01 December 2012 @ 09:06 am
[That's it, then. Time to leave. Hajime's tearing out of town on his motorcycle, but he's not taking a direct route to do so. No, he's driving around making sure others have a chance to escape, even if he's slowly moving in the direction of the exit.

Don't worry about those hazmats. Kamen Rider Chalice aboard his motorcycle will come jumping over something to ram into them, buying you some time to escape.]

Hurry up and run! I'll take care of them!
23 October 2012 @ 10:05 am
[A - Backdated to Monday, Around Town]

[There's only one way to put it: Hajime's been droned out of his mind. He's unnaturally cheerful today, and he's very dedicated to his job as a butcher. You might find him around his house at 2239 Stevens, or you might find him out and about town at work or taking a leisurely walk through the park.

No matter where you encounter him, he's smiling far too much and far too unnaturally, as well as looking a little glazed-over.]

[B - Early Tuesday Morning, the Park]

[Hajime suddenly awakes very early that morning, well before sunrise, with the sudden realization that he went home, but now he's back in Mayfield. At the same time, the memories he'd been working with as a drone are pushing in, insisting that the other world he remembered, the one he thought he'd gone back to, was a lie.

The roar of a motorcycle engine cuts through the early morning silence as Hajime essentially flees the house. He needs to get away from there.

Hajime can be found in the park seated on a bench with the motorcycle parked next to it. He's clutching this photograph, staring off into the distance, and looking kind of haunted about something.]

[C - Tuesday Afternoon, the Butcher Shop]

[Since he'd really rather not get a full-on droning again, Hajime has dragged himself to work. He's got a killer headache, and he's still trying to cope emotionally with what happened when he somehow went home.

The headache and wrestling with two sets of memories is distracting enough that he's managed to slice one of his fingers open on accident. He's now staring at the wound in something like shock as red blood comes out. You'd think the guy had never cut himself or seen blood before.]
22 July 2012 @ 06:39 pm
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Hajime goes out to get the mail this morning, and, to his surprise, there are two small packages addressed to him. He knows others have been getting things back from home, so he quickly takes them inside, parks himself at the kitchen table, and opens them up to take a look. At this point, he's not too worried about any potential disastrous effects from his packages--he's already gotten back the worst of what he could regain.

The first, slightly heavier envelope, contains an assortment of odd-looking playing cards. He's clearly pleased as he flips through them; he almost has all of his cards back now. Only the Royal Undead are missing, and as far as he can remember, he never had the King to begin with... The second envelope was roughly the same size, and he's assuming the remaining two cards are in there.

To his surprise, a photograph slides out. He kind of locks up when he sees it; this is really the first he's seen of his adoptive family since he came to Mayfield, and this picture in particular is rather important to him. He likely won't notice anyone coming into the room for a bit and is ripe to be surprised.

[B - John Doe Park]

[Hajime is spending a rather quiet afternoon out in the park. He'll be out through the early evening. You might find him out and about photographing things. He might also be seated on a park bench, changing the film in his camera or examining the cards and photograph he just regained.]
25 June 2012 @ 07:12 pm
09 - Regain  
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Well, that wasn't something that showed up in the mail often--an envelope with Hajime's name on it, and that envelope wasn't a bill or other sort of "normal" document that might be addressed to the man of the house. He'll just sit himself down at the kitchen table and open up that envelope. There's nothing inside except a photograph of an odd, stringless bladed longbow. The sight of it makes Hajime smile, and he stands up from the table, forming his transformation belt as he does so. He needs to test this.

He transforms into Chalice, and, for the first time in quite a while, wills that bow into existence. It appears in his hands, seeming just as normal as ever. He's making a few experimental swipes with it, though he's careful not to break anything.

...so, yeah, there's a fully-armored Kamen Rider waving around a bow in the kitchen. Have fun with that, household.]

[B - John Doe Park]

[Okay, maybe he should have waited until he got outside to see if even summoning the bow worked the way he thought it should. It's now time to give it a better test. Hajime is once again Chalice. He has a few targets set up, and he's firing small blue bolts of energy at them. You might also catch him attacking a roughly-constructed dummy as he uses the bow as a melee weapon. The dummy isn't lasting long.]
06 June 2012 @ 05:49 pm
08 - AUfield Recovery  
[There's nothing quite as unpleasant as waking up in the morning only to realize you've been an absolute monster for the past five days. Hajime doesn't really know what caused the sudden horrible shift in his behavior, but he's considerably disturbed by his actions. He spent that time doing nothing but seeking to destroy things, picking fights, and generally trying to hurt people--becoming the monster he's been trying desperately not to be.]

