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 [Jeanne had been doing her best to hide from everything and everyone since her defeat at the hands of humans. Now, however, things have been pushed too far. Despite having gone even more mad with fear, the swarming of haz-mats and whatever else hazards Mayfield has to offer has riled her rage. Especially in the wake of the message with a promise of possible freedom. Arming herself with kitchen knives, Jeanne now stalks the streets of Mayfield, firing her flames at any and all haz-mats.]

For The Black King! For The Ends!

Burn! Burn! In the name of The Black King!

[Bursts of fire fly from her hands chaotically, careful to stay out of her line of fire, though she can be a potential ally if goaded toward attacking the Mayfield forces more specifically...]
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[Bazett dodges the waves of fire that incinerates one of her opponent hazmats.]

Please watch your aim.
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[She raises an eyebrow.]

Judging by that quote, you are not human?
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[She slams her fist into an approaching Hazmat's head.]

I will not ask you for details, then.