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Yuna "The Kid" Akashi ([personal profile] drank_the_milk) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-12-01 10:23 pm
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34th Magic Bullet

[So, turns out it actually wasn't that hard for Yuna to get over her clone issues, thanks to some particularly inspiring speeches from her father figure, her best friend from home, and other assorted parties.  She's got the best friends ever.  And any other lingering issues preventing her from wanting to work hard to get out of Mayfield and return home to Mahora Academy have been utterly blown away by the sudden announcement that the highway is open and actually leads somewhere now.  No one said where, exactly, but she's pretty sure it's got to be better than here.  So after packing up her regains and some assorted foodstuffs and cramming them into a backpack, Yuna transforms into her pactio costume and tears off out the front door, running at breakneck pace toward the edge of town.]

Hahaha!  We're finally going home!

[It seems that all of her daily training in both athletic and magical pursuits has paid off in spades: Yuna's running through the streets of Mayfield at a far faster clip than she was able to when she first arrived, and doesn't even seem to be getting winded.  All the adrenaline and sudden excitement is certainly helping, too.  She keeps an eye out for any of her friends that might need help getting out along the way, but she's mostly keeping her body moving, making short pauses only to fire magically enhanced bullets or flaming arrow spells at any and all hazmats she sees as she goes, clearing a path as best she can for anyone else making the trip.]

C'mon, follow me!

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