30 November 2012 @ 10:47 pm
event update: the end  

I have a quick question, darlings. Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I didn't notice you corresponding with hER? Did you think I wWOuldn't do something about it?

I told you. I warnED you. You're not going anywhere. Ever. You're all mine, and I have no intention of...

[It happens again. Annie's voice overrides Johnson's, who can be heard furiously raving in the background.]

I... It's done. I may not be able to send you home, but at the very least, I can get you away from her.

Go to the highway. I took care of the bears. There shouldn't be anything stopping you from leaving now. It's going to seem like the highway stretches on forever, like it used to- but it doesn't. The road has a destination now. A place where Johnson can't touch you- a place where you'll be free.

You don't have much time. I can only keep the exit open for a few hours before it'll start stretching infinitely again. Grab your things and run for the highway. I don't think she'll let you leave without trouble, but... this is the only chance we'll have.

Good luck. And... thank you.

[Her voice fades out, leaving Johnson's back in control.] -are you LISTEnInG to ME!? You think you can escape from me? I outlasted the others, I took down Zemekis, and you think you can just walk away?

Not very likely, dARlINgs. I am going to throw everything this system has at stopping you. And in case you forgot, some of you are still under my cOntRol completely! Unless the rest of you are fine with leaving them behind- and I know you're not -you'll all stay in your homes nice and quiet until..

[Annie's voice takes over again.] I knew I forgot to do something. That... ought to do it.

[Johnson again- sounding very displeased.] Wait a minute, what? What just happened? Did she... oh, you are going to pay for that. You hear me? You're all going to PAY!

[Those characters who were under Johnson's control will find themselves free and moving independently once again. The town, however, is looking somewhat less than friendly- the skies have darkened with brown smog, and hazmats have flooded the streets, looking to attack anyone who isn't inside their homes with their usual weaponry.

The one safe spot seems to be the outskirts of town where the highway is located- the hazmats seem to be repelled by it as if by an invisible field. If you can make it to the edge of town, you'll be safe- but getting there is the problem. And by the way- from this point on, respawns have been turned off. Make it to the highway, and you'll supposedly be free of Mayfield... but die in the attempt, and you're gone for good.

Good luck.]
30 November 2012 @ 08:26 pm
Rikastel ))  
Warning: Rika sanity breaking )

[ Phone ]
+ Gloomy Rika textwall )
30 November 2012 @ 06:08 pm
Action; Closed to Lithuania pre-sad EE party

Read more... )
29 November 2012 @ 08:31 pm
Do you want to know something? I found out what was causing the power shortages. A simple error to fix, really, I can't believe Zemekis couldn't solve it. That old lunatic didn't deserve this power. But fortunately for both of us, the problem has been solved. The error has been corrected. And now you're going to stay here, with me- forever.

Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that grand? I have so many plans for what we'll do. Let me share them with you, right now. First... )
30 November 2012 @ 01:04 am
08 - Hunt Feed Kill Repeat  
[Around Town, Evening]

[The compulsion to kill is something that Natalie is very familiar with. Her Beast is a spiteful thing, clawing and snarling and demanding violence and blood at the slightest provocation. And while her night started off strangely, with her limbs having desires that were in no way congruent with her heart's, it wasn't long before her Beast was eager to go along with the wickedness. For violence took effort. Violence took blood. Each feat of superhuman strength and speed required an expenditure of vitae that left Natalie famished, and all too willing to drink the nearest living creature dry. She was quick to stop resisting Johnson's control. There's no use. There is only blood and feeding and death.

Natalie is a stealthy creature, one that can hide in the shadows and will herself to remain hidden. If you're her target, she's likely been stalking you almost invisibly. Magic senses, video cameras, a cleverly-tossed handful of confetti... they can all pierce the effect. If none of those are in evidence? The moment that she strikes and grabs to pin arms or tackle bodies is when she'll be very much present and in evidence. If you're a stranger? She won't say a word before trying to sink her fangs into your flesh and drink all your blood. If you're familiar? A friend, even? Maybe she'll shout a warning. No promises. The Beast and Ms. Johnson are calling the shots.]
30 November 2012 @ 12:12 am
Coming to get you [Phone]  
[Sirius's voice is dangerously calm when he speaks.]