[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Immediately after waking up, Hajime staggers to the bathroom to splash water all over his face. He's wrestling with the memory of what he did to poor Floyd, and he's decided he's going to try to sneak out of the house before running into any of his housemates. So now he's heading downstairs, hoping he doesn't run into anyone else...]

[B - Around Town, late morning and early afternoon]

[Hajime will not be going to work today. Instead, he's going to wander aimlessly around town, morosely staring at a bunch of nothing. His body language strongly suggests he's depressed, and he's clearly lost in his own little world.

Not paying attention to his surroundings is going to have its side effects, and he's highly likely to walk into you. Oops.]

[C - John Doe Park, late afternoon and early evening]

[Hajime has parked himself on a park bench and is sitting there staring at nothingness, his own feet, or a weird playing card he's holding. He'll be hanging around until well after dark, because he still doesn't really want to go home.]
01 June 2012 @ 05:54 pm
07 - [AUField] Destroy All Humans  
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Another day in Mayfield. Hajime is most displeased as he wakes up--he's STILL trapped in Human Undead's form and not his own Joker body. He'd taken that form as a temporary disguise back home, and he had no idea it was going to be forced upon him for such a long time.

Thanks to the needs of this human body, he requires breakfast, so he's in the kitchen attempting to make breakfast...at least until he gets distracted. Continuing to wake up here in Mayfield is such a source of frustration he's smashing most things in the kitchen as he tries to get himself going for the day. Housemates will probably wake up to the sound of breaking dishes or clattering pots and pans.]

[B - Butcher Shop]

[AU or not, Mayfield is still Mayfield, and Hajime would very much like not to get droned...so he's showing up for work today. Unfortunately, he's got a far shorter fuse than usual, and you may or may not get that cut of meat you wanted. His laziness is contributing to the formation of a line complete with a handful of complaining drones, and he can only take so much.

He's just flung a knife at the line. Perhaps he threw it at the drone standing next to you. Perhaps it's flown over the top of your head only to hit the wall behind you. Maybe you've regained superpowers and managed to catch it. Either way...dare you say something to the butcher responsible?]

[C - Around Town]

[Okay, enough work. Hajime is prowling around town, looking for a fight. Any fight. He looks angry...pretty much because he is. Try not to bump into him, because he'll probably punch you unless you're quick. Or go ahead and approach, try to figure out what's got him in such a sour mood.]

[D - Around 2239 Stevens]

[It's late, it's dark out, and Hajime appears to be brooding out in the front yard...and he's just kicked over the trash can for no apparent reason. Approach at your own risk.]

((OOC: Hajime's AU has him embracing his role as the world-destroying Joker Undead and basically left him unable to feel compassion or many emotions outside of his own lust for battle and destruction. He's only satisfied when he's destroying things, and he really hates humans. He'll be a violent brute for the duration of the event. If you've had previous CR with him, feel free to remember it as adjusted to compensate with AU!Hajime being a jerk or if you remember it as it was, he'll just figure he was droned or something that day.))
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28 April 2012 @ 11:46 am
06 - Not the Father  
[Action - Jonathon's Tools]

[Hajime has decided to visit the hardware store today. He's got a bit of a home renovation project planned, and he's got a cart loaded with things like plywood, bricks, and mortar. He's also throwing in a few tools here and there for good measure, as well as screws and nails.

This might be perfectly normal and not at all cause for notice were it not for the fact that his new teenaged not!son, Floyd, has followed him into the store. You may hear him repeatedly telling Floyd to go home. Or you may hear him telling Floyd to put (insert dangerous-looking tool here) down. Or you may hear him telling Floyd that no, eating the cement is bad no matter what you saw Matter-Eater Lad back home try. He might also simply be trying to get Floyd to stop calling him "Dad."

Hajime looks like he is resisting the urge to carry out an act of great violence. Floyd looks like he's probably having the time of his life. Care to bother them?]

((OOC: This is a joint post with Floyd Belkin/Arm Fall-Off Boy. Responses will come from either one of us, and we will be threadjacking unless you specify you only want either Hajime or Floyd.))
20 April 2012 @ 09:45 pm
05 - Poison Joke  
[So, last night, Kreutzer's dolls brought in some strange blue plants to brighten up the place! Hajime didn't know what they were, and he wound up touching them in an effort to figure that out. Big mistake. It's the next morning, and the Poison Joke has worked some interesting changes on the household overnight.]

