20 September 2012 @ 09:54 pm
.006 Family Ties  
[A: Morning: 835 Hastings (Closed to Housemates)]

[When Al woke that morning he didn't have time to realise he wasn't in his usual house because waking was quickly followed by the realisation that he had woken at all, which meant he might have been away.

Big clanking feet dash down the stairs and out into the street at top speed, going right for where his brother should be. And still was... sort of. The black smile of a drone, the lack of any of his possessions, it all cut Al so deeply that he felt winded despite not having any lungs to lose air from. Brother... not Brother, not now.

He can't stand the sight of that empty smile and the hollow words coming out of Ed's mouth. He gives a choked sob, even if he can't cry, and runs back to the house he'd woken up in. Sorry for dashing out on you, housemates, but now you can have a very dejected looking Alphonse walking back in.]

[B: Afternoon: Phone (Open to All)]

[He starts to say something several times, but none of the words sound right. He should say something inspirational about how Ed was happier at home, something to comfort his friends.

But he can't.

In the end his voice is only barely above a whisper, small and sad.]

Brother... Edward Elric is gone.

[ooc: This entry is backdated to Al moving house and Ed leaving.]
29 July 2012 @ 08:33 pm
.005 Resolutions  
[A: Phone (Open to All)]

[It's pretty late at night and Al is at the end of his rope. Ed has been avoiding him, he utterly failed to protect anyone he cared about when the town went to hell, and he was once more trapped in this stupid armour body. His voice is high pitched in a mix of distress and determination, coming all in a rush down the phones.]

I've had enough!

I'm not going to let this town hurt anyone I care about any more, and I'm not going to let anyone else get hurt. I know... I know I can't protect everybody, but I can help teach people who don't know how to protect themselves.

So... come to the park in the morning if you want to learn, and together we can help make sure that we can give this place a really good fight!

[B: Park (Open to All)]

[Sure enough, mid morning finds one Alphonse Elric in the park, ready to teach anyone who shows up. He knows a lot of people here are competent already, and that some wouldn't want his lessons. But if he can help even one person get better at defending themselves, then he's done a good job.]

[C: 1649 Albright Lane (Locked to Ed)]

[He has had more than enough of Ed avoiding him. He knew from others what had happened to Brother during the carnival, and he is furious that Ed hadn't come to find him as soon as it was all over. He has been around himself a few times since, but he always seems to mysteriously miss his big brother.

Not today.

He's hammering on the door loudly, big metal fist making a furious pounding that shakes the door.]

08 June 2012 @ 08:50 pm
.004 No body to speak of  
[A: 624 Topper (Closed to Housemates)]

[Al was used to getting mail from the city now. The last time he was here, he got back his alchemy and some of his books from back home. So he was looking forward to seeing what he got this time, although he was a little wary as to why a package had suddenly appeared. Did this have something to do with Ed going home for a while and finding out-- Regardless, he's opening it up and suddenly the little boy is gone and a giant suit of armour is sat in his place.]

...Oh no!

[B: Phone (Open to All)]

[Al is doing his level best to sound cheerful and nonchalant, though he's terrible at lying so his voice is higher than usual. Also, if anyone is paying really good attention, he sounds a little tinny too.]

Um, hi everyone! I can't come out for a while or see anyone because... I have the chicken pox and I have to stay alone in case I give it to anyone else. [Except now he feels guilty because someone might be concerned needlessly about him being ill.] But don't worry, it's not really bad chicken pox, it doesn't even itch! [Don't go too far back-pedalling, Al!] Oh-- um... I mean, it's still bad enough you don't want to get it, okay?
15 May 2012 @ 09:00 pm
.003 Mother's Day  
[A: Phone (Open to All - Backdated to Mother's Day)]

Um, someone told me that today is Mother's Day, a celebration of everyone's Mom. I think a lot of people don't have their Mom here, not their real Mom, and maybe not at home either. But I think it's a good holiday anyway, and our Moms don't have to be here for us to remember them and thank them for everything they did.

[B: Park (Open to All)]

[Not that they had this holiday back home. But if they had, Al would have made sure to visit Trisha's grave and take some flowers. He can't do that here, and he won't go and see the drone of his mother, she's not... his Mom, and it hurts to look at her face and know she used to be here.

So he goes to the park with a simple bunch of flowers, kneeling under the prettiest tree he could find and laying them at the base of the trunk.]
08 April 2012 @ 10:01 pm
.002 What do you mean April Fool's is only the 1st?  
[A: Phone (Open to anyone from the FMA world)]

I don't know if Brother told anyone, but I'm back. Oh, um, me is Alphonse by the way...

[Smooth Al, good start, this is sure to impress Major General Armstrong and Colonel Mustang if they're listening. In fact, the thought of the terrifying Briggs commander judging his introduction skills has Al momentarily frozen in fear, before continuing all in a rush.]

I know I'm not in the military like Brother, but I'll still do anything I can to help. I've still got my alchemy from last time I was here, so... I'm back! I just thought I should let you know.

[B: High School (Open to All)]

[It hadn't made much sense when May tried to teach Al about the Dragon's Pulse and alkahestry before, but here in Mayfield it was much more important to try and understand again. After all, Xingese alkahestry was primarily used for healing, and Al never wanted to see anyone hurt without trying to help them.

He might be able to perform alchemy without a drawn transmutation circle, but this was different and so anyone outside in the lunch hour would see a bunch of chalk symbols drawn all over the ground. Al is crouched next to one of them, eyes closed and breathing slow as he tried to visualise the energy that May had been talking about... and failed, voice rising in frustration.]

It still makes no sense!

[C: John Doe Park (Open to All)]

[Nobody told Alphonse that April Fool's was one day only, it wasn't something they did in Amestris and he assumed that it would last the whole month. So he's out in the park today hiding behind a tree, watching a candy bar he's put out on the ground. Above said candy bar is a water balloon tied to a branch, rigged with alchemy to drop if someone picked up the candy.]
12 March 2012 @ 10:31 pm
.001 oh brother, where art thou?  
[A: 624 Topper Street (Closed to housemates)]

[As far as Alphonse remembered, he had gone to sleep in Albright Lane with his mother and brother in adjacent rooms. It had been a harrowing Christmas after Ed... after he... no, best not to think about it. What was important, was that they were all getting back on track.

Until he woke up here.

The pictures on the wall were different, a different mother and was that... GREED?! He knew the homunculus was here, but they certainly hadn't had much to do with each other. If he was in the house, then what about--]


[She's not here, she's not here! His heart is thudding wildly as he searches through the whole house for either family member. Sorry if you were sleeping Erika and Greed, your new not!son has arrived.]

[B: Around Town (Open to All)]

[There is a teenage boy hurrying through the streets of Mayfield today, pink cheeked and puffing for breath as he sprinted down the road. Every so often he stops someone, anyone who isn't a drone, and catches their arm urgently.]

Um... excuse me. Have you seen a boy with an automail arm and leg, and a really kind woman? I've lost them.