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Connected 5: Trinity

Action 769 Bunker Street

[Sora's got his things and his running around the house to find Riku and Carrie. It was just them now and even though Sora didn't get that much time to know Carrie well, he wasn't about to abandon her either. Plus, Riku is his best friend, clone or not. When he's got his things ready he opens up the car that was left behind and begins to turn it on.]

Riku! Carrie! Come on we gotta move!

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...can you drive that?

[Carrie is all for escaping, so she's out there already but that doesn't seem safe.]
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....it has four wheels though.

[She's still getting in the passenger seat though.]
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Sorry I'm late!

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[Opening the door and getting into the back seat] I'm not sure we have a lot of time to worry about that right now. [It's either this or walking and having a higher chance of running into the hazmats]