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6th Soul | RAGNAROK

[Action | 945 Beulah]

[MAILTIME! What's in the mail, you may be wondering? REGAINS!

Regains that are going to cause a rather loud and nasty disturbance in the house the second Crona makes contact with the odd little cards that showed up in the mail.]

GUEHPIPIPI!! What're you gonna say NOW, you little brat? You need to take your punishment!

[Ragnarok, now finally manifested, makes his first act to noogie, bop and pinch Crona to hell and back. Well...Crona DID talk a lot of shit when Ragnarok wasn't around to defend himself, after all.]

St-stoooooooooop! It huuuuuurrrrrrts! [Have fun with that one-sided child fight, household.]

[Action | Around Mayfield, ending at Makeout Point once again]

[You've probably seen Crona shuffling around town before, gaze cast toward the ground and left hand squeezing the right forearm in nervous habit. Except, this time, there's something new...something...coming out of Crona's back and resting on the top of the kid's head.

Yes, the aforementioned Ragnarok. As Crona shuffles along, the little black...thing...continuously bitches at Crona, bopping the kid on the head every once in a while.]

I don't want toooo...

Be quiet! We gotta find out if everything works right, because it sure didn't before! If something happens I wanna make sure we can handle it!

[Crona just shuts up. Ragnarok's got a point. Do you dare step in to interact with thist...strange display?

Upon reaching makeout point, Crona will be there with Ragnarok, his "fury" finally cooled. Instead of a lead pipe, though, you may catch the odd little creature liquify and re-materialize into a long, thin black sword in Crona's right hand. The kid just dejectedly stares at the ground during the process.]

I don't want to fight anymore...

[A mouth forms on the blade of the sword, complete with creepy lips and everything.] Sometimes you have to! Stop whining and let's figure out what we've got!

[Crona slowly raises the blade vertically.] Scream resonance.

[If anyone hadn't seen Crona there...the incredibly loud screech emanating from both Ragnarok and Crona will certainly give it away. Characters sensitive to it may be feeling the large resonance reaction of two souls, one of them rather easy to feel at a distance. Feel free to investigate.]
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5th Soul | Too weak to be useful

[Action | 945 Beulah]

["Family" members, if any are home, may notice the scrawny quiet child of the house dragging a rather large steel pipe through the house. Where the heck Crona got something like that may be a concern...but what on earth does the kid intend to do with it?

It's a little hard to sneak through the house with a heavy-ass pipe.]

[Action | Around Town]

[Same as in the house...there is a young gender ambiguous child dragging a large, heavy steel pipe through the streets.

Not much else to say on the matter...except the kid seems to be arguing quietly with nobody in particular.]

[Action | Near Makeout Point]

[Crona really hadn't been sure where to go, but ended up near Makeout Point. Seems there isn't very many people around this time of the day...skipping school seems to have its advantages. Crona finds a reasonably stable place to stand, as well as a place where the kid might not be easily noticed.]

Stooop, I'm doing it okay? [...] It's not my fault you can't do anything.

[Crona lifts that pipe, holding it as one would hold a sword. It's painfully obvious that it's hard for the young waif to lift the thing and keep it suspended, but Crona begins moving through what would probably be the strangest sword-forms anyone has ever seen. Or at least, attempts to. It's hard for Crona to control the heavy implement, and has to set it back down against the ground pretty often.]

I told you, they said you'll probably get more back later. [...] I just want to help if something happens. [...] Because they're nice to me, just like Maka and everyone were...

[Feel free to interrupt, Crona's already growing used to the fact that there's nowhere safe around here...but the kid will probably still be easily surprised by people showing up.]
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4th Soul | Venturing where no Crona has gone before

[Action | 945 Beulah]

[Crona, since arriving, had been a rare sight in the house. Typically the kid stays locked up in the bedroom, clutching a pillow and sitting in the corner. Crona usually gets up balls-early in the morning to slip out for school, sneaking about in order to avoid all contact before getting into the building.

This morning, though, other members of the household may find the kitchen occupied by one willowy child putting together a sandwich for lunch. Before anyone makes their presence known, though, they may hear Crona having a one-sided conversation.]

