun and exciting, and he was actually having a really good time. But then, consciousness returned to him and everything was different. It was as if the things that had been happening were nothing more than a dream, even though it was all so vivid. When had he fallen asleep? Did he get hit in the head?

But after a second, he realized something. There was feeling where he wasn't used to feeling. He could feel his legs.]

...Oh... Oh my god.

[He gave his legs a twitch and then he lifted one of them. the blanket fell away from his leg, and he was so surprised to just see it working that he didn't even notice that his skin was a different colour. He didn't even realize his head was lighter from lack of horns.

His legs worked.

He shoving the covers off of himself and standing up in the blink of an eye. He took a few hesitant steps. He was walking. HIS LEGS WORKED.]

Oh... wow!

[He didn't even stop to think of how or why this was a thing that had happened. He didn't care. But the room was too small, he had to get outside. He hesitantly walked to the door and then opened it. He didn't know where he even was, but it was as if his body was being drawn outside. His legs knew where he wanted to go, and they were taking him there. If he passed anyone one his way out, he was oblivious.

When finally pushed the front door open and stepped out into the yard, his eyes squinted shut because of the sunlight. That wasn't a thing he was used to, but he wasn't going to stop it from letting him walk forward. When his toes touched the grass, he shivered. It had been so long since he'd felt the grass on his feet.

The feet that he still hadn't realized were human. Suddenly he let out a loud WOOP! and jumped into the air. Still unused to using his legs after sometime, they gave out when they hit the ground again, and he felt onto his bottom with a thud. But he didn't care, and instead he just started laughing.]

I... I can walk!

[And then he'll just... stand up, and hop around some more, while making the occasional loud shout of happiness.]
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Action - I could have used Nepeta but- FOR SOME REASON THIS SEEMS JUST AS AMUSING?

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Astral would likely have walked past your house no problem if not for the fact that you ran out of it and started jumping around on your lawn shouting about legs. In fact he wouldn't have even glanced at your house, most likely.

But blue-boy has been staring for some time now, and the next time you land on your back you'll find someone looking down on you confusedly. "Ah... Are you alright?"
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Awww yissss.

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Blink. Blink.

"I am 'Astral'; unfortunately, as I am the only member of my race as far as I am aware, I cannot quite answer your first question however."

Ah well. He'll put away the lens he had on his gold eye and hold out a hand for you. "You seem relatively excited about coming here, I must admit... In any case, it is a pleasure to meet you."

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[The drone child had been somewhat disturbing. Not quite as disturbing as the 'wife' ...he was still getting used to the very concept, but disturbing. Too cheery, too faked.

Summoner had expected the usual greeting that came every morning like clockwork, but it hadn't come. Then he noticed the child looked a little different. More individual. And was headed outside. He followed, of course.

A minute more of watching confirms his suspicions. Someone like him, brought here against their will. Maybe even put in a new body. The joy over simply being able to walk sends a pang of sadness through him, but he supposes he'll have to get it over with soon enough. His wings flare just a little bit behind his back as he raises his voice.]

Good morning!
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[And he'll just flair them out so Tavros can get a good look. Well, gee, isn't that color awfully familiar?]

I do! Why don't we come inside and talk? You look like you're hungry wiggler.

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[He really needs to find a better route around Mayfield. But he likes seething at Summoner's house as he walks past.
Well. This kid is new. Time to rain on his parade.]

So can I, what's your point?
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[Stops. Tames. Staring like Tavros is insane, which he probably is.]

What did you do to them?

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[Watch out for that wildly swerving firetruck or you might just lose your usage of those newly regained legs. The driver isn't even paying attention to what he might hit.]

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[The firetruck screeches to a stop. A man pokes his head out of the window. The first thing that Tavros can probably notice is that his hair is cut in a strange style that looks like it exploded everywhere, with some bald spots in between. It is a style so horribly awful that to see it would give people a desire to scratch out their own eyeballs and crush them.]

Sorry about that, kid. I was just in a hurry. You okay? Didn't squish you or anything, did I?

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[/slides in]

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[He wouldn't have noticed the boy if not for the amount of noise he was making. It marked him out as someone who wasn't a drone at least, and Norway pauses as he walks by the house, pressing one curled finger to his lips to hide the tiny smile twitching at them as he watches the youngster's joy]

/pokes gently

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[She watches him for a minute, smiling. It's nice to see someone being happy. After a moment, she'll walk over to say hello.]

Good morning!

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It really is! ^___^

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[It's been a strange few days- really he should be used to this by now. But with vague memories still lingering in his head of things that hadn't happened back on Alternia, he's quite distracted as he makes his way to the elementary school.

That is until he sees a very not-droned child leaping around his front lawn.]

Having a good morning?
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[Action] By the way he knows who Tavros is at least a little from the previous Tavros here that okay

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[Good God. Who is stomping around the house? The new dad? Maybe. But he was usually a lot quieter than this. Probably some new nerd that's gotten brought to the town. So Pokey will just go and investigate who it is and-


What're you doing in my house?

[It's more annoyance than anger because really? There's only one reason he can think this nerd who is just stamping around would be in his house. And he doesn't like it.]


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[Luke is curiously watching all this as he walks by.]

Oh, hello there. What's got you all excited?


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[Oh... this seems incredibly familiar. Still, that sort of happiness is pretty infectious.]

Morning. Nice to see someone in a good mood for a change.
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[Her and Summoner have this daily meeting you know. It's called lets meet and see what this human male body can do aka lets hook up.

So Mindfang, in all her troll body glory walks through the front gate, merely raising an eyebrow at the weird kid jumping up and down.

And then she'll just keep on going because yeah.]