05 August 2012 @ 09:07 pm
First Hit - Recon in the Loosest Sense  

[Let's skip over the confusion for a second and look back about an hour or so ago; Gin woke up. Immediately went on high alert thanks to the obviously unfamiliar situation he was in. Attempted to interrogate the drone woman in the same room.

...Drone woman didn't react or bat an eye, and if anything seemed certain they were married.

It didn't take long for him to find everything else, and it's obvious that bothering with the people in the house is just a waste of his time. Picking up the phone leads to an open connection...

Hn. And a mere glance out the window says there are probably others in this situation. Time to ask questions 'nicely' then.]

If anyone is on the other end of this line, [he'll start off with rather calmly...]

I would like some information as to my whereabouts- among other things...

[Because by this point? He saw the mail addressed to 'Gin Juniper'. Which means whatever got him here did not do their homework... ...But definitely isn't something he'll be even slightly expose on-job skills to. Better to keep the element of SOME surprise....]
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