14 June 2012 @ 06:44 pm
first cut ❤ answers  
[ action ≫ 849 goldberg street ]
[ Anri is clearly much warier than she usually is-- her expression is riddled with confusion, and she has yet to figure out who (or what) has taken her away from her apartment in Ikebukuro.

The undisturbed atmosphere in the house is unsettling. Not a thing is out of place, and there's not a speck of dust to be found when she runs her finger over a shelf. Her eyebrows furrow ever so slightly at the sight of a childhood portrait on the same shelf - and the funniest thing about it is that she can't remember ever having it taken.

This isn't good. Care to fill her in?

[ phone ]

[ Not a word leaves her lips. She's not sure if anyone's actually listening, but she decides to speak anyway. ]

.. i-if I can ask, does anyone understand what's going on..? [ Because she sure as hell doesn't. ]

[ action ≫ around town ]
[ Worry has driven her out of her house and onto the streets of Mayfield, but she has no set destination and it's clear that she's got no idea where she's going. The whole 'I'm lost but I'm going to pretend everything is perfectly fine' aura is almost literally oozing from her very being.

Her gaze shifts from left to right frantically. She looks like she's searching for something - and you're not entirely wrong in saying that, because she needs answers - but she can't really put her finger on it herself.

Who can she ask? She's allowed to ask for help around here, right?