16 August 2012 @ 01:36 pm
Trente-cinquième Grimoire [phone]  
Some have probably asked and answered already, but I still have to wonder just why so many of our former fellow captives have returned. It's disconcerting.

Things have been quiet. Very quiet. Too quiet. I know I'm not alone in this sense of dread. This town always offers up its worse at times like this. I know it. And as bad as things have been lately...

I've been jumping at every little thing. I just want it to get it over with at this point. I'm tired of being afraid.
20 May 2012 @ 03:17 pm
5th Book: Arcane Ascension  
Action: John Doe Park; locked to Patchouli Knowledge

(It's already been three months since Twi and Patchy became student and teacher. Isn't that something else? The time certainly goes by...

...but after three months of studying everything from those grimoires, the unicorn finally decided to test them out. The park was always a good place to test out powers; this time was no different. After giving the books one more look through, she closes them up and returns them to her bag, giving her teacher a confident nod.

Okay, I'm all set!

Action: John Doe Park; after the previous action; for everyone

(After several practice runs, Twilight needed to stop and take a breather. Unicorn magic was physically exhausting and magic from Gensokyo was definitely no joke. In any case, she and Patchy are here, discussing a few things and pretty much not blowing up anything else. It's safe to approach this time!)

((OOC: Since this is a joint post, replies will come from both Twilight and Patchouli. Please specify in the subject line if you want to speak with them individually. ))
18 March 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Trente-quatrième Grimoire [voice]  
... I am getting a sinking sensation that something has or is going to go horribly wrong. I'm no seer or prophet. Nor do I have any spells that allow me such powers. It's just... a feeling. Irrational.

I'd like some advice on how to get past it. My usual hobbies aren't working. My lack of focus is becoming troublesome. And help at all would be greatly appreciated.
23 January 2012 @ 10:39 pm
Trente-troisième Grimoire  
-The girl on the other end clears her throat before she begins reading. The voice used sounds empty. Mechanical. Devoid of any real life or emotion. It's still a human-like speaking voice, but only in using proper inflection. The rest... is dreadfully hollow. As if it would swallow someone hole if they dared look further. The call isn't filtered. She doesn't need to bother. They know that they know.-

Experiments conclusive. Strange droning phenom is glitch caused by programming of system. Core error, may not be repairable without entire system overhaul, not feas. in current conditions.

Conclusion: that residents will be converted to drones over time is inescapable; source of population renewal will have to be found. However, not total loss. Process of conversion proven to provide substantial power; perhaps enough to maintain syst. past expected life.

Will leave decision to you.


This is related to that machine. -The voice now invoked anxiety. Terror.-

If you want to know so badly, then go forth. But be prepared for the worst. You will find no hope there.