Lils, Rems, hell, anyone who's still in control of themselves. Get out. Get as far away from me as possible. Don't ask questions, just get safe and get out.
29 November 2012 @ 10:21 pm
[Action - Anywhere]

[Mart has smashed through his house and is now smashing and biting his way through everything and anyone in his sight in town. He's straining to hold back with every fiber in his being, but it's not helping much. Mart's hoisting a car over his head and getting ready to throw.]

Get back! Get back!

I can't stop myself! I will kill you if you get close!

Stop it!
29 November 2012 @ 06:03 pm
Second Vexation  
[Action - Anywhere]

[Normally, Asakura would have been perfectly fine with going around and killing a bunch of people in a murderous rampage. It would have been fun. Yet today, he looks rather irritated as he's running around with some of those guns he had acquired upon arriving in the town and finding a place that would sell firearms to a convicted felon.]

Tch. How vexing--using my fists would be much more satisfying. Maybe a club of some sort...

[Yep, he's annoyed because Johnson's decided he should shoot people instead of beat them to death. To add insult to injury, other people have their fancy toys from back home, but he hasn't regained anything interesting he could use for this job.

So...hey, how about helping him out and disarming him? Or at least getting out of there, because he's trying to shoot you. He's got a shotgun with a sawed-off barrel and a couple of pistols.]
29 November 2012 @ 05:47 pm
::009th Interrogation::  
[Action: anywhere]

[It was interesting really... he always had the urge to go on a killing spree. While everyone else seemed to be begging others to run for safety, he remained eerily quiet as he went on and murdered whoever he laid his eyes upon. In fact, one might say he was actually enjoying it.

Perhaps it's time to put a stop to his fun.]
29 November 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Divpadsmit ● Action  
● Action ; 1333 Benny Road

[He didn’t know what happened. The whole world went crazy and the thoughts in his head kept conflicting and cancelling each other out.

How could he have travelled the world without ever leaving town? Carry millions of people on his shoulders while never being responsible for anything more than a dog? Slowly the cracks began showing through; nightmarish visions sneaking around in the memories of his comfortable life in Mayfield, hundreds of years from a country far away.

Raivis had tried his best to ignore the voices that seemed to materialize out of nowhere and lock himself in his room from the erratic events of outside. There was only so long he could hide away from Mayfield though and this was pretty hard to ignore. The shards of glass tore small incisions in his clothes as he clumsily climbed in through the broken window and tripped on the brick he’d thrown in there moments earlier]

T-Tolys? Koharu? Is anyone there?

[His voice was shaking as hard as his hands, clutched tightly around a kitchen knife. No matter how much his mind fought it his body kept pressing on and the knowledge of what it was trying to do made him feel sick. The least he could do was warn someone, or beg them to make it all stop]
29 November 2012 @ 02:58 pm
Phase 6 - Purger  
A prelude of song for none to hear )

[Action - Anywhere in Mayfield]

[No, stop this! Please! I can't take this anymore!

Her internal plea holds no weight against the imposed control overriding her body, her emotions fighting in vain. It's been like this ever since she woke up the next morning, her body seeking out anything still alive to kill, defenseless or not. It's like she's locked up in a cage, just like being a drone, but that's different from now, her being sent to murder without a reason of her own. Helpless, all she can do is watch herself commit these acts in her own horror.

Unfortunately, Song Magic feeds on emotions very well — in fact, it's the very thing it needs to thrive.]

Was quel erra, exec sosar "Boom"!
Was quel ra, exec sosar "Boom"!
(In this lasting stress, I execute the magic of "Boom"!)

[If you heard this chant, a language that sounds like a bizarre mix of many known Earth languages, you might have also seen a pink and rotating ball of light held in the air over a girl in simple 1950s clothes. It's about as wide as a bus, and can be easily felt as magic of some sort.

