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Last call

[ Ilsa has been watching the web of people in Mayfield, and unsuccessfully attempting to unhook Johnson's control from them.

With the latest of messages from Johnson and Annie, Ilsa goes to her next not-quite-plan. Grabbing the altar case, she heads to the garage. She silently apologizes to the Nash Rambler waiting there as she throws the case in the back, and gets in.

Not bothering to open the door, she backs out as fast as the Rambler will allow with Tarvek's modifications. She is making a sweep of town, searching out the links to the rest of the aware lights in town, thankful that Mayfield was set in the days of Detroit-Steel-and-Plenty-of-It designs.

The station wagon screeches to a halt in front of lone runners and groups, and Ilsa yells.

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-Unfortunately... Charlie was one of those who would've rather stayed behind to fight and give others the chance to flee, it was just who he was. He was doing pretty well so far, not paying attention to others who had tried to get him to run away. In fact, he all out ignored them... that's when he was nearly hit by a car.-
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[He knows that car. He knows that driver. With a wild grin he snatches a carefully designed Death Ray [tm] from where it's hanging, and races from the house.]

Eeeeee, schatzi, wait for me!
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[He's in fast as a snake, his ginger weasel and his mimmoth galloping along and leaping in around his feet.]

Grab who you can, mien liebe Ilsa. Then get us out of this place. The next one -- That one really will be a "better place to live."
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I will do all I can to help get them out, love. But not so much that we end up stuck here. We are going to the next fantasy over...no matter what.

I love you, love. But you will be practical and get us out of here, even if we must leave others behind. Getting trapped with them will do no one any good.
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[A mad glee is taking hold. He was right. And the crazy people are losing. And he and Ilsa are going someplace that may allow them some real secure joy.]

Gun it, love. Pedal to the metal.

[And a book he's read here in Mayfield and seen as a movie with Quin catches hold of him.]

Ilsa? Take the first star on the left, and go straight on till morning!
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[Grimaces. Yes, he's crying. Just a bit.]

It's not something you have any power to change, love, or ever did. At least it's her own choice -- and a choice she can make freely.