No, I'm going to put what I want in it. [...] Okay, but just a little bit.

[If anyone walks into the kitchen to see...Crona is putting together the weirdest sandwich. Peanut butter, ham, bologna, mustard...even a slice of tomato and some pepper. What the hell is this? Feel free to bother, though a sudden appearance will likely frighten the kid good.]

[Action | During School]

[Crona has a rather typical day at school today. Sitting in all the corners, avoiding contact with other people as much as possible, sitting all alone for lunch...on the floor...in a corner. Time to eat that weird-ass sandwich. Feel free to bother Crona at any point during the day...the kid needs to branch out no matter how terrifying it is.

Though, considering the topic that is on most lips here lately, Crona has become quite curious about it. Of course, the kid isn't going to actually ask anyone face-to face about it...so...]

[Phone | Unfiltered | After School]

[Crona has, so far, avoided the phones like the friggin plague. That's way too many voices all at once and it's just...scary. But, all things considered, the phone is actually the most perfect thing in town. Crona can ask questions without having to talk face-to-face...and if it gets too scary Crona can just hang up! So...here goes a very weak and unsure sounding voice coming over the phone lines.]

Um...what is...Prom? Everybody's talking...about it. I don't know what to think about it.
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3rd Soul | Did you know my blood is black?

[Action | 945 Beulah]

[Crona isn't really sure why there was something in the mail that had such a simple and unexpected name scrawled across it. Why would Crona be getting anything in the mail?

So, instead of immediately opening it, Crona has had it sitting in the room for a while. Every day, the poor child will just stare it it for a long while before finally leaving it to sit. But today...it will be opened. It had been made pretty obvious to Crona just how messed up this place is, after getting sick, dying, coming back to life, getting droned for not going to school...yea. The package is frightening.

Taking a moment to steel the mind, Crona finally cautiously opens the package. All that's in the package is a card...a card that is simply completely jet black. Upon picking it up to examine it, though, BURNING FIRE suddenly runs through every vein in Crona's body.

Crona drops the card, slumps to the ground, and screams. The sensation of searing hot fire moves through Crona's entire lithe form, causing the child to double over, only able to continue to groan and scream.

When it's over...Crona will be greeted by a familiar internal voice. One that'll bring at least a little bit of comfort...for about five seconds.]

[Action | The Church]

[Crona's trying as hard as possible to adjust, but the poor kid just keeps popping up in the church. It feels familiar at least, serves as a reminder to the first encounter with Maka. At least this time, though, the child doesn't look quite as distraught sitting in an out of the way location. There's less staring at the floor, instead Crona's eyes are flitting about the room, taking in the sorts of people that come and go.

Occasionally, though, Crona will speak softly to nobody in particular...as if the strange child is actually talking to someone else.]

[Action | Make-out Point]

[Of course, Crona has no idea what this spot in town is named or what that name implies. All Crona really knows is that the place is nice and secluded...secluded enough so the strange child can have a nice one-way sounding conversation with nobody at all. Nobody apparent, at least.]

Noooo, you can't do that. [...] You weren't even here when I got here. [...] Noooo...I don't knowwww. [...] You can't come out right now, so you can't hit me. [...] Nooooooo....donnnnt...

[Feel free to walk in on the child's...odd conversation.]
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2nd Soul | Can't deal with pranks

[[OOC: Yea...once again...but my final post for Prankfield! Crona's targets are Marian Hawke ([personal profile] hawkeward), Django ([personal profile] sunnydwithagun), Garviel Loken ([personal profile] captainofthe10th), Arf ([personal profile] fatefullfriend), and Captain Marvelous ([personal profile] sumofallreds)! Once again, general target/being targeted post! I'd say it's up to you whether or not it works...but it's really not going to. Ever.]]

[Crona had received the notice, and really had no idea what to do with it. How would Crona even do anything like that?? How would Crona even DEAL with this?? So, Crona decided not to do this. Knowledge of pranks was limited anyway, not to mention doing that is just too weird...and would hurt people's feelings...and Crona would be no good at it.

