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Genius Prince 16

[A; Action; 1488 Kramden Road; reaaaally early in the morning; locked to housemates]
[For the past few days, this young prince has slowly been getting his normal body back. Fingers and eyes regenerating, tail had felt quite, well, not nice. Actually it had been rather painful. And nothing he'd like to deal with again.

But now, as he comes through the house, finally back completely, there's a happy and wide smile on his face. Not that grin you're used to seeing, but more of that a kid his age should wear when they were truly happy. He doesn't look anything like a pro killer right now.

Plus, he's got his box weapon back. Not the means to open it, but the box is one step closer to getting Mink back. ]
[B; Action; 1249 Williams Road; still insanely early in the morning; locked to Niou]
[Coming in through the window, Bel look around the room. It's still early, really early, so he's not exactly surprised to find Niou in bed.

With a wide grin, he jumps from the window and onto the bed, landing on top of Niou. Hope you don't mind the rude awakening. Besides, he's already busy poking Niou's face and touching it, with his newly regenerated fingers. ]
Hey, wake up!
[ Is it even possible not to wake up from that pounce? ]
[C; Action; all around Mayfield; afternoon; open for all]
[ Bel's been moving around town all afternoon, and if he spots someone he knows, or just talked to once, even those he knows hate him, he comes up to them just to stare beneath his backs, smile wide on his face. And happy as he is to have his fingers back again, he's also going to touch anyone who gets close enough. Nothing inapropriate, but probably unsettling for many. ]
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C, can we backtag?

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[The effects of the surgery has worn off, and Engie's back to normal too. He's busy at the bakery as usual, manning the counter and bringing out fresh pastries.]
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[Oh, he's back to normal. Sure he gave Engie a surprise, but after he recovers from the shock Engie's pretty glad to see him healthy and happy again. He gives Bel a smile of his own too.]

Howdy Bel. You look right as rain.
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Well, ain't that swell. I'm glad fer ya, I really am.

[Yes, he does treasure this moment VERY MUCH. He does wonder how long it can last though...]
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Thank the good Lord then. I was worried about ya, but ya seem pretty sure that you could handle y'self. Not doubtin' that, but what they did to ya was pretty extreme.