16 June 2012 @ 05:40 pm
Tablet 1  

[Meanwhile at 1248 Williams, the door will slowly swing open as a familiar figure steps outside for a brief moment to go and get the daily newspaper that apparently he had forgotten to do earlier. It was when he had knelled down to pick it up was when a dawning realization had just hit him.

Looking to the left.

Looking to the right.

And now looking above.]

... the gods truly do have a cruel sense of humor to summon be back to this place again.

[And then glancing back down to the paper-- oh look, it's Father's Day.]

I suppose I should go investigate and see what changes has been made from the last time I've remembered anything.
23 January 2012 @ 08:32 pm
1st translated tablet  
[Phone; Filtered from drones, town authorities and the Smith House]

It seems there is quite the stir that has happened. A lot of people ready to take action and a lot of people are willing to sit at the side and watch. But I just can't help but wonder... what would you, the listener, intend to do now? Investigate? Watch and wait? Or perhaps attempt to do something that would make the people who run this place a little bit... nervous?

After all, everyone has their own methods on how to react to certain matters. I'm merely curious to see how many are people of action and how many are people of planning.

[Phone; Private to Kiritsugu Emiya]

I apologize for the long wait to act on anything, but it seems now would be an opportune time to act out on any offensive or reconnaissance activities. So long as you wish for it, I am ready with any instructions you give me, Master. If you wish, I will come to you for us to speak more personal manner.