[A - 2239 Stevens, forward-dated to Saturday morning]

[Hajime wakes up and rolls off the couch like nothing's wrong. He hasn't noticed anything out of the ordinary yet, not even as he gets into the kitchen to start up a pot of coffee, as is his way. After all, the form he's in right now is pretty natural to him on some level, and he didn't sleep very well at all. He's still waking up!

It's not until the giant green blade on his right wrist comes into his line of sight that he wakes up enough to know EXACTLY what has happened. He doesn't realize the Poison Joke is to blame, but he does know he's taken his original form, that of the Joker Undead. Hajime is now bracing for Joker's full destructive power and instincts to kick in, but nothing is happening. He still has his mind in tact, and he still feels about like a normal human power-wise. He tries changing back to human with his Spirit card, but his Rouser appears to be not working right. It only takes him a few tries before he gives up.

Housemates, you have a large monster in your kitchen making a cup of coffee. And he's probably not the happiest monster in the world.]

[B - Phone, filtered to all other Kamen Riders, forward-dated to Saturday morning]

This is Chalice. I...appear to be having some issues with Joker.

[He sounds pretty calm about it, however. Definitely not like he's about to lose it.]

[C - John Doe Park, forward-dated to Saturday afternoon]

[Hajime's still afraid he might lose control of himself at any moment, and so he's out in the most remote areas of the park, skulking behind clumps of trees and generally trying to avoid notice. He figures he's less likely to do damage here than in the residential areas.

But there's still a terrifying-looking monster hanging around the park, in the event you spot him. He is trying very, very hard to stay away from people and generally remain hidden. What do?]
13 April 2012 @ 07:31 pm
04 - ...I'd rather be an uncontrollable monster.  
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Waking up this morning is surprisingly pleasant at first, as Hajime finds himself in a nice, comfortable bed that is a change from the couch he's been sleeping on. That's his first clue something's wrong, and he sits up to find himself in the master bedroom, which is definitely not where the couch is. He sits up bolt upright to figure out what's going on, and he catches sight of himself in the dresser mirror.

There's quite a bit of cursing in the Undead language once Hajime realizes exactly what he's looking at. He jumps out of the bed, intending to rush downstairs and see what's lying on the couch he fell asleep on...and then he realizes exactly what it is Kreutzer sleeps in.

No way is he going out in that. By this time, he's stirred up some of Kreutzer's dolls, but he ignores them as he starts rummaging through the closet for something he can wear. No way is he even touching any of Kreutzer's favored frilly dresses. He digs around until he finds some things of his that haven't been moved out of the master bedroom yet, and he puts those on. He's bigger than Kreutzer, so he's been forced to roll up the sleeves of his shirt and legs of his pants, as well as find a good belt, before he feels comfortable in moving around. He pulls Kreutzer's hair back into a horrible ponytail, too--got to get that out of his way.

With that taken care of, he rushes downstairs, dolls trailing behind, to find himself--or at least, his body--sleeping on the couch as usual. He kills his initial instinct to ask Human Undead how he unsealed himself and instead goes over to nudge the body awake.]

Hey! Hey!

[Oh, man, his voice even sounds like Kreutzer's...]

Wake up!

[Frustrated, he whacks his body in the shoulder. Not like he's worried about hurting his body; Kreutzer's not strong enough for that.]

[B - Grocery Store]

[And Hajime has somehow decided he'd brave the wilds of Mayfield today. He's got a few errands in mind. Nothing too fancy; he's just shopping for a few essentials before he's going to go back home and try to pretend this isn't happening.]

[[OOC note: all tagbacks will be from [personal profile] notacrazydollmaker.]]
01 April 2012 @ 01:50 pm
03 - Prankfield: Joker Learns to Prank  
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Hajime, realizing that there is far, far too much shame involved in pranking people, has decided to disguise himself for some of his pranks. (For one thing, he'll be going after a harmless old lady, how awful.) He wants the costume to be ridiculous enough to contribute to the overall ludicrousness of the prank and to be memorable enough that people focus on the costume and not him.

