01 December 2012 @ 08:58 am
[Trying to escape from the town and the hazmats on foot? Have no fear, Blue Beetle is here! A large insect-shaped craft will touch down nearby and the hatch will open. Ted will wave you inside.]

Come with me if you want to live!

[...he's always wanted to say that.]
19 July 2012 @ 08:25 pm
[A - The Front Yard of 503 Ricardo]

[Ted was rather surprised to see three packages for him arrive in the mail today. The first, largest one, contained his Blue Beetle suit. The second one contained his BB Gun. The third, a small envelope, seemed to contain only a picture of his ship, The Bug, but when he opened it, he heard a huge thud come from outside in the front yard.

Ted rushes outside, and sitting there in the yard is The Bug in all her glory.]

I don't believe it! She's here!

[B - The Skies of Mayfield]

[So Ted's got The Bug back now, and there's only one thing to do--put his baby through her paces! Anyone looking to the skies should see a strange blue insect-shaped aircraft zipping around town today.]

[C - John Doe Park]

[Ted's landed for a little bit so he can check over his ship and make sure she's running as well as she should. Talk to him?]
22 April 2012 @ 08:19 pm
02 [Poison Joke]  
[Ted has been through a great many traumatic events in his career as Blue Beetle. One of the worst involved getting turned into a chipmunk by a powerful queen he had a little fling with...and now he's being forced to relive that after messing with some weird blue flowers that had popped up in his flowerbeds overnight. Unfortunately for him, the Poison Joke didn't kick in until he was out and about his daily business, causing him to decide to run back home as quickly as possible.]

[A - Around Town, backdated to Friday]

[If you're observant, you may notice a chipmunk dressed like a blue bug darting through the streets. He's quite focused on not getting stepped on and generally getting the heck out of wherever he is.

I! Can't! Believe! This! Is! Happening!

[B - Phone]

Hey! Has anyone else been going through any...interesting changes?

Or have I just ticked off a wizard queen again?

[C - 506 Ricardo]

[There's a strangely-dressed chipmunk lounging in the tree outside the house. Or perhaps he's inside watching TV while sitting on the couch. Either way, he's kind of funny-looking and adorable.]
15 April 2012 @ 04:05 pm
[A - 506 Ricardo]

[Ted wakes up, no big deal. He does that every morning. Now, what is a big deal is that he rolls over and suddenly finds his arm draped over some woman he doesn't know or remember bringing home at all...and wait, this isn't even his home. Not his bed, not his pajamas, not anything he remembers. And yet he does not remember going home with this woman who frankly does not look like his type at all.]

Oh, good morning, dear! Did you sleep well?

[And the woman looks glassy-eyed and weird and just not right. It is at this point Ted realizes that there are family photos scattered around the room and they have him and the woman, is she some sort of creepy stalker? And then there are kids in those pictures and WHAT IS THIS and...]


[Housemates may hear the sound of a manly scream shout as Ted rapidly extracts himself from the bed with the creepy zombie-woman and runs out of the bedroom clad only in his boxers. This is way more than he's ready to wake up to.]

[B - Downtown Mayfield]

[Ted's calmed down quite a bit. He's a superhero, after all, and these sorts of things tend to happen in his line of work. He's now walking through town, trying to get a sense of where he's ended up. There have been a few more of the glassy-eyed unnatural people that seemed to know him and think he was a mechanic, which was unnerving, but he was hitting a point at which he could roll with it.

Now he's just trying to get his bearings and a sense of where exactly it is he's found himself.

And to find a way out. A way out would be nice.]

[C - Library]

[Ted's wound up at Mayfield's library, and it's obvious from the way he's pulling books off the shelves, flipping them open quickly, and scowling at them that he's not finding what he's looking for at all. He's not yet realized that the library won't be giving him anything he'd find useful.]