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The Final Dream


[You didn't have to tell Nozomi twice to get moving! Things are going to hell in a handbasket and Nozomi wasn't going to stay and let it get this way! Still as Cure Dream, she ripped open the closet door and picked up the still tied up Hayate.]

Don't worry, I'm getting you out of here, too... just... try not to kill me if you're still trying to.

[And making sure Rin was with them, Nozomi began racing for the highway, leaping and bounding over the arriving hazmats, making sure to avoid them.]
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Don't worry, I think my body's back to normal now.

[Hayate wiggled her hands.] I think I'm back to normal now.
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[Freed, Hayate proclaimed] Set up! [And in a flash of light, she transformed once again as she took flight alongside Rin and Nozomi.]
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Maybe one day I'll teach you how to fly too. You and Rin. You two are coming with me anyhow.
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Like I'm going to let a couple of teenage girls live alone.
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Yep! Mom is fine. It gives me a whole nice little fuzzy feeling inside.
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Totally! C'mon, lets keep going.
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Right behind you.

[Grabbing a couple of things and transforming, Cure Rouge was right behind Nozomi.]
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Same here. Don't worry, we're not going to fall. Not here. [And she took her best friends' hand.]
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Onward. Together.