Anyone nearby 2239 Stevens will have seen him furtively carrying large amounts of rubber mats into the garage. He may dart outside for some thing or another that he's forgotten, and he won't make eye contact. He's also stolen a variety of his not!wife's sewing supplies. Housemates may be able to get into the garage, where you'll find him trying his masterpiece on, although the head's not finished yet.]

[B - Anywhere]

[With the monster suit finished, Hajime isn't actually sure he wants to go through with wearing the stupid thing. He just might try a few little pranks without it first...or he might cave and break the stupid thing out anyway. At the moment, he's wearing a trenchcoat, and he's got various pranking supplies hidden in its various pockets...even though he may not really know how to use them all effectively yet.

His focus on trying to find his own targets also leaves him ripe for the pranking, should anyone who's been assigned him spot him wandering the streets.]

[C - 848 Goldberg Street, that night, locked to Malcolm Reynolds]

[How convenient of you to sleep up on the rooftop, Mr. Reynolds! You were a hard man to find during the day. There is now a short man in a bad googly-eyed monster suit skulking around the house...and he has a makeshift slingshot. And water balloons.

INCOMING! The "monster" is now firing water balloons at Mal's sleeping form. His aim is quite good.]

[D - The lake, locked to Granny Weatherwax, forward-dated to the next day]

[Hajime has saved his most shameful target for last. Really, Mayfield, having him prank a harmless old lady? Still, it should be easy enough. He's once again wearing the monster suit (which may or may not have been repaired depending on how his other pranks go), and he's currently hunting for his target. When he sees Granny, he's just going to jump out and wave his arms around while making generic monster noises. Should be easy enough, right?]
20 March 2012 @ 06:32 pm
02 - Slime Time  
[A - 2239 Stevens, locked to housemates]

[Hajime has arrived home after being out and about for the day. He's been in a fouler mood than usual, so he goes to fix some coffee...only when he turns the faucet on to get some water, a giant glob of slime flies out and hits him in the face. The impact of the slime knocks him back and into a stack of freshly-washed dishes. Anyone else in the house is sure to have heard that.

And with the slime come a bunch of urges he didn't think he'd have to fight because hey, he's a full human in Mayfield...but right now, he's feeling more like the Joker Undead than Hajime Aikawa. Some part of him is aware that THIS IS A PROBLEM (did he get a package from the Post Office he wasn't aware of?) but for now, he just wants a little destruction in his life. There's not a whole lot around for him to smash, but he swings out an arm and takes out another stack of dishes just for the heck of it.

Oh, and he's dripping slime all over the kitchen.

Edit: This ends up with the kitchen and half of 2239 Stevens exploding. If you're in the area, you've probably noticed and will find Hajime outside angrily looking for his not!wife. He will try to attack you, too.]

[B - Around Town]

[Someone's on a little rampage now. Hajime's still got slime all over his head and shoulders, and his body language suggests that he's out for blood. He's been pounding on drones here and there as well as the occasional possessed appliance. Sometimes, he'll kick over a trash can or other kick-overable item, like a bicycle just for the heck of it.

If you're a child, he'll probably leave you alone, but if you're an adult and look like you could take him, he'll be more aggressive towards you. At the moment he's currently beating a slime-covered mailbox with a baseball bat he picked up somewhere. To be fair, the mailbox started it, and it still keeps hopping up and trying to bite him in the face.]
09 March 2012 @ 04:06 am
01 - And So It Begins.  
[A - 2239 Stevens]

[Hajime wakes up...which is not unusual in and of itself, but he becomes very aware of a few things. This is not the room he's been renting at the Jacaranda, nor are these the clothes he went to sleep in the night before. They're a very outdated style he hasn't really seen before. The room itself is more spacious than the one he's been renting, and it has windows, making it quite unsuitable for the makeshift darkroom he had going back home. Decorating the room are photographs of him and some humans he's never seen before, which confuses him.

Also, there's a woman lying next to him. Hajime sort of stares for a moment. He's now even more confused; he definitely doesn't know who she is and isn't the sort to take up with strange women. He decides the best course of action is to sneak out of the bed and try to figure out what's going on, but, unfortunately, when he starts to pull himself into a seated upright position, one of the mattress springs squeaks very loudly...]

[B - Around Town]

[Hajime is now stalking around town and trying not to look as confused by everything as he feels as he tries to get the lay of the land. He's trying very hard to pretend like he knows what's going on, which mostly means scowling and staring at things. He has now stopped to stare at something in the area, looking thoughtful and a little angry. Despite appearances, maybe he'd be up for a chat?]