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[Whatever place Yuki had trapped her in finally gave way once the call was given... and now she found herself in what seemed to be Hell. Sasami began to panic as she saw her surroundings, left completely out of the loop. What was going to happen now? Was she going to be left behind? Or, worse, murdered?]

...someone? Anyone? HELP!
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[A yellow blur fell down next to her, wrapping her arms around her shoulders.] Come with me if you want to live.
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[Scooping her up into her arms, Ako took off in a huge jump, soaring over buildings in a single bound.] Good thing I saw you down there.
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Cure Muse. I'll introduce myself fully once we're clear.
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Pretty much. Hold on tight. [And she touches down, leaping forward again towards the highway.]
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I'm sure your friend, mom, whoever, is okay. Someone must have helped her by now.

[Aiming downwards as they were coming in the middle of a pile of Hazmat men, Muse proclaimed] Precure Sparkling Shower!

[A flurry of bubbles shot out, encapsulating them in a single motion as Ako landed atop it and bounced off again, holding Sasami in her arms. A second later once they were clear, the sparkling shower exploded in a self contained detonation, igniting the gas and burning it all away.]
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Good to know then.

[Ako paused for a moment in thought, as they sailed through the air.] I have Marvelous. I did have a sort-of mom, I guess she was kind of like my mom but she was droned long before this whole thing happened.

The other two precures will I guess become family somehow. I can't see me not associating with them anymore. And I want to talk to Vivio anyhow.
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I don't mind one bit. But first we gotta get out of here.
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[The most badass ten year old in recent history. Or at least the most tsun. And soon Muse can see the highway approaching rapidly as they sail through the barrier.]

Gonna just keep running here. Hold on tight.