02 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm
20 ✿ i believe that pranks are much better than death [backdated to april 1st]  
[[truthfully, she had been preparing for the events of last year to repeat themselves as the man on the phone had told her. but, thankfully, her hopes were recognized, and the minute she finished reading her letter, she felt every bottled up fear flutter out of her in the form of a happy sigh. and then she questioned the fact of her "agreeing" to do this. and then the remembered it's mayfield, and mayfield does stuff like this because mayfield.

anyway. playing jokes on people? pranks? she'll do her best (although, she doesn't like the idea of making people cry, so none of that).

now, to find her targets.]]

locked to: chen, lili, inara, and the fair lady! )

[[action (after the fun "pranking" shenanigans]] // john doe park // open ]]

[[somehow, nia has found a way to prank herself. sitting in the park, she's having a little bit of a wrestling match with a tenacious piece of saran wrap. she can't seem to get it off her arms and/or torso. what a problem! what a pickle! what a conundrum!

although, she doesn't seem all too upset. she's laughing about it, in fact!]]

02 April 2012 @ 07:12 pm
4th Coffee  
[Well, Maladict likes to think simple pranks are above her, but given what people have been saying about the last time the census went out, she might as well give it a go]

[Action; Nia]
Nia's prank )

[Action; Elizabeth]
Elizabeth's Prank )

[Action; England]
England's prank )

[Action; Panty - 3AM]
Panty's prank )

[Action; Hilda]
Hilda's prank )
17 March 2012 @ 05:27 pm
20 ✿ i believe in THE LUCK OF THE IRISH.  
[[ phone // unfiltered ]]

Hello, everyone! I have a question I would like answered.

What is this "Saint Patrick's Day" that everyone is talking about? And why is everyone wearing the color green? And everyone is talking about drinking! Is drinking more important today than on other days? I will make sure to drink plenty of water and juice, if that is the case!

[[action // open // park ]]

Maybe I am not wearing enough. I should add more, to make sure!

[[nia is plucking grass from the ground as she speaks. when she plucks the blades, she ties them on her arm using bits of string.

she has a rather big collection already tied to her arms. she seems dedicated to the cause..]]

06 February 2012 @ 05:48 pm
19 ✿ i believe in coming to.  
[[ action // 840 hastings ]]

[[she's been in the same house for days. after being put and tied to her chair, she hasn't moved much at all. apparently her determination was enough to get her to flat out attack people, but it wasn't quite enough to get her out of a jump rope.

in any case, when she wakes up that morning, she is... not really all that hellbent on destroying everything and everyone. and she isn't as emotionless as she once was. she's very emotional, now, wondering where everyone is. touma, and the other girl who offered her hospitality, even when she spat such rude things at her.

she looks around, teary eyed, as she calls out.]]
Hello? Hello, is anyone awake? I would like to get out of this rope, please! [[a pause.]] I am sorry! Please, someone help me out of this! I will not hurt you... I hope.

[[ action // 312 miller // locked to badou ]]

I am back. [[she closes the door behind her and rubs her eyes. she is not happy. she is the opposite of happy. and she's tired.

she wanders around the house, hoping to find someone.]]
Is anyone home?

[[ phone a // filtered to anyone she attacked ]]

[[check out who figured out phone filters! yeah! but, no time for celebration, nia has a big apology to make.]] ... I am very sorry, everyone. I did awful things. I tried to hurt all of you. And when some of you tried to tell me to stop, I just kept trying. I should have stopped, but I could not.

I am so, so sorry. I do not know how to tell everyone just how sorry I am.

[[ phone b // unfiltered ]]

Is everyone alright? After all of that, what just happened to so many of us, I hope so.

30 January 2012 @ 07:17 pm
8th Broken Illusion  
[ Action : 840 Hastings Blvd. : Something after this thread ]
[ There is nothing out of place about two kids sitting in the living room and watching TV. They are even behaving just as proper children should, sitting on different surfaces - the boy is laying on the couch and the girl is seated in a chair from the kitchen!

There is no reason to suspect that the silence between them has anything to do with the fact that he's trying to sleep off a massive headache, and that she is unconscious from the blow that has left her cheek marred with dirt. That is not the imprint of a set of knuckles there, no sir.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the bandages wrapped around his left arm or the jump-rope used to tie the girl to the seat she's in.

Nothing at all to see here, folks. Move along... ]

((OOC: Expect Touma and Nia (when awake) in these threads. Tag order is in set after the first round unless you say otherwise!))

[ Phone : Even later ]
How can you tell if someone else's jaw is broken? [ Just a question. Don't read into it. ]

And, if it is, what do you do with it? Is there even a brace for that...
29 January 2012 @ 02:21 am
18 ✿ i believe in nothing.  
[[ phone // unfiltered // morning, after her release ]]

That was a rather terrible place. It was very dirty. And it was fully of dirty, disgusting things.

Just like the rest of this town.

I can not stand by and watch you all. I will not allow myself to do so. Pathetic creatures such as yourselves do not deserve to be on any plane of existence, but I do not have the capabilities to erase you from it. I do have the capability to do other things, though.

[[ action // around town // morning ]]

[[immediately after her phone call, she sets off to do her work. she wanders about, searching for what she wishes to destroy (that is, everything with a pulse, apparently). oh, yeah, and she has a rather large kitchen knife in hand. awesome.]]

cut for long ooc note. also, warning: violence and death! )

25 January 2012 @ 03:12 pm
17 ✿ i believe this was a mistake.  
 [[ phone // unfiltered // late evening ]]

So, correct me if I am wrong, but the thing that has been bringing those that die back, is gone? That is not good. I am sure we all know that, though.

But, I do not think yelling at each other is going to help. We need to stay together now, more than ever! I know that some of you are mad at whoever did this, but we all make mistakes. [[a deep breath.]] We can not change what has happened in the past, we can only go forward!

If we help instead of fight, I think it will all turn out alright. No amount of arguing will fix this, so we should pull together and work together!
16 January 2012 @ 02:29 am
16 ✿ i believe this is annoying!  
[[ phone // unfiltered // early morning ]]

Hello? Is anyone there? [[she sounds incredibly groggy.]] Everyone else is hearing this very loud noise, yes? It woke me up, if that is not obvious. It is very early... 

I feel very strange, and my head hurts. This alarm can not last for long, though, I hope...

[[ action // open // afternoon // park ]]

[[nia is in the park, one of her favorite places that mayfield can offer. she went on a walk, and found herself taking a seat on a bench, taking in the pristine beauty that was ~the outdoors~.

now, she's clonked out. sitting upright, but asleep, bundled in her winter coat and snoozing peacefully in the cold. it seems that she did not take too well to being woken up so early and being kept up with the alarms. finally, it's catching up with her, and she's making up for lost hours of sleepies. this probably isn't healthy (actually, it definitively isn't) but one can't deny she looks pretty peaceful.]]