But...hitting upon the fourth day...Crona is feeling so sick and covered in that huge green polka-dotted rash that one begins to wonder..."Am I being punished for not pranking?"

So, with a heavy heart, and no knowledge of what to do (not to mention on the brink of death), Crona shuffles out into Mayfield. There will be no multiple-choice this time. Crona can only think of one thing to do...and that's to wait around corners.

When someone approaches, Crona will shuffle out from the corner, far too slowly for it to even cause someone to jump, and stammer out "B-boo!" Crona will then proceed to just...stare at the ground.

Honestly, Crona's attempts at pranking are laughable at best. Feel free to have your character just feel sorry for this. Or, if Crona happens to be one of your targets, MERCILESSLY PRANK THAT PATHETIC CHILD! This poor kid. Unless Crona manages to get lucky and actually genuinely do this...after everything going on here Crona will be dead from the disease.]
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[event: Pranks] Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place

[ Ilsa received a letter from the Mayfield Census Bureau. Opening it with dread, she was initially unbelieving, and relieved. This was not the same gambit as last year, and even though nothing specific is stated in the letter about dire consequences, this is Mayfield. She spread out her large map on the kitchen table to start the planning stages soon after re-reading the instructions in the letter. ]

[ By the time she has found all of her targets, and figured out what to do for each that could be called a prank, it is after midnight. The rash had begun to manifest that afternoon, giving her impetus to act, but also being very distracting. No time to lose, she sets out into the night. ]

[ Blind Mag ]
432 Peepers Street )

[ Ivo Robotnik ]
309 Miller Street )

[ Reimu Hakurei ]
842 Hastings Boulevard )

[ Luke Triton ]
726 Anderson Lane )

[ Crona ]
945 Beulah Street )
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1st Soul | Can't handle kidnapping

[Action | 945 Beulah]

[I hope you weren't still asleep, fellow residents, because the fact that Crona has just awoken in a strange room, and the subsequent flailing of being tangled in sheets, has caused a few things in the new child's room to come crashing to the floor. Not to mention the sounds being made by a very frightened young child.]

[Crona's first clue that something was wrong came in the instant recognition that Ragnarok was no longer there. If Ragnarok's not there this must be a dream...but that doesn't make any sense because Ragnarok always wormed his way into Crona's dreams. If Crona's dreaming right now that means there's going to be punishment, because they are supposed to be on their way to Medusa right now.]


[In an attempt to wake up, Crona pinched the flesh of a forearm as hard as possible. It hurt. That meant...well, Crona really wasn't sure what it meant. Without Ragnarok, Crona was weaker than ever. The child was sure death was just around the corner. Medusa was going to walk through that door any second wondering what was taking so long, find that the black blood was gone, and leave Crona for dead in a dark, dark place.

The noise in the room quieting down, Crona did the only thing that could be thought of. Choosing a nice corner of the room behind where the door swings open, Crona sits clutching a pillow off of the bed, face buried right in it.]

[Around town | Afternoon]

[Having managed to escape the strange place the morning was spent in, Crona might be found wandering around town, trying to find the way back to somewhere at least familiar. I say might, because the child is doing what can be done to not go near other people. Crona walks with unsure, awkward steps, right hand clutching the left arm tightly. The child only stares at the ground, muttering quietly every so often, still in the pajamas Crona had been wearing upon awakening. Only every so often Crona will look up, take stock of the surroundings, and continue on. Stealth isn't really Crona's forte, so it will be easy to spot the willowy little thing.]

[The Church | Late afternoon/evening]

[After likely having wandered the loop of the town multiple times, Crona seems to have happened upon the church. Seemingly having found some kind of comfort being in the building, Crona can be found sitting on a pew located as far away from where people might see as possible. The child is just sitting there, staring at the floor and occasionally muttering quietly. Crona was certainly in so much trouble. Couldn't go back to Shibusen...and now stuck in a place Crona can't seem to get out of.

Might as well wait somewhere for Medusa to show up...then at least it'll all be over. It'll all be over. She's going to kill Crona for screwing up so badly. The thought makes the child start shaking a bit.]