16 January 2012 @ 05:25 pm
Hello to our new neighbors. May I first extend a greeting to you all, and introduce myself. I am Ozma of Oz, a fellow prisoner to this town. I would like to help you. Should you need anything, anything at all, be it emotional advice or physical assistance, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I am available most all hours of the day, and I enjoy the company. In fact, I'm extending an invitation to tea this afternoon, at 835 Hastings.

To the rest of you, I was hoping you could assist me with something. See, the mass confusion when each new round of neighbors coming in seems extremely chaotic, and I was wondering if we could provide each newcomer with a welcome basket of some sorts. Information, warnings not to drink the milk, fresh baked cookies, a list of locations to find support- that sort of thing. However, I could not possibly take on such a project on my own. I have a few of Mr. Vantas' lists, though I'm a bit hesitant of handing those out to just anyone, and there aren't enough copies to go around for everyone. Unless I enchant them to multiply, which is of course, always an option. Thoughts, comments, and concerns should be left with me immediately, I would like to have preparations complete in time for the next round of.... neighbors.

Thank you for your time.