01 December 2012 @ 07:34 am
The Last Cup  
[Crown has taken to the streets. Not knowing how to drive a car is a hiderance but he's booking it. He's setting infernos off with his sword burning any kind of creature that gets in his way. When he does this to a hazmat, he learns to never set those things on fire.

In any case, he's moving. Any child that he comes across that's on foot he's instantly taken them with his free hand making them move faster, but anyone else he'll just be running passed. He needs a lift guys. Anyone willing to offer?]
23 October 2012 @ 01:46 pm

[Crown's been really confused lately. His life has always been in Mayfield hasn't it? But everytime he see's that Sword in his bedroom something tells him something's off. But when he does he just keeps getting hit with how much he loves this place. It's getting weird and he kind of wants to know if others are feeling the same.]

Has...anyone else been feeling off lately? Like something's out of place?

30 September 2012 @ 01:54 am
Fourth Cup  
Phone; filtered from the usual suspects.

[So, it looks like Olivier is a drone now. They say it can be permanent or temporary, the telling signs are usually if their personal items up and vanish too. Needless to say the tank was a big sign she was gone. He's not sure how to feel about it, or if he can feel anything on it. He's never good at telling when he's sad or not. However, he pushes those feelings back like all the others for one important thing. Bingo Night.

He only attended  a handful of meetings but all the same, it nearly got cancelled because of Olivier's last droning. What would happen to it now that she was gone for good? Well, he's not going to sit on it.]

Hello, this is Crown. To the attendants of the former General Armstrong's Bingo night, I would like to ask the occupants of her household if they plan to continue it further.

Also, if there are any legal male adults in town I would like to request a favour.

Oh, one more thing...riddles and puzzles are a good thing, especially when in the paper. Maybe get a copy for yourself to enjoy...after all we would all love to know the Local news. But there are always flukes [he seems to put heavy emphasis on the -luke part.] in those.
[In other words he's trying to say go read Luke's paper.]


[Crown is about the town, carrying a note book and pencil on his person. He's stopping by the big places in town (i.e. the dairy, post office, town hall) and drawing up notes. He's walking around the buildings trying to find any entry spot or weak point he can.

People may find him jotting down things on the side walk or attempting to scale one of the buildings for a better view.

In any case, he's getting ready to try and do his own resistance meeting if it comes down to it.]

08 August 2012 @ 08:29 pm
Third Cup: The Price of Magic  
Post office

[So Crown has ventured into the post office. He's heard of it and knows what might happen. He could end up dying if he goes in, but he needed to at least start from somewhere right? Everyone had something in this town back from home and he couldn't afford to wait for anything. But he decided to bear the weight of whatever it cost alone. He wasn't going to have someone come in with him and watch him mutilate himself. Even he wasn't that pragmatic.

It's only a few minutes and after signing the forms and receiving his magical potential back, it hits him all at once. Inside of him he felt like something had stabbed their hand into his side and raggedly broke off one of his ribs. But it's not over with just that. It feels as if another hand stabs into his side and just rips out one of his kidney's, and still as unclean as the first. He clutches his side, there's no blood but he can feel it. He just lost one of his organs.

As he stumbles out of the post office, he's just stumbling around in the streets. It's not so much the loss of the organ and the rib, but the blinding pain of having both ripped out so unceremoniously.]


[He's managed to make it home, but he's still in a lot of pain. Picking it up weakly he presses it to his ear.]

Remus...I will have to cancel our lesson today.

But if anyone has healing powers in this town, I would greatly appreciate them right now.

24 July 2012 @ 11:58 am
Second Cup (like the coffee place)  
Phone (Filtered from drones)
[Well, time to ask for assistance from the other captives of the town. Though, he's probably not made a very good impression on a lot of people.]

So, I have been told it would be wise to have a weapon on hand. I was going to obtain one anyways, but I hear I can ask someone to make it for me. If anyone knows of a boy named, Hiccup, please tell me where I may find him and ask for his services.

Otherwise, I am in need of...a special order. I want something tailored and...in a place like this I do not feel comfortable without wearing it. Also, if anyone would like to learn how to fence I can offer some lessons.

Lastly is there anyone who can replace missing limbs with artificial ones that still function like how a normal one would?

That is all.

Post office
[Crown is currently standing outside the post office looking up at it. He's not entirely sure yet if he should go in. He still needs to find someone who could replace a limb if he lost one and it would probably be good to write a journal. Otherwise, people will see him pacing back and forth with his hand settled on his chin.]

Hardware store
[Olivier showed him the wonder of hand guns. Even though he's not really wanting to use one, it would be good to have some kind of weapon. Too bad he's a minor.]

Look, I just require one of these guns. It is for....MY father. He's very sick and....oh just forget it.

[He will be standing off to the side in the store glaring over at the drone handling the front. Maybe he could steal one.]

Anywhere in Town

[Just walking around really. But the magic of tripping happens and he almost bowls into someone, maybe that's you.]

I apologize, I lost my footing...

12 July 2012 @ 08:48 pm
First Cup  
508 Ricardo Drive

[Crown has awakened from his sleep to find himself in a strange room. This was not his bed. He didn't remember these decorations, the things that hung over his bed. Pictures hanging around the room, himself in them with strangers. More over, how the hell did he appear in these pictures. This was too odd. Too bizarre. But he couldn't panic. He looks around the bedroom for his sword but...it's not there. This is getting bad. What was the logical thing to do right now?

Well, get dressed and walk outside to look at these strange surroundings. Gain familiarity with this foreign territory. His eyes are narrowed, dark even as he suspiciously looks about. Where had he been taken? For what purpose even? Was someone trying to remove competition from the Hierarchy's cup? If that was the case why not cut his throat? No it had to be unrelated. But they took his sword, which almost answers itself. Who would want their captive to have a weapon?

Well at least he can still summon swords. Crown lifts his hand to create a sword, only to find no sword was appearing. All right...magic is blocked too. Definitely a prison of some form.

If someone comes by, he's standing at the side walk looking very deep in thought, a hand to his chin as he ponders what is going on.]

[He has picked up the phone, eyeing it with curiousity. Cross mentioned these things, it was how non magical people communicated. They would often lift it to their ear and talk, right? Doing so he speaks clearly and with purpose.]

Hello, if I am speaking with my captives I would like to inquire as to why you have put me here. Also I would like to know where 'here' is. I would even so go as far to question as to how you can block my magic. Though it almost seems fruitless to ask at this point. After all, you would probably like to keep your captive oblivious and break under the pressure. No matter, I will find the answers myself if that is the case.

Around town

[Crown has taken to the streets. He has a kitchen knife tucked in his belt, but scowling as he moves. A knife was no weapon, especially something so flimsy. If he see's you he turns to you, his stance becoming composed but his expression looking very serious and possibly a bit annoyed.]

Excuse me, are you one of competent speech and thought or are you one of this massive collective that will grace me with platitudes and be otherwise unhelpful to me?

[Blunt much for you?]