Whatever the case, its mass is being sent at the ground you're on, with intent to kill you as well as anyone else nearby, whether you're aware or not.]
29 November 2012 @ 02:55 pm
Final Wave  
[It was an agonizing respawn, but Hayate was back from her strangling at her daughter's hands. She didn't blame her one bit however, since she was out and about, wielding her device and floating in the air. Each syllable was being choked out as she forced her mana through the weapon, and aimed it at a whole residential square. She hoped no one lived there anymore.]


[A immense beam of power lanced out, and ripped through the housing like tissue paper, as she turned the block into a flaming pile of ash.]

[Someone stop her before she fires again, tears rolling freely down her cheeks as she prepared the same spell again...]
29 November 2012 @ 12:25 pm
Final Fix [phone]  
If anyone, for one hot little second, has any clue where I can get my hands on any of the machines runnin' Mayfield, tell me. I might be able to talk to it. Get through to it. All I gotta do is put a hand on it, and I might be able to influence it.

....'Course, considerin' what's goin' on, it might just drive me out of my mind. But, ya know what? At this point, it's a risk I'm willin' to take. We can't go on like this.

I know there used to be stuff in the dairy. Is it still there. Can we get to it?

I... I just wanna do somethin' to help. Now.

28 November 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Ha. Haha. Ha.

Are you enjoying yourselves as much as I am? It hurts, doesn't it, to see your friends coming at you with murder in their eyes? To hurt the ones you lOve, without being able to stop yourselves?

I never did thank you for youR help in getting rid of ZEmEkis. That useless girl was right about one thing: we NEVer would have been able to beat him if you weren't taking up all his attention. This system... you have no idea what it's like. To be able to see everything, to feel everything... to BE everything! I don't coNTrol Mayfield- I am Mayfield!

No wonder that bumbling fool had to go and put himself to sleep in the body of sOme drone girl. He didn't have what it took to run this place without going mad. But I do. I Do.

Strap in, darlings. The fun's only just begun.
28 November 2012 @ 10:15 pm
[text, to all with computers]
[The revelation of her existence as a data copy was not surprising in the least. That a human was capable of even 'scanning' a data entity was impressive enough, but the fact remained that she was nothing more than a superficial simulacrum.

She had always been nothing more than a superficial simulacrum. This was not a novel sensation.

Yuki Nagato, humanoid interface, quietly sits in her room and types on her computer as the final days of Mayfield come to pass.

>Initiating contact based on previously indicated conditions
>An emergency has occurred
>Permission for further activity is requested

Activation of the Integrated Data Sentient Entity Procedure for Terminal Event Loss Mitigation Emphasizing Vital Organic Life Preservation, subset 'Emergency Mode', subset 'Class 101100101'.



[action, around town]
[A girl in a school uniform wanders around Mayfield impassively, her drifting walk as stilted and unnatural as ever.  For the first time in quite some time, Yuki is being social.

...This mostly translates to drifting straight towards the homicidal maniacs she spots.  Probably not the best idea.]

((Yuki is the godmode of godmodes.  Fighting her will likely lead to your character being subdued, as a warning.))
28 November 2012 @ 09:24 pm
[Firo doesn't like believing anything Mayfield says, but when he hears the information some of the others got from Zemekis, he has trouble not believing it. Everyone else seems to accept it as truth, and from what little he can understand in all the talk about copies and simulations, the gaping glitch holes and the way Mayfield could really mess with their heads seems to back it up.

And he finds knowing he's just a copy oddly comforting. If there's a "real" him back home, then that means Ennis will stay alive no matter what happens to him in Mayfield and that business with his Family keep running as normal. Of course, that also means he's basically superfluous.

He doesn't know what he'll do now, since it seems his survival suddenly isn't as big of a priority as it once was and whatever he does probably won't mean anything. He's ready to postpone answering that question until he can fully grasp what's been going on these past months, but it suddenly doesn't matter.

Because now someone else is deciding for him.

Controlled by Mrs. Johnson, Firo's out roaming the Mayfield streets, knife in hand and ready to kill. It's one of his worst nightmares; as much as he struggles to regain control, he just can't. He thought it would come from Szilard's memories, but who's doing it doesn't matter--what matters is what they'll make him do. If he sees anyone he'll call out a warning to them:

Don't come near me! I can't stop-!
28 November 2012 @ 02:22 pm
{ Action - Starting at 1247 Williams road, continuing down the row of houses }

[He always slept with his rifle nearby and fully loaded. Such preparedness backfires for once, and Germany is confused as he gets up from his bed, takes the gun, and proceeds to walk about his own house. His body is not his own. It is...what is it? What does it want? ]



[He proceeds to keep yelling, keep trying to alert whoever is nearby. What does it want? He goes to the garage, finds a crowbar...finds instruments for lock-picking...finds things that would make breaking and entering quick and easy.] ...!! EVERYONE!!


[He can speak, at least he can speak. At least he has this loud, booming voice of his, at least. He continues to broadcast every move he makes outloud as he walks, trying to warn everyone within earshot no matter where he goes. He'll shout and shout until his throat runs dry, if that's what it takes... His eyes look where he wishes not to look, but his face is stuck, wide-eyed. Pure terror.

He does not stutter.]

I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life! ...I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life! ...I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life...

(( OOC: Germany is extremely dangerous. He's superhumanly strong and semi-immortal, thanks to being a nation, as well as masterfully skilled at combat. I'd appreciate it if you linked to your permissions comment from the sign-up post (Germany's is here), or otherwise just mentioned permissions in OOC comments. Avoiding death when meeting Germany will require either taking him out, or hiding really, really well if he sees you, so please keep track of other peoples' threads to see if he's already been taken out. By taken out, I mean by whatever means necessary; he may be killed.))
28 November 2012 @ 06:07 pm
[Action - 1334 Benny Road - Locked to Hayate]

No... no, stop! Please, no, I don't want to!

[Despite the desperate fighting, Sasami's body is tramping across the floor, her hands gripping onto her staves as she searches the house for something to kill... why? Why a KID?!]

H-Hayate! Hayate, run! PLEASE!

[Action - On the streets, after the first prompt]

[Sasami's done something horrible. The tears streaking down her horrified pink eyes has shown that. Mrs. Johnson's made her do something that she'll never forgive herself for doing... and her body wants her to do MORE of it.]

Please... please run! Please, I beg you! I don't want to do this! I'm so sorry!
28 November 2012 @ 05:53 pm
Egg Post Mk-XII  

[It sounds like the person on the other side of the phone is in a bit of a hurry. Like he's figured something out.]

This... all of this... this has been Mrs. Johnson's work from the beginning. It all makes sense now! Listen, this is still a theory, but I think I understand what's going on now!

Read more... )


[The entire town's gone mad, everyone's trying to kill everyone else. So far, Eggman hasn't been affected, but he's refusing to hide. Riding on his Egg Walker and flanked by his various Egg Pawns, Egg Robos and the Mecha Sonic, he's ready to meet anyone head on.]

So, it's come down to this... I'll show you what real terror is!
28 November 2012 @ 04:02 pm
Final Huzzah  
1. Around Town - Anywhere

[Date had immediately evacuated the house as soon as he heard what was going on on the radio. He had taken his cycle as far into town as possible before Johnson's control had taken over. Immediately strapping on the Birth Buckle, he sighed as he flipped a coin.]


[In a flurry of spheres Kamen Rider Birth stood there as he methodically armed the weapons that he had, locking a plethora of cell medals into his weapon before cracking several more and tossing them out, summoning Trash Yummy.] Crazy lady's going all out, [he mused as he started hunting for people to kill. At the top of his lungs he proclaimed,] RUNAWAY KAMEN RIDER!

2. Hajime's House - After Prompt 1

[Date knocked on the door politely seconds before he kicked it in.]

HAJIME! You'd better get transformed quick, cause Johnson's got me and I'm here to kill you! Just fyi!