31 July 2012 @ 08:35 pm
[04] Fourth Job  
{A: Action - Open to all}
-location: 848 Goldberg Street
-time: Late morning-ish

[If you happen to be walking down Goldberg Street, look out! Mal pelts a metal cross pendant necklace out the front door as hard as he can.]

{B: Phone - Filtered to Inara Serra}
-time: Midday

Hey, uh, I know we ain't talked in a while but I reckon it's time we did. Elephant in the room an' all that.
08 June 2012 @ 12:28 am
[03] Third Job  
{A: Action - Open to housemates, neighbors, and anyone else who might be walking by}
-- location: 848 Goldberg Street
-- time: Mid-morning

[Anyone within the vicinity of the Reynolds residence might notice a new fixture in the neighborhood. Precariously parked in the back yard (and leaving not a foot of space to spare) is a mid-sized transport ship that looks like it's got quite a few years on it. Several scorch marks also suggest that it's seen some excitement.

The side gate is open and anyone who's curious will see the ramp down and Mal walking back and forth, moving his personal possessions armload by armload into the ship. Looks like he's moving in.]

{B: Phone - Open to Kaylee Frye}
-- time: Mid-morning

Kaylee? Come on over. Yer captain's got a present for ya.
15 May 2012 @ 10:45 am
[02] Second job  
{Action - Open to housemates and neighbors}
-- location: 848 Goldberg Street
-- time: Backdated to Mother's Day, late morning

[Climbing out the window to escape the drones in the house has become a regular thing for Mal and he's now reaping what he's sowed by repairing the gutter, half dangling off the edge of the roof. His tailbone remembers that fall well.

He's hoping no one saw it when it happened yesterday but there are just so many neighbors around. Fat chance.]

{Action - Open to all}
-- location: Olney's Tavern
-- time: Backdated to Mother's Day, evening

[Now the real work begins. Mal's serving up drinks at the tavern, and to be truthful, he rather enjoys his job. The only downside is the strange people he sometimes has to be friendly with.]

Howdy. What can I get for you?
05 April 2012 @ 09:31 am
[Prank Event] Joint post for Luke Skywalker and Malcolm Reynolds  

{A: Action - Open to all}
-- location: At the grocery store
-- time: Late morning

[Luke's bundled himself up even though the weather's been getting warmer. He's moving slowly and if one were to get a good look at his face they'd see the signature green rash and spots.]

{B: Action - Open to housemates, friends, & neighbors}
-- location: 1765 Beaver Street
-- time: Afternoon-ish

[Except for that brief trip this morning to find soup and ginger ale Luke hasn't been out of the house in two days and he hasn't bothered to contact anyone. The house is quiet.]

{C: Action - Open to friends and neighbors}
-- location: 848 Goldberg Street
-- time: All day

[Mal hasn't made contact with anyone and he hasn't been seen all day or most of yesterday. Neighbors might notice the drone family at 848 Goldberg looking quite distraught as the wife leaves for work and the children leave for school. There was even some yelling earlier, a man's voice. After the family leaves Mal still isn't seen and the house is now dark and quiet.]
15 March 2012 @ 09:54 pm
[01] First Job  
{Action - Open to neighbors and anyone else who might be passing by... seeing as Mal has no housemates.}
-- location: 848 Goldberg Street
-- time: Morning

[In a situation such as this, when Mal suspects foul play, he never takes the obvious way out because that often ends up being the wrong way out. That front door and even the upstairs hallway will remain empty and unused. Instead, any passersby may see a man crawling out of his bedroom window and edging carefully along the roof in his pajamas.]