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The Last Cup

[Crown has taken to the streets. Not knowing how to drive a car is a hiderance but he's booking it. He's setting infernos off with his sword burning any kind of creature that gets in his way. When he does this to a hazmat, he learns to never set those things on fire.

In any case, he's moving. Any child that he comes across that's on foot he's instantly taken them with his free hand making them move faster, but anyone else he'll just be running passed. He needs a lift guys. Anyone willing to offer?]
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[ A Nash Rambler is not supposed to sound like that, screaming down the street. But then, Detroit didn't let mad scientists work on the production models.

Ilsa manages a bootlegger turn without hitting Crown.

Get in!
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Do you have any people you need to check on?

[ She is driving over anything like a hazmat, it seems, but she is watching for people. ]