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[Jenny is on a grab and go mission as soon as the announcement is made. Anyone she's decided she gives a damn about (And anyone she can convince to let her do it) She's grabbing and running through the lines. First, before anyone else is Henry. To Jenny Henry is the most important person in this hellhole and she refuses to let the kid get left behind or killed trying to escape. If anyone is getting the hell out of here it's him.

After Henry's out she'll be going back and forth grabbing people.

(ooc: If you want your character to be grabbed by her just comment here)]
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[Well, Henry's already making a run for the high way. He can't drive but he can use a bike!]
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[Forget grabbing hands he'll hug her instead.]

I'm ready.
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All right....just stay safe.

[And having held onto his bike during the transport, he hops on it and starts pedaling